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How to Compose Multiple Social Posts


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This short Video shows Members How to Compose Multiple Social Posts on

Published in: Technology, Design
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How to Compose Multiple Social Posts

  1. 1. …to Compose select your services.
  2. 2. … select ONE
  3. 3. or Multiple Services
  4. 4. …click …here is your Schedule, Save Draft, or Save Template buttons.
  5. 5.’s Twitter TIME $AVER
  6. 6. …to add a URL Click Here
  7. 7. …enter your URL
  8. 8. Click attach Shorten your URL Remember to include http://
  9. 9. Select your images & text to accompany your link in Photo or File
  10. 10. …check out other posting features like: Attach Video
  11. 11. …or Past Files
  12. 12. Tags: Tagging is specially useful for blog posts. …learn the power of Tags
  13. 13. …check out our email Templates
  14. 14. …personalize with Merge Tags
  15. 15. …don’t forget to enter your Subject or Title
  16. 16. …and Send your message.
  17. 17. …since Twitter doesn’t enable link previews your TEXT will appear in your Tweet HERE!