Essential paid search tools from excel to automation - Jonathan Dunkley


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Essential paid search tools from excel to automation - Jonathan Dunkley

  1. 1. part of the network
  2. 2. Who am I?Jonathan DunkleyManager Of Paid SearchMinute Steak4+ years PPC and digitalexperience
  3. 3. Who do I work for?Search & Social ecommercemarketing agency for nicheretailers with smallerbudgets
  4. 4. What am I doing here today?PPC tools & tips Speed up analysis Improve accountability Keep an eye on campaigns Increase profitability
  5. 5. Instead of going deep in to bidand ad-copy management…
  6. 6. …a couple of common PPCquestions
  7. 7. What are my competitors andaffiliates doing with PPC?How do I measure offlineconversions accurately?
  8. 8. PPC Technology can help
  9. 9. What are my competitors andaffiliates doing with PPC?
  10. 10. The PPC landscape
  11. 11. What are they up to? Suppliers Affiliates Competitors
  12. 12. How it worksScrapes theGoogle SERP fora selected listof keywords.Returns the PPC& organiclistings
  13. 13. Trademarks
  14. 14. Pricing
  15. 15. URL HijacksDetect if affiliatesare using yourURL on their PPCadvert and thenlater redirectingtraffic to yoursite.
  16. 16. Restricted Keywords Identify if affiliates or suppliers are bidding on your restricted keyword list
  17. 17. How will this help you?Identify – roguesuppliers, competitors &affiliates show ads, pricing &Report –trademarks for selected termsAutomate – get alerted whenviolations are detected
  18. 18. How do I measure offlineconversions accurately?
  19. 19. This is a huge question So I’m going to cheat…
  20. 20. … and look atand call trackingPhone leads 1 problem instead
  21. 21. How it works Dynamic phone numberAutomatically recognise traffic sourcesAbility to set up specific manual campaigns
  22. 22. Track to Keyword/Referrer detailTheycustomer seesa keyword and clicksa orThe then call in and individual keyword for AdInsight tracks the possibly generate sale User searches for the dynamic numberor lead for theor referrer the dashboard.that keywordreports it in referrer and business through to site
  23. 23. Set up specific affiliate numbers Call 0800412030Specific tracked phone numbers for eachaffiliate allows phone leads to be generatedwithout going to the site
  24. 24. Record lead and revenue dataAt the end of thecall sales staff areasked to key inthe result of thecall.Revenue can beincluded
  25. 25. Analytics IntegrationProduces goal page on siteUse this to track withinexisting analyticsPull in keyword, lead, sale &revenue dataUse this data within reportsand to aid keyword/affiliateanalysis
  26. 26. How will this help you?Identify – calls, leads and salesfrom different sourcesReport – location, phonenumber and source of callAutomate – integrate withanalytics. Alerted to missed calls
  27. 27. In summary Both great tools for giving further PPC insight Get the best value out of your PPC investment They do however need to be analysed and reported on. Start a conversation in your business
  28. 28. Thank Minute Steak, 62-70 Shorts Gardens, Covent Garden, London WC2H +44(0)207 420 3500,