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Published on asks then answers 5 key questions about social media for business owners, entreprepreneurs and managers.

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  3. 3. and the answer is… .com Begin building your brand by immediately setting up your social media accounts and begin reaching out to your community even before you open your doors.
  4. 4. .com When engaging on Twitter do you focus on the most popular people or engage with as many people as you can?
  5. 5. and the answer is… .com Twitter contacts with 500 followers are actually much less likely to retweet or mention you on their network. Focus on users with fewer followers to increase your chances of getting mentioned.
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  7. 7. and the answer is… .com Research shows engagement is high during lunchtime on Monday or Thursday, so create your post to schedule your 1st announcement on Monday during lunchtime.
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  9. 9. and the answer is… .com The key to being successful with social media is to make sure you have a specific voice for your audience.
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  11. 11. and the answer is… .com Always focus on building relationships, including influencers. Authentically getting to know influencers and others before you need them will make it easier to build your brand later on.