Incentive Sites - Mark Ash, David Mc Dermott, David Harding, Daniel Powel, Chris Hodgson


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Incentive Sites - Mark Ash, David Mc Dermott, David Harding, Daniel Powel, Chris Hodgson

  1. 1. Do Incentive Sites Drive Incremental Value? Mark Ash, Commercial Director- TMN (Mutual Points) David McDermott, Affiliate Manager-Mindshare David Harding, Customer Acquisitions Manager- Argos Daniel Powel, Head of Account Management- Commission Junction Chris Hodgson, Co-Founder-KidStart Mads Ellengaard, Co-Founder,
  2. 2. What motivates users to use incentive sites? Price • Best Price • Search, Voucher code, Price Comparison • Result: Purchase behaviour is ‘rational’ Value • Price + Emotional component • Earn points towards something emotional • Special offers and discounts • Belong to community, getting ‘information’ • Giving to charity, supporting causes Result: Purchase behaviour becomes ‘irrational’ since it is associated with emotion
  3. 3. Emotional and personal incentives Emotional and personal incentives through AidMaker and aGoodCause through AidMaker and aGoodCause 1. Visit our website and install the AidMaker software 2. Shop at the same prices as everyone else. (in more than 5000 online shops e.g. Dell). 3. Your shopping makes donations for a charity of your choice (e.g. Save the Children).
  4. 4. What motivates merchants to use incentive sites? • Access to a new customer base • Growing consumer awareness and adoption • Being where you competitors are • Easy entrance into new markets for smaller brands • The economic climate: Lower COS • US market • Potential increases average order value • Potential increases in average transaction frequency • The flexibility in CPA
  5. 5. What is incremental value? In quantitative terms: • Driving new customer sales • Increasing CLV of existing customers • Increasing AOV Untracked: • Driving awareness and adding value to the brand....
  6. 6. Measuring the incremental value of incentive publishers? • Assessing the new customer benefit • The sales benefit cannibalisation vs incrementality • Comparing channel measurement • Incrementality over time • Assessing the incrementality of varying activities • Impact on Average order value • Impact on transaction frequency/loyalty • The customer journey
  7. 7. How do incentive sites add value? • Access to a large community of brand-affable shoppers whose loyalty to their incentive site is passed on to the merchant. • Generating groups of highly influential, vocal brand champions. Perfect viral marketers • Providing advertising responsive customers eager to hear about the latest products/offers. Cross/Upsell & Lapsed conversion enhanced by incentive sites • Generating tactical exposure as and when required • Influencing the initial product comparison process and helping to close the sale • By offering the perfect remedy to an economic crisis
  8. 8. How can we demonstrate It? Quantitative • Analysing network tracked sales data – only one piece of the puzzle • Working with incentive site to analyse site member purchase behaviour • File-aging, Recency/Frequency, New vs. Existing , Creative Response behavioural analysis. • Combine data with other online/offline datasets to get 360 degree overview of affiliate effectiveness Qualitative • Site traffic analysis • Focus Groups • Consumer blogs/Forums feedback
  9. 9. Monitoring traffic value “The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” Winston Churchill
  10. 10. Monitoring traffic value What is the Is the ‘last How can I value of an click wins’ measure the influencer? route to method fair? purchase? How do you Will I be determine duplicating an influencer? my budget?
  11. 11. Emotional and personal incentives Through AidMaker and aGoodCause 1000 visitors No Emotional incentive incentive Conversion rate 2% Conversion rate 6,7 % 20 sales of 50 Pounds 67 sales of 50 Pounds 1000 Pounds 3550 Pounds
  12. 12. Better Traffic Understanding? • Industry needs to consider additional tracking mechanisms and alternative ways to assess affiliate value • More robust and transparent forms of research into what drives a sale is required • Deeper network level analysis of user journeys • Test your affiliate mix. Bear in mind the breadth of different types of incentive sites and how to use them for different marketing strategies • Steer away from reliance on Last Cookie Wins and focus towards other more equitable forms of sales attribution • Purely online problem!
  13. 13. Designing Incremental Traffic • Make sure you have the right mix of incentive publishers • Target demographics to match products • Hit different incentive “verticals” – Commercial? (cashback) – Community? (rewards, competitions, single merchant) – Ethically (charity, causes) – Product • Help the affiliate provide a good user experience! – Resolve queries – Special offers
  14. 14. Case Study: The Argos approach to measuring incrementality • Recruited a select number of incentive based publishers • Close communication to devise a launch plan and ongoing promotional calendar • Launched a limited 6 month incrementality trial assessing: – Incrementality at the outset and how that evolves over time – Incremental value of various promotional activities – Compare incrementality with that of other affiliate business models – Comparing cross-channel incrementality – AOV benefit of incentive based affiliates – ATF benefit of incentive based affiliates • Conclude and devise the most profitable and incremental future strategy for the Argos
  15. 15. Conclusion • The right offer for the right audience! • The right mix of incentive sites can you give broader coverage without overlap • Proper analytics can help you understand exactly how incremental the traffic is • Incentive sites do bring greater reach for your brand • Incentive sites are a cost efficient way to drive incremental sales.