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Identifying Serious

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How to Identify Serious Business Buyers


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If you are trying to sell your business the first hurdle is finding serious business buyers, not just vaguely interested parties.

When you put your business on the market you are probably doing so at the same time as trying to ensure its continual smooth running.

However, just as when you are selling your house or car, there is a risk that you will attract lots of window shoppers, or tyre kickers, but not many ‘ready to go’ buyers. This can be a huge pressure on your already stretched and loaded working day!

As a successful business brokerage, A2Z Business Brokers has extensive experience of the overload this type of situation can put onto the prospective business seller and so we are keen to alleviate it in any way we can.

This infographic is a summary of how we make this process easy for the business seller.

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How to Identify Serious Business Buyers

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