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Images on Social Media have become so important for engagement. Top Business Owners and Entrepreneurs like to tap into some tips about posting images to confirm their Graphic Artists, Web Designers and Social Media Managers are up-to-date.

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  1. 1. All dimensions listed in Pixels. Basic Image Sizes: Cover photo: 851 x 315 Profile photo: 180 x 180 Post size: min 400 x 400 scale to fit Ad Image Size: 100 x 72 Note: Cover Photo shouldn’t include pictures with more than 20% text, however, it IS allowed to include ‘calls to actions’ like 50% off, “Like”, “Share” etc. Check Facebook Guidelines for more info. FYI: • 77% of brand engagement on Facebook happens on Photos. Note, only 62% of posts shared by brands are photos! (Recent report from Simply Measured) • Post Size - Square first, Slightly tall second, Horizontal or very tall last. • Posts with less than 250 characters get over 50% more engagement.
  2. 2. All dimensions listed in Pixels. Use Images on Twitter and Double your Engagement: 89% more favorites and 150 % more retweets. Plus, 18% more click-throughs (Recent study from Buffer). Basic Image Sizes: Header Size: 1500 x 500 Profile Photo: 400 x 400 Tweet Size: min 440 X 220 max 3MB Tweet Length: 140 Character (rumors character count may change)
  3. 3. All dimensions listed in Pixels. Thoughts: • LinkedIn suggests a cover image size of 1400 x 425 min. Consider using your Twitter header image, without the text, for your LinkedIn header. • Always save your layered image file. • Adjust cropping after you upload. • Note there are no more horizontal logo sizes as of July 2015. Basic Image Sizes: Profile picture: 400 x 400 ‘Background’ : 1000 x 425 max 4 MB Cover photo: 974 x 300 Published Post Image: 700 X 400 Status or blog post image size: 698 x 400 Logo size: 400 x 400 square max 4 MB Company logo: 100 x 60 Company Banner Image: 646 x 220 Note file type: JPG, GIF or PNG
  4. 4. All dimensions listed in Pixels. Use “Longer” images: • …to get more attention. • …take up more space in the feed. • …to keep the image similar to Pinterest, which can draw attention to your post for increased engagement. Basic Image Sizes: Cover photo: • maximum 2120 x 1192 • minimum 480 x 270 Profile photo: 250 x 250 Profile Picture in Stream: 48 x 48 Shared image: min. 250 x 250 Post Length: 100,000+ characters
  5. 5. All dimensions listed in Pixels. News: • Videos can be pinned but just with YouTube. It currently embeds the video and is watched on the site. • A typical e-commerce image that is 300 pixels wide is too small to be pinned. • Pinterest doesn’t limit vertical size of images. The maximum horizontal width of pictures is 554 and anything wider will be resized. • Rule of thumb: Limit the length of an image to 5000, so there is no scrolling and others see it fully. Basic Image Sizes: Profile photo: 49 x 49 Resized from profile 160 x 160 Board Thumbnail: 222 x 150 Cover Image: 217 X 147 Website Images: 80 x 80 Maximum pin width when clicked: 735 Pin Description Length: 500 Characters including hyperlinks HINT: Pinterest is visual. Make you images beautiful.
  6. 6. All dimensions listed in Pixels. Instagram app version 7.5 • Instagram posts are no longer limited to square! • You can access the new photo shapes by tapping the format icon at the lower left of the photo. • Older versions of the app will see your image cropped to a square. • Un-square images will appear as a center-cropped square in your profile grid. Basic Image Sizes: Profile photo: min 110 x 110 Square photo in feed: 510 x 510 Landscape image in feed: 600 x 450 Photo size: 1080 width for best quality HINT: Instagram is visual. Make you images unique.
  7. 7. All dimensions listed in Pixels. Remember: • Your Profile photo is pulled from Google+ • Check your template due to variations on TV to mobile to desktop. • Take advantage of YouTube’s ability to upload your own image thumbnail! Basic Image Sizes: Channel Icon: 800 x 800 Channel Art size: 2560 x 1440 Video Thumbnail size: 1280 x 720
  8. 8. All dimensions listed in Pixels. * Image Square #1: 1200 x 1200 Share on: * Image Landscape #1: 1400 x 425 (no text on LinkedIn Header) Share on: * Portrait #3: 736 x 1128 Share on: * Constant Contact 2016 tips
  9. 9. All dimensions listed in Pixels. ** Horizontal (landscape): 1024 x 512 ** Vertical (portrait): 800 x 1200 Share on: **Buffer 2015 tips