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aCommerce Echelon Indonesia 2015


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Learn more about ASEAN's massive growth potential and the best ways to penetrate this up and coming market by looking closely at the ecommerce trends and landscape.

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aCommerce Echelon Indonesia 2015

  1. 1. The Future For Asia’s E-commerce Scene Paul Srivorakul, Group CEO of aCommerce
  2. 2. The Market
  3. 3. 3 The Alibaba effect: The largest IPO creates an Ecommerce investment frenzy in Asia $25B IPO
  4. 4. Ecommerce Deal Volume in Asia Investors don’t want to miss out on the next BIG THING (China)
  5. 5. The rapid growth of e-commerce in India
  6. 6. India warehousing requirements Infrastructure will demand a large proportion of investment in e-commerce
  7. 7. Next Game Changers in 2025 (Frost & Sullivan)
  8. 8. Ecommerce Deal Share in Asia
  9. 9. 9 Ecommerce is the highest value generating sector Out of the 82 current “unicorns,” 18 are in Asia, and 9 are in Ecommerce Company Sector Country Valuation (US$ Billion) Xiaomi Hardware China 46.00 Flipkart Ecommerce India 10.60 Meituan Ecommerce China 7.00 Snapdeal Ecommerce India 5.00 Kuaidi Transportation China 4.00 Vancl Ecommerce China 3.00 Coupang Ecommerce Korea 2.00 Dianping Restaurant Reviews China 2.00 TrendyGroup Fashion Hong Kong 2.00 Koudai Shopping Ecommerce China 1.40 Lazada Ecommerce Singapore 1.20 Sogou Search China 1.20 Lashou Group Ecommerce China 1.10 Olacabs Transportation India 1.00 GrabTaxi Transportation Malaysia 1.00 Mogujie Ecommerce China 1.00 Xunlei File Sharing China 1.00 Yello Mobile Mobile Korea 1.00 In S.E. Asia, 5 of 10 biggest funding rounds are in 2014 in Ecommerce • aCommerce (US$10.7M) • Luxola (US$10M) • Redmart (US$23M) • Tokopedia (US$100M) • Lazada (US$249M) • Zalora (US$120M)
  10. 10. Increasing regional trade in Asia ASEAN’s Position • Strong economic growth • Centrally located between India and China • A population of 618m • Located close to major trade networks • Strong growth in consumer demand • Growing e-commerce
  11. 11. ASEAN’s market potential is MASSIVE
  12. 12. ASEAN is at an Inflection point for E-commerce
  13. 13. 13 Growing Marketplaces & E-tailers in S.E. Asia Country B2C Marketplaces B2C Multi-brand Retailers B2C Private Sales & Daily deals C2C Marketplaces & Classifieds Singapore Thailand Indonesia Philippines
  14. 14. Trends Engagement Data Monetization
  15. 15. 15 Ecommerce evolving into a customer-acquisition strategy for a BIGGER internet horizontal play Amazon | Apple | Google | Facebook | Ebay | Alibaba | Rakuten | Tencent | Baozun | DaumKakao | LINE | Yahoo | Microsoft | Disney | Garena Ecommerce Internet Companies
  16. 16. Media (Content) News, Blogs, Portals, Community, Video, Social Networks, Apps, Forums, Ratings & Reviews Marketing (Ads) Adnetworks, Affiliate, Social, RTB, Video, Retargeting, Search, Display, Text, Native Platforms Commerce (Sales) Ecommerce, Verticals, Digital Goods, Subscription, Flash, Vouchers Marketplaces, Payments Logistics (Fulfillment) In-store Pick up, Cross-Border, O2O, Warehousing, Delivery, COD Ecommerce Internet Monetization Funnel
  17. 17. • Rakuten acquires Webgistics (Logistics), LinkShare (Advertising) and Viki (Media) • Paytm (Payments) building out horizontal marketplace, and FlipKart acquires Adiquity (Adveristing) • Snapdeal acquires FreeCharge (Payments) and also rumored to be buying Komli (Advertising), Invests GoJavas (Logistics) • Tencent (Media & Gaming) partners with (Ecommerce) sets up MVNO (Infrastructure) • Alibaba invests in InTime Malls (O2O), acquires Adchina (Advertising) and investing in Youku (Media), Singpost (Logistics) • Google acquiring BufferBox Lockers (Logistics) and launching Google Express Same-day Delivery (Logistics) Moving up/down the value chain
  18. 18. 18 BIG companies testing Ecommerce LINE Groceries & Prompt Pay Twitter Buy Button Facebook Buy Button
  19. 19. Ecommerce Landscape
  20. 20. Commerce Landscape (LUMA)
  21. 21. China Online Market: B2C vs C2C
  22. 22. Alibaba Leads… but not in all categories
  23. 23. China Ecommerce Channels
  24. 24. 24 Increase complexity and Fragmentation
  25. 25. 25 (CROSS BORDER TRADE) (PRICE COMPARISON) MultiChannel Ecommerce Explosion & Opportunity
  26. 26. Lazada Group traffic source Desktop is 50% and quickly dropping M-commerce is BIG, but different behavior Less browsing & impulse buying, higher spend in commodities
  27. 27. Cross Border Trade Fastest growing segment in Ecommerce Fedex Acquires Bongo
  28. 28. Delivery firms in China get into e-commerce
  29. 29. Source: Mastercard Online Shopping Survey 2013 Over the next 5 years, 65% of transactions will start online and finish offline Online-to-Offline (O2O) Matahari | Macy’s | InTime
  30. 30. Source: aCommerce Google Analytics Data, Feb-May18 2014 Type of payment options Transactions by devices 65 % COD CREDIT CARD 35% 60% Desktop Mobile Tablets 35% 5% Payment Options & Transactions by Devices
  31. 31. Market CapWoman targeted site $2B (2014) Raises $100M (2014) Vertical “Woman” Ecommerce Raises $100M (2015) Raises $37M (2015)
  32. 32. China B2C Market in 2013 764B Yuan ($32B USD) China B2B Market in 2013 7,100B Yuan ($1,170B USD) B2B vs B2C in China 32 TIMES BIGGER
  33. 33. B2B vs B2C in Korea
  34. 34. B2B Ecommerce is $250M Market in Indonesia
  35. 35. Ecommerce everywhere will change everything
  36. 36. Internet aCommerce is changing MARKETING Transaction Customer Product Marketing Sales Content Location Transactions
  37. 37. Internet aCommerce is changing RETAIL
  38. 38. Internet aCommerce is changing FULFILMENT
  39. 39. Internet aCommerce is changing PAYMENTS
  40. 40. Internet aCommerce is changing DELIVERY
  41. 41. Thank you