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a2z Services                                                                     a visible value-add                      ...
a2z Services                                        IndexServices for mid-sized entities:Statutory reporting              ...
Services for mid-sized entities                              Statutory reporting①    Assistance with audit process:We assi...
Services for mid-sized entities                           Management reporting①    Data mining and reporting templates:We ...
Services for mid-sized entities          Financial accounting/ process outsourcing① Assistance in month-end proceduresMont...
Services for mid-sized entities          Financial accounting/ process outsourcing                        (continued..)③ F...
Other services for    small sized entities and individual clients① Self managed superannuation fund administration:Superan...
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List of services we provide at a2z - Accounting and consulting services


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A2z Consultants - Accountants and business advisors provide a wide range of services to individual and corporate clients

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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List of services we provide at a2z - Accounting and consulting services

  1. 1. a2z Services a visible value-add a2z Consultants Accountants and Business Advisors S PO Box 438 Flinders Lane Melbourne Victoria 8009 W: | E: | P: +61 4 3266 7846 | F: +61 3 9013 0765 |Save contact details using -QR Code App
  2. 2. a2z Services IndexServices for mid-sized entities:Statutory reporting 3 - Assistance with audit process - Preparation of statutory financial statements - Assistance with technical areas - Assistance with process analysisManagement reporting 4 - Data mining and reporting templates - Budgeting and forecasting - Working capital analysis - Other analytical proceduresFinancial accounting and process outsourcing 5 - Assistance in month-end procedures - Training your finance team - BPO/ Finance process outsourcingOther Services for small sized entities and individual clients: 7 - Self managed superannuation funds (set up, administration and compliance) - Business set-up, structures and company formation
  3. 3. Services for mid-sized entities Statutory reporting① Assistance with audit process:We assist the finance teams to get ready for the audit by preparing audit files with relevantinformation (in-line with auditors requirement list) to ensure an efficient audit and reducetime costs and any unexpected over run costsOur consultants also have experience (adidas Australia Pty Ltd) to assist with periodicinternal audits performed by overseas head offices and can provide assistance in gettingready for these audits② Preparation of statutory financial statements:Our team specialises in the preparation of general and special purpose financialstatements. There is a direct cost saving we can provide to our clients by preparingfinancial statements at a fraction of a cost our clients would normally pay to the auditorsfor these services. We ensure that the financial statements are in accordance withrelevant financial reporting standards and also in accordance with the auditors acceptableformats by tailoring these to the example formats provided by most audit firms on theirwebsite③ Assistance with technical areas:Our team can assist you in specialised areas of accounting. E.g. - Accounting for income taxes; - Consolidations; - Revenue recognition; - Cash flow statement preparation; - Impairment assessments – „Value in use‟ calculations by using discounted cash flow approach. We are not valuation experts however our documents are of reasonable quality and cover the key audit issues④ Assistance with process analysis:We can provide review services and by reviewing the existing process documentation wecan summarise, identify and report areas of weakness and recommend processimprovement suggestions
  4. 4. Services for mid-sized entities Management reporting① Data mining and reporting templates:We can perform analytical procedures on complex data and build reports/ templates,which can be periodically used by your finance team for periodic analysis and reporting.We can run these reports on a periodic/monthly basis however templates prepared areautomated and user friendly with various checks at every step and we encourage ourclients to use these calculators to save on-going costs② Budgeting and forecasting:This is a strenuous task every company has to go through every year. We can share yourwork load and provide assistance in preparing either or all of the following: - Preparation of forecast income statements. Usually client staff is more equipped in getting this information together, however we can provide assistance if required; and/ or - Preparation of forecast balance sheet and forecast cash flow statements using accounting ratios (e.g. turnover ratio etc.) or other reasonable and logical estimates (e.g. forecast tax provision calculations for income tax expense, current tax and deferred tax liabilities)③ Working capital analysis:We can perform analytical procedures on historical working capital information and assistin forecasting working capital requirements. This analysis also provides visibility of theseasonal peaks and drops in the working capital requirements④ Other analytical procedures:We can discuss and find a solution for any other area, which is critical for your businessand requires monthly analysis. With a combination of technical accounting skills and excelanalytical skills we are confident that a solution can be found for any business area
  5. 5. Services for mid-sized entities Financial accounting/ process outsourcing① Assistance in month-end proceduresMonth end procedures may seem a routine task, however we have noticed that when thebusiness is in its growth phase the key for management is sales and growth opportunitiesand financial record keeping is at times not given the required focus.We believe that accurate finance keeping is equally important as it acts as a mirror for anyinitiatives taken. We can assist growing businesses in setting up periodic/monthlyprocedures to ensure that accounting records are accurately maintained and can providea true reflection of the growth and initiatives taken at managerial level so that informeddecisions can be timely made.② Training your finance teamAccounting is an ignored area for venture capitalist and companies in the growth phaseas they do not have resources and time to employee staff in finance team who aretechnically skilled to provide important/ critical and timely information. We can add valueby training your staff in the area your require. Key skills we believe are as below but thereare other which can be discussed and can be timely upgraded in the accounting team: 1. Key technical accounting areas 2. Excel training on functions which are important in day to day tasks 3. Other – varies from company to company. We can perform a review by having a discussion with your accounting team and understanding your business. This will help us analyse the vacuum between available skills and required skills in your accounting team and we can then assist to fill the gap.
  6. 6. Services for mid-sized entities Financial accounting/ process outsourcing (continued..)③ Finance process outsourcingWe are also excited to share with you our outsourcing product. This is a new area ofspecialisation our team is working on. We are in the process documentation phase andidentifying the risks associated with cross-global outsourcing/ transition, to ensure theserisks are minimised by putting in a risk mitigating process. Though we are comfortable toprovide this service to small sized entities, for entities you invest in, we need to review oursystems to ensure that they can cater your requirements. We can provide you updates incase you are interested in this service/ any particular process outsourcing.Our team has prior experience in managing transition/ change projects in multi-nationalorganisations (Project Manager for the KPMG division – Global transition to eAduIT“electronic audit” from paper audit) and we are hopeful that this service onceoperational, will provide some significant cost savings, accurate bookkeeping and timelyreporting environment to our clients.
  7. 7. Other services for small sized entities and individual clients① Self managed superannuation fund administration:Superannuation savings form a significant portion of our savings and is a big asset for theretirement life. Whilst the big super funds have the specialised skills to take care of yoursuperannuation savings, sometimes you may feel that they lack customisation to yourneeds and are not controlled in the manner you would like them to. Running your own selfmanaged superannuation fund (SMSF) and making all decisions sounds really greattheoretically but you need to be aware that there are a lot of of responsibilities andregulatory obligations a SMSF needs to fulfill. Setting up a SMSF requires a lot of learningfor you and also ensuring that you comply with the regulatory requirements. As suitabilityand benefits of setting up a SMSF is dependent on individual circumstances we can notadvise you if it is a suitable option as you will need to discuss with your financialplanner, if SMSF is right for you. Once you have made a decision to set up a SMSF, wecan assist you with the set up of a SMSF and then on-going administration (management)of your SMSF. We can provide you with the following services: - SMSF set-up - Administration of your SMSF - Liaise with your auditors and tax agents - Prepare a set of financial statements for your fund① Business Structures and setup services (including company formation):When you decide to start a new venture, the first thing you will come across is thestructure for your business and making sure that you get the required insurance and othertasks completed. We can assist you with all the set up tasks including discussing yourweb presence, company set up or any other structure which might be more suitable toyou.