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Together we can make the numbers work harder - Gary Bicker, Angela Greenwood, Chris Catchpole and Tom McLaughlin


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Together we can make the numbers work harder - Gary Bicker, Angela Greenwood, Chris Catchpole and Tom McLaughlin

  1. 1. Together we can make thenumbers work harder
  2. 2. The SessionTogether we can make the numbers work harder Who – 2 very different Publishers & 1 very active client Why – everyone uses data differently, we want to showcase and discuss this with you A couple of points from my side: – Everyone‟s place in the relationship is valid – Growth will come from increased spend, as well as innovation Kundenlogo
  3. 3. Please tweet any questions... If you’re shy then we have a session specific hashtag Kundenlogo
  4. 4. Insight driven customer loyalty
  5. 5. The Educated Consumer  Seamlessly connected  Increasingly switchers  Motivated by discounts  Immune to advertising  Motivated by convenience  Trained to be disloyal minority mainstream vanguard
  6. 6. The Demanding Consumer Perception OutcomePerceived Customer The brand thinks I‟m low value I‟ll switch for the right offerValue I‟ll wait for a deal – or an evenPriority The brand often discounts better dealPerceived Brand Promises / Reality rarely mesh I‟ll believe it when / if I see itValuesInformation I don‟t trust the brand I can trust my friends “ 80% of CEOs believe their brand provides a superior customer experience… 8% of their customers agree 85% of consumers say that customer experience is critical to their decision to re-purchase ” 10% of customers directly influence the purchasing decisions of the remaining 90% Sources: Bain & Company, Gartner
  7. 7. The Demanding Consumer They’re not going to become any less aware They’re going to share more They’re extremely demanding
  8. 8. Can Affiliates Answer The New Consumer? Impersonal Benefits in exchange for registration & behavioral data  No direct allegiance to any one brand  Operate for the benefit of consumers  Secure the best deals for their customers  Available to everyone and anyone  Not personal, overtly generalSuccessful, but how to grow without giving away more?
  9. 9. But the model is constantly challenged  Eroding traditional brand USPs?  Training consumers to expect greater and greater discounts  Making all discounts available to everyone  Limits incremental benefits  Eroding margin
  10. 10. The New / Old Model - Loyalty Loy·al·ty (loil-t) n. pl. loy·al·ties The exchange of targeted benefits in return for incremental spend and customer level data.
  11. 11. The New / Old Model - Loyalty Understanding LTV Allocate incentive spend Customer data + insight Know your customer Targeting & response  Limit bottom line erosion with better targeting  Maximise ROI and reduce costs with soft / status benefits  Get the right message to the right customer at the right time  Drive engagement & interaction to bring customers closer to purchase  Drive improved financial performance Data is the foundation to building this capability
  12. 12. From CPA to CPVA CPA is great but there is usually only one “action” for all customers. As a result incrementality is affected or limited to new customers Lessons from loyalty can positively influence merchant campaigns delivered through affiliate sites  Move from Cost Per Action to Cost Per Variable Action  Focus beyond acquisition objectives  Sophisticated targeting of the right customers based on driving incremental performance  Shared insight to create variable offers targeted at the right customers  More demonstrable ROI.
  13. 13. Loyalty Capability in the Affiliate World Affiliate sites already have the data and many of the core building blocks that retailers spend millions of pounds on to be able to apply a loyalty model Programme Enrollment Partner Service Management Development Single Customer Customer Customer View Comms Services Rewards Customer Content Analysis Engine Database Management Database Customers Transactions Channels Merchants
  14. 14. Loyalty Capability in the Affiliate World We can do more to inspire customer performance with other rewards and benefits I get it early Soft Benefits I have a higher status Customer Rewards I‟m recognized for my actions I can talk to somebody instantly I don‟t have to queue Hard Benefits So is everybody I‟m getting a discount Its especially for me
  15. 15. Summing Up• The affiliate marketing world is growing• Blanket discounting makes it impossible to continue to delight customers as the masses understand the marketTechniques from customer loyalty can create a more sustainable modelCreate sophisticated campaigns that are:• Targeted at the right customer at the right time• Cost effective, demonstrating incremental benefit• High performing with targeted offers• Measurable We have the foundations. Lets start building on them.
  16. 16. Together we can make the numbers work harderSearch MarketingAngela GreenwoodDirector of Account
  17. 17. Mobile Search
  18. 18. Autoglass® mobile campaign• Mobile click-to-call campaign with optimised landing pages• Full visibility of keyword type which triggered a call• Customised phone number from ad to landing page
  19. 19. Geo-targeting• Location-based landing pages enable geo-targeted ads• Search for „Autoglass Reading‟ or „Windscreen Chip Repair Reading‟ delivers relevant customer experience and quick conversion
  20. 20. Device type targeting• Click tracking by phone enables optimisation by device type• Improved CTR via segmentation by device enables improved ad rankings and reduced CPCs, and therefore reinvestment into broader keyword coverage Jan-Sep 2011 19% 7% Android Blackberry iPad 6% iPhone 68%
  21. 21. International targeting
  22. 22. Set ads to display globally
  23. 23. Set ads to display globally Jan-Sep 2011 28.55% of revenue is generated from 0.58% 1.07% outside the UK 0.41% 1.23% 3.65% 4.71% 5.17% Australia, NZ & Pacific 11.73% Other Eastern Europe US & Canada Asia Southern Europe Middle East Northern Europe71.45% United Kingdom
  24. 24. Separate largest segments by country Northern Europe 13% 2% 5% 12% Austria 7% Belgium 4% Denmark7% Finland France Germany 9% Norway8% Ireland Sweden Switzerland 8% Netherlands 25%
  25. 25. Split out & optimise
  26. 26. Responding to search trends
  27. 27. Real-time position checks
  28. 28. Real-time competitor checks
  29. 29. Product Level TrackingNot only the keyword that a customer converted on, but what product they bought.
  30. 30. Leveraging internal search data thr uxt on
  31. 31. Search & Social Integration
  32. 32. Leveraging search learnings• Google sales data shows when users are converting during the day.• Peaks early morning, lunch time and in the evening.
  33. 33. Search & Social IntegrationSearch to Social• Creative messaging tested in Google  likely 100% to work on Facebook Ads 80% 42% 32% 55%• Geo-targeting data 60%Social to Search 40% 45% 58% 68% 20%• FB Responder profiles  search keywords 0% % of• Demographics from Impressions % of Clickers % Sales Facebook  MSN ad center, Google display F M network
  34. 34. ResultsPPC Learnings Facebook Learnings• Boosted Facebook CTR • Demographics set by 105% improved Google Display campaign ROI by 115%• Dropped FB CPC by 50% • Geographic set• Improved FB CR% by boosted PPC CR% but 30% CTR not affected
  35. 35. The client perspective
  36. 36. Setting the scene• Simply put, we do spend too much time producing data and not harnessing its potential• This isn‟t limited to marketing functions either• You can see from what has just been presented, affiliates are progressive & agile as their businesses rely on our businesses• The consumer is starting to be shared between the brand and affiliate
  37. 37. Data has value if the house is in order• We can drill down into granular detail about every item bought on the website!• How, were, when, new customer, old customer, visited the site before, how many times they have been before a purchase was made… the list goes on• Our internal tracking tools are closely linked to those available on our affiliate networks• Enables Matalan to make decisions in terms of investing in our affiliate programme at specific times of the year. This investment goes right down to investment on a week to week basis
  38. 38. Customer Value• The data our affiliate programme produces proves value and shows the value of new customers after the initial sale through the affiliate channel• They are placed into our CRM activity and we can put a £ value on that new customer gained through affiliates for 6 months, 12 months, 18 etc…
  39. 39. Data‟s not all good• On paper all the sales driven by affiliates look amazing, but when you dive into the data and get granular, you find that people who use affiliate sites love the bargains of bargains….• Unfortunately this does have an impact on margin!But....• For Matalan, the affiliate channel brings something no other marketing channel does better… incremental value!• Winning the customer is key for our brand, not by any means possible, but still ensuring profitability
  40. 40. Data & the budget• I‟m being a revolutionary and using the data to secure more budget for affiliates• Stakeholders are able to physically see PPC adverts, search results, display advertising etc…• As a growing business we had a fair challenge in growing marketing activities profitably• So there was a little budget put aside to pay commissions, forget tenancy agreements, increases in CPA etc… the budget did not match the ambition!• Testing delivered data...and data enabled testing, the end result being a focus on affiliates• Once data has been produced…its quite simple you can‟t argue with the numbers
  41. 41. #A4UB2 Kundenlogo