Using Data to Value & Optimise the Affiliate Channel


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  • HELEN: Key words are “enormous” and “actionable”
  • MATT
  • HELEN – NB this is orders only, not interactions
  • MATT – key things to note are that affiliates drive an additional 25% of orders beyond last click, however, when you look further they gain more from other channels (32%) than they lose (25%). The biggest cross over appears to be between affiliates – 33%
  • MATT – Pure Channel = that affiliate only, i.e. only the cashback site was involved. Cashback has highest pure incremental but gains more than it loses. Voucher has the biggest loss to other channels, All others lose more than they gain. NB: this didn’t look at all affiliates, just a few examples in each area (2)
  • Contribution a KPI for determining customer value Varies by promotional type Affiliate channel compares favourably to other routes to market
  • This slide shows contribution at activation – key thing is that affiliates is above online average, but below other RTMs. Can explain that harder to cross and upsell in online than offline channels such as the telephone / face-to-face
  • This slide adds in contribution after 6 months – key to show affiliates increases significantly, so LTV is high. Other RTMs comes down, common as face-to-face can lead to “oversell” in some cases.
  • Churn another indicator of value Again, varies by promotional type Affiliate channel showing lower churn rates than all RTMs
  • HELEN – Add video
  • Using Data to Value & Optimise the Affiliate Channel

    1. 1. Using Data to Value & Optimise the Affiliate Channel #A4US3 Matthew Turner 30th August 2012
    2. 2. Introductions Helen Southgate Helen Southgate Online Marketing Controller Online Marketing Controller Strategy & Planning Strategy & Planning BSkyB BSkyB @HelenMarie21 @HelenMarie21 #A4US3 Matt Swan Matt Swan Client Strategist Client Strategist Affiliate Window Affiliate Window @awin_strategy @awin_strategy
    3. 3. W is Big Data? hat2012’s Buzz Word 2010 - Mobile 2011 - Attribution 2012 – Big Data “Aggregating and sorting “Aggregating and sorting enormous amounts of enorm ous amounts of data into actionable data into actionable statistics and insight” statistics and insight”#A4US3 3 3
    4. 4. The Challenges of Big DataThere is a reason why it’s called BIG#A4US3 4 4
    5. 5. The DataW we looked at and why hat#A4US3 5
    6. 6. Affiliate Window PlatformHow Affiliate Window support data sharing Client visibility Awin visibility Client visibility Client visibility Client visibility Wider Awin project to conduct ongoing analysis of affiliate programme quality: will rely on data sharing#A4US3 6
    7. 7. AttributionLooking beyond last click On average there are 4 interactions per order 76% of journey’s involve multiple channels Affiliates have the largest share of “pure channel” orders#A4US3 7
    8. 8. Affiliate Channel AttributionAffiliates are involved in 25% more sales than awarded on last click#A4US3 8
    9. 9. Attribution by Affiliate TypeAttribution varies depending on promotional type#A4US3 9
    10. 10. Quality Affiliates drive LTV as contribution increasing over length of timeContribution #A4US3 10
    11. 11. Quality Affiliate contribution is strongest over time vs. Online & other RTM’s Other RTMs Contribution at ActivationContribution Affiliate Contribution at Activation Online Contribution at Activation #A4US3 11
    12. 12. Quality Affiliate contribution is strongest over time vs. Online & other RTM’s Other RTMs Contribution at Activation Affiliate Contribution at 6 MonthsContribution Other R TMs Contribution at 6 Months Affiliate Contribution at Activation Online Contribution at 6 Months Online Contribution at Activation #A4US3 12
    13. 13. Value How valuable are the sales that affiliates drive?Churn#A4US3 13
    14. 14. ValueComparing affiliates on an individual basis#A4US3 14
    15. 15. Segmentation & TargetingDisplay Banner Contact Strategy#A4US3 15
    16. 16. MobileUsing data to adapt quickly to changing consumer behaviour Currently mobile = 20% of traffic, we think it will be 50% by 2016 Mobile optimised site more than doubled CR from Smart Phones#A4US3 16
    17. 17. MobileAffiliates, like Advertisers, must adapt for mobile Affiliate Window Mobile Data#A4US3 17
    18. 18. So What?It’s about finding those marginal gains#A4US3 18
    19. 19. The Future of Big DataTrue Multi-Channel Marketing = Being Sales Agnostic Over 80% of consumers do their research online Not all of those buy online Data is Key Understand consumer touch points Ensure all channels are recognised / awarded Ensure a consistent customer journey#A4US3 19
    20. 20. Questions #A4US3 20