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Introduction of fibroosseous lesions


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Introduction of fibroosseous lesions

  1. 1. Ahmed Ali Al-Asmari
  2. 2. Introduction Differences remain in the classification and diagnosis of fibro-osseous disease. There is a general consensus that the common entity for all of the lesions.
  3. 3. ...CONT is the replacement of normal bone with a tissue composed of collagen fibers and fibroblasts that contain varying amounts of mineralized substance, which can be either bone or cementum-like material.
  4. 4. Fibrous Dysplasia
  5. 5. Cherubism: is a benign hereditary condition of the maxilla and/or mandible, usually found in children by 5 years of age. The term cherubism has been used to describe patients with cherubic facies of marked fullness of the jaws and cheeks and upwardly gazing eyes.
  6. 6. ...CONT Cherubism usually occurs as an autosomal- dominant disorder, with 100% penetrance in males and 50% to 75% penetrance in females, with a 2-to-1 male predominance
  7. 7. cherubism
  8. 8. REFERENCE Joseph A. Regezi , James J. Sciubba , and Richard C.K. Jordan , Oral Pathology : Clinical Pathologic Correlations , 5th ed 2007 , Ch. 15 , P.1042g Michael Miloro, PETERSON‘ PRINCIPLES OF ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY, Second Edition, ch:31 p:592