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Research and brainstorming - weekly newsletter


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Research and brainstorming - weekly newsletter

  1. 1. Weekly Newsletter THE DAILY MEDIA The latest on media filming locations. School –I have chosen to use this location because I feel that it will give my trailer a different edge, I have also chosen it because it’s a location I know well. I have visited this location to check that it will be appropriate for my filming. I don’t need permission to use this location. Issues: The only potential issues I may face is the fact that I will have to make sure I film on a day that I know the school hasn’t got something planned in the evening otherwise guests will be coming in and out of the short which will decrease the quality of the shot. PICTURE Graveyard- I have visited this location and don’t need permission to film there. The only issue I believe I may face is if there is a funeral taking place on the day of filming, this would mean that I would have to change my day of filming which may affect my ability to meet the deadline due to the availability of the actors on different days. PICTURE Church- I intend to use this location. I will call the priest to ask when it is most appropriate for me to go and do my filming. PICTURE The main issues I will find with this location are with planned events such as weddings, funerals, christenings.