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The process.


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The process.

  1. 1. Firstly I used Windows Media Player and DivX player to watch through the footage to work out whenthe scenes would cut and at what points the viewer would be able to see each character in order toget the story across.Once putting my videos into the order that I wanted them, I imported them onto Movie Plus X6.After importing all the files I need, I used to rotate button to put my images into the correct positionas whilst filming, I held the camera horizontally and vertically depending on the size of the footagefocus.The image below shows the process in which I started to add my videos onto the overlay track andhave now cross faded the section where the character goes through the door.
  2. 2. Cross fade. I then changed the ‘play speed’ of the section where the character goes through the door as I felt that it was much slower in comparison to the next part in which the viewer see’s the character from walking into the room. – I felt that speeding it up helped to make the 2 sections that were filmed separately flow better.I then trimed the last section of the patient coming through the door as it was too long and therewas a long pause with the camera focused on the wall which I felt was unnecessary.
  3. 3. I then added the next video that I was going to edit. I then found that I needed to fade out thescene in which the character walks through the door as I wanted to add an audio file in which youhear the doctor speaking before the footage is seen.
  4. 4. I changed around the parameters to make sure that it zoomed out at the end of this section and notat the beginning when the character opens the door, as that interrupted the flow of the dooropening.I then changed the brightness of each section, the first being -17.0% and the process in which thecharacter opens the door and the viewer can her coming through the door had to be darker due tothe lighting in the two areas were different in comparison to on the stairs which meant that I had toincrease the level of darkness on the door section to 21.0% for them to match.
  5. 5. I then moved the next clip onto the video track as I wanted the sound from the video to play but Iwanted a different image to be shown. So I clicked on the mute ‘eye’ to make the screen blank.I then started to trim the video so that only some of the audio can be heard, to make theconversation flow.
  6. 6. I then trimmed the video track so that the viewer could hear the correct information.
  7. 7. The picture below shows what the bars looked like after I had finished trimming them.I then added the next clip that I wanted to use and trimmed it.
  8. 8. I Tried out the cross fade but felt it slowed down the conversation and made it have unnecessarypauses in it. I then decided that it would be best if the camera shot flicked between the charactersto enhance the conversation.I added the next clip and trimmed it.I then added the next clip and trimmed it.
  9. 9. I then added the next clip which would have to link into the previous one to show the characterwalking out. This had to be in two shots which is why I had to edit it more in the same way as whenthe character comes through the door, to make the movement smooth.I then imported a clip that I previously forgot to import.I rotated the clip so that it was in the correct position
  10. 10. Mis-en-scene: computer with diagnosis on it.I added the next clip, trimmed it and cross faded it with the previous clip.I then copied and pasted all the work I just did
  11. 11. This section is going to act as the replay of the recent events in the mind of the protagonist.I selected all the clips, went to galleries and changed it to black and white to express how theprotagonist feels and therefore make this section more poignant.I then changed the playing speed to 1:300 but felt that the speed was making the voices sound toocomedic. I then decided to change the playing speed to 1:110
  12. 12. After doing that, I added another clip that will be used again later just to add to the confusion andshock that the character is feeling.I then added the 20 staggered blind transition to the end of one of the clips
  13. 13. I Cross faded the following clip and also added the black and white effect to it also.
  14. 14. When listening to this file, I could hear when I clicked on the button of the camera which meant Ihad to trim this to avoid it from being heard in the finishing product.I then played the video from the top to check whether it ran smoothly, I noticed at the beginning ofthe ‘replay’, when the character walks up the stairs it isn’t fast enough when at 1:110, I then noticedthat its original speed was 1:600 and that I had to make it faster based on that. I then changed it to1:700.
  15. 15. I then changed the speed of when the character is seen going through the door from behind from1:600 to 1:800.I also changed the speed of when the character walks through the door from 1:100 to 1:300
  16. 16. I then started to work my way through the replay section, trimming them so that the characterswhole lines aren’t said. I am doing this to make this section faster so that it resembles a thoughtprocess. The following 3 images show the clips that I have trimmed.
  17. 17. After trimming these clips, I decided to add in another clip but to put onto the audio track line. Itrimmed the section before adding it which is shown below.
  18. 18. I added it then made sure that the image would not be visible on the video track as I am using it asan audio file.I increased the volume and moved it across so that the viewer can hear it when the character isleaving the surgery. This should sound like a nightmarish voice in the head of the protagonist whichshould add to the viewers understanding of her shock and disbelief.
  19. 19. I then decided to move that clip to the end of the video because I felt that it made the ending moreeerie.I watched through the entire video but didn’t feel that the speed was fast enough on the thoughtprocess part and therefore felt it wouldn’t impact the viewer in the way I wished.I removed the 20 staggered blind transition which also deleted a clip. I trimmed all my clips so thatthey were short and snappy.
  20. 20. I also cut the file that I was using for the audio so that it would be in sync with the characterspeakingI then watched through it again and felt that it flowed better than before. I then added a new filewhich is of Miss Andrews face, this clip will be used as a reminder to the audience that what ishappening during the second section is happening in her head.
  21. 21. I cut the clip so that the viewer would not be able to hear the clicking of the camera.I then added the ‘Old film’ effect so that this section was uniform with the other sections.
  22. 22. I then copied and pasted this clip in different sections.After doing that I imported to audio files which were placed near the beginning of the video.I trimmed the first audio file so that only the beginning part was heard, I then added it to the audiotrack line.
  23. 23. Again with the same audio track, I trimmed the audio but this time I wanted the end section to beheard.I then decided to delete my other audio file as I didn’t feel that the ‘creaking door’ was loud enoughand instead thought that an audio file would be better.I then watched through my video and felt that I had completed most the editing that needed to bedone and now I just had to find sounds.
  24. 24. Sounds: Heartbeat, Muttering, Creaking door, scream, slam. finding all the sounds I needed for my video, I imported them all
  25. 25. I added the ‘open door’ and ‘close door’ sound effect to the pieceI then inserted another ‘audio track’I added ‘Quinns song – new man’ and trimmed it
  26. 26. I added ‘Long note one’ to the video and moved it to play throughoutthe entire speaking part with the doctor until the character gets to the doorand closes her eyes.I then added ‘Stormfront’ and trimmed it to fit the last section of the video.
  27. 27. I multitrimmed it after listening to the audio and feeling that it didn’t buildtension in the way I wanted.I then imported the ‘ Heart rate monitor flat line’ sound effect
  28. 28. I added it to the video and trimmed itOne thing I have learned during this task is the ‘180 degree rule’, I purposelymade the camera’s visible throughout this to make the audience feel the sameconfusion as the protagonist. I believe that if I hadn’t done this, the piecewouldn’t have been as effective. This will be a rule that I will take intoconsideration when working on my film opening.