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The Night Before Takeoff


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The Night Before Takeoff

  1. 1. The Night Before Takeoff ‘Twas the night before takeoff, when all through the land The planes were on time and the bags were in hand. The aircraft were docked at the gates with great care, with excitement that their passengers soon would be there. Silently nestled secure at their gates, waiting to help passengers make their holiday travel dates. When what in the sky began to soon form but a large and menacing winter ice storm. But they did not worry, no not for a minute, For their wings would stay clear with a de-icing treatment. The aircraft had visions of happy passengers in their heads, excited about traveling with no worries or dreads, With dad and young child wearing Santa’s cap, and an ‘infant in arms’ sitting in mama’s lap. When out on the runway there arose such a clatter, the aircraft sprang from the jet bridge to see what was the matter When what did the fuel-efficient widebody see? But an FAA NextGen Santa sled with eight tiny reindeer. And then a ground service driver moving right quick. The plane stopped a moment and exclaimed “that’s A4A’s CEO Nick!” He hopped onboard to use the loudspeaker, “Now dash away taxes and antiquated regulation!” On with jobs, NextGen and global competiton! To 35,000 feet to the top of the sky, let’s help a National Airline Policy take off and fly!” So up in the sky they took off and flew, where they were going, no one quite knew. But they heard him exclaim before he was out of sight: “fewer taxes and NextGen can improve your flight!” “We need a better flight plan for all, and to all a good night!”