Distribution & Partnership a Formidable Strategy


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  • Give a brief overview of the session – 1 min max
  • Introductions
  • Cover off agenda and each section’s content
  • Say we’ll look at objectives but first we’d like to give you a bit more insight into Etihad as a young fast growing airline
  • Who are we? – MuneerEtihad Airways is the national airline of the United Arab Emirates. Etihad Airways employs over 9,800 staff representing more than 126 nationalities, 8,274 of whom are based at its headquarters in Abu Dhabi.In just eight years established itself as the world’s leading airline. We have received a range of awards that reflect its position as one of the world’s leading premium airline brands, including ‘World’s Leading Airline’ atthe World Travel Awards in 2009, 2010 and 2011. airberlinIn December 2011 Etihad Airways increased its stake in airberlin – Europe’s sixth largest airline and Germany’s second biggest carrier – to 29.21 per cent and Etihad Airways is now airberlin’s single largest shareholder. Under the agreement, Etihad Airways has two seats on the Board of Directors of Air Berlin PLC.Air SeychellesIn January 2012 Etihad Airways acquired a 40 per cent stake in Air Seychelles Ltd. as part of a strategic partnership. The agreement, the first of its kind inAfrica, includes a five-year management contract for Etihad Airways which sees the implementation of strategic measures guiding Air Seychelles’ long-termcommercial growth.Aer LingusEtihad Airways and Aer Lingus signed an historic interline and codeshare agreement which follows the UAE national airline’s recent 2.987 per cent equityinvestment in the Irish carrier in May 2012.Virgin AustraliaIn line with Foreign Investment Review Board approvals, Etihad Airways has increased its equity stake in Virgin Australia Holdings to 10 per cent.
  • Where do we come from? – MuneerAbu Dhabi, The Capital of UAE.As one of the fastest-growing tourism destinations in the world, Abu Dhabi is perhaps best-known for offering pristine white beaches and year-round sunshine. However, while its glowing reputation for seaside holidays is well-deserved, the UAE capital has various other attractions to keep its visitors entertained, from world-class shopping malls, restaurants and amusement parks to cultural landmarks, sporting activities and music concerts.
  • Our product
  • Where do we fly/Our destinations – MuneerEtihad Airways currently serves 86 destinations in 56 countries.Our codeshares give us a combined network of 322 destinations, more than any other Middle East airline.
  • MuneerEtihad is proud to support a range of sporting and cultural events in the United Arab Emirates and worldwide. These sponsorships are consistent with Etihad’s values of hospitality and team spirit - helping bring Abu Dhabi to the world and the world to Abu Dhabi.Manchester City, UKA 10 year deal signed in July 2011 includes Shirt sponsorship, Etihad Stadium Manchester, and the Etihad Campus in ManchesterShirt Sponsor, Harlequins, UKEtihad Stadium, Melbourne, AustraliaProud sponsors of the Formula 1TM Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
  • Muneer
  • Etihad’s Goals – Muneer to cover offSelf explanatory 
  • Rachael
  • Rachael – this will just outline our initial goals for the campaign as an agency. It will not be where we will establish our aligned objectives. This will be a ‘from the above we established the following aligned objectives’Running at the same pace – talking about our speed of growthInnovations – best in class – Etihad’s offerings and our digital marketing agency
  • Rachael with Muneer input ***Add in here which Etihad objectives tie into these ones….. Double digit Growth Culture
  • Rachael to cover:Back to basics: Account review and strip backW/W/H?Identify Areas and Markets of GrowthFinding The Right Partners: Talk about how we recruited, different payment models, specified routes to suit demographicsA World of New Opportunities: Communication has opened us up to a lot of network/affiliate/creative improvements
  • Rachael to Cover:Focus on talking around market researchWhat events do we hope to have in different markets? i.e. affiliate days in new markets, attending global events to meet new affiliatesNew Networks – AWIN/LinkShare and Ikoo, this was focused on what the networks could offer in terms of affiliates in the specific markets, long pitch processThe recruitment planner we looked at from kick off stage – all the partners Etihad weren’t working with, local market partners, existing partner market opportunities, network gap analysis, new network territory recruitment accessBrand Awareness – this will just be touched upon…we will then move into this more in the brand impact sectionDirect partner route offerings – bespoke strategy around routes, specifically with new partners, provides opportunity to continuously optimise campaigns, tweak routes for specific periods to suit business needs etc.
  • Muneer to cover off: List countries of where we’re launching along with roll out plans.EU – In final contracting phase with Zanox to cover the EU market.USA - In final contracting phase with Linkshare to cover the US market.CHINA – In contracting process with Qunar.com and Kuxun.com and negotiations with 2 Chinese Affiliate Netoworks.Russia – In negotiations with 2 Russian Affiliate Networks.India – In negotiations with biggest Indian meta search engine Ixigo.com and negotiating with Indian Affiliate Network.Australia – Developing strategy how to expand in Australia in progress.
  • Rachael to cover:Market Knowledge Have Stats to hand for this****StrategyOpportunities and the access we have to thisResource – Network/Client and AgencyRecruitment – Language barriers/different markets=different needsTargets & Growth – Tough targets, several targets
  • Rachael to cover:Capabilities and ResourceLBi = Four Digital ChannelsDistribution of cross channel strategy – meetings etc.Blending Opportunities Etihad’s ExpectationsHere we will focus on what’s unique to us and our offering and how this works well for Etihad
  • Rachael and Muneer to cover:Data sharing, Man on the ground in Etihad = Access to more information, Front of mind to Etihad, Digital is more of a priority. Cross Digital - Constantly message pushing, market knowledge, search trends – makes us more efficient Affiliates have lower CoS and ROI – talk about how do we bounce off each other Internal communication is imperative on a cross digital campaign
  • Examples of the result of our blended approach – add in some growth stats around these peak times….
  • Rachael to coverStrategic Plans: Affiliate Day, Affiliate Comms, Affiliate Approval, Affiliate Recruitment, affiliate surveyOpportunities: SkyScanner Coverage, Affiliate CoverageEtihad Affiliate FootprintNetwork SupportStrategic PlansIncentives
  • Rachael to cover:Campaign Strategy: Planning activity, peak seasons, booking things in for best ratesSurvey: We have this years data which means that next year we can benchmark against this years learning's. This means how the market is changing how affiliates are promoting airlines but also it will allow us to turn the weaknesses into strength which results in  Different to other agencies. We listen – feedback on creative/offers and the feed/frequency and deliverance of informationApprovals: Brief chat on this – and how this was affecting the campaign. Negative impact. Now we keep on top of it to make sure it’s working wellAffiliate Day: Lucky enough to have an opportunity to capitalise on sponsorships, money can’t buy experience, have the budget for it and the support from Etihad. Etihad know the value it has because they understand the channel. After it’s success there are big plans to do it in a number of new networks. We use the UK as a test bed, if it works, it’s a case to roll it out. Affiliate Recruitment: huge part of strategy across the board. Global perspective it’s the biggest opportunity to hit ours and Etihad’s KPI’s. We can tie this into rolling into new territories and how this ties into growth and network insight. CPA Reworks – new partners, offerings needed to be adapted. Partners are part of Etihad. Hence unique strategiesCommunication: Biggest part of the work we’ve been doing on the account. We had to start from scratch on this – totally back to basics. Etihad had no relationship with their affiliates which was a big issues. Talk around comms techniques – even the a4u thread. Attending events. Affiliates are your online sales force!!! If they don’t know they can’t promote.
  • brand stats –in its first 8 years, more people have switched to etihad than any other global airline. # of new planes ordered and new routes on that fact sheet. Dreamlines planes delivered in 2013
  • Digital is seen as a key part of EY success going forward – from the top to the bottom. Affiliate growth has been 100% 2010  to 2011 and 150% from 2011 to 2012 (projected)Affiliates has seen the second strongest channel growth of any digital marketing channel
  • Digital is seen as a key part of EY success going forward – from the top to the bottom. Affiliate growth has been 100% 2010  to 2011 and 150% from 2011 to 2012 (projected)Affiliates has seen the second strongest channel growth of any digital marketing channel
  • Optimise and Refine – trial and error, doesn’t matter if you make mistakes in a territory, not all strategies work for each territory, we will put all these learnings into new territorial learnings. It’s not going to stop here – we will keep growing.
  • Distribution & Partnership a Formidable Strategy

    1. 1. Distribution & Partnership: AFormidable StrategyOctober – A4U Expo London
    2. 2. IntroductionsRachael Spowart – Affiliate Manager, LBiMuneer Al Busaidi – Manager Digital Marketing, Etihad Airways
    3. 3. Agenda ObjectivesEtihad Airways & LBi Case Study Strategy Distribution & Challenges Results & Recommendations Summary & Questions
    4. 4. Objectives
    6. 6. Abu Dhabi now Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi, The Capital of UAE
    7. 7. The Mezoon Grille, Personal Food &Diamond First Class Beverage ManagerPearl Business Class Diamond First Class Flatbed Suite
    8. 8. Manchester City, UK Harlequins, UK Etihad Stadium Formula 1TM Etihad AirwaysMelbourne, Australia Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
    10. 10. Result: Core ObjectivesBrand Impact NetworkDestination Abu Dhabi Pushing Premium Product
    11. 11. WHERE DO LBI FIT?
    12. 12. LBi Local Offices CrossInnovation Digital Resource Revenue GrowthRunning at Affiliate the Same Marketing Pace Experience Strategy Alignment
    14. 14. Result: Core Objectives Global Growth Blended Strategy Brand Impact• Quick Fixes • Align with Etihad’s • Affiliate Day Goals• Right Network for You • Communication • Integration with other Techniques• Priority Markets: Why? channels • Network Utilisation• Unique Strategies • Sharing Data• The importance of Affiliates
    15. 15. Etihad Airways & LBi Case Study
    16. 16. GLOBAL GROWTH
    17. 17. Global Growth: How Are We Achieving This? A World of New Back to Basics Opportunities Global Growth Finding the Where? Why?right Partners How? Local Networks are Key
    18. 18. Global GrowthHow do we get here?• Market Research • Events• New Network/s • Brand Awareness• Dedicated Recruitment • Direct Partners & Route Offerings
    19. 19. Global Growth Nov 2012 Jan 2013 Jun 2013Nov 2012 Dec 2013 Feb 2013
    20. 20. Global Growth: Key Challenges
    22. 22. Blended Strategy: How Did We Achieve This? Planning andMan on the Relationships Cross Channel Success! Ground + Trust Strategy
    23. 23. BRAND IMPACT
    24. 24. Campaign Strategy Communication Affiliate Survey ApprovalsAffiliate Recruitment Affiliate Day
    25. 25. Brand Impact: Examples
    26. 26. Results
    27. 27. Results: Facts and Figures SuccessfulDistribution and Increased Low CoS for investment Affiliates – Positive ROI for execution of from Etihad Average of Etihad Airways cross digital Airways >2% strategy
    28. 28. Results: Facts and Figures Improved Affiliate YOY Relationships 2012 Digital Direct Partner withRevenue Growth Growth of affiliates/netw Growth of 40% of 35% TBC% YOY orks/direct partners
    29. 29. Summary & Questions
    30. 30. 5 things to rememberIt’s not just your Global Strategy, it’s ours too!Cross Digital ApproachUnique Strategies All Round by TerritoryCommunication = ResultsOptimise and Refine
    31. 31. Questions? Rachael SpowartRachael.Spowart@LBi.comSkype: bigmouth.rachael.spowart Muneer Al BusaidiMAlBusaidi@etihad.ae