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Re doing preliminary task


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Re doing preliminary task

  1. 1. RE-DOINGTASK-13.03.13
  2. 2. First I deleted all the clips that were not needed.I then imported the new clipsI added the clip I needed first and then trimmed it
  3. 3. I then added the following clip and trimmed it accordingly.I then trimmed the next clip.
  4. 4. And I repeated the same with the final clip.I then watched it through and noticed that the door section wasn’t rotatedcorrectly. I rotated it anti-clockwise.
  5. 5. I also trimmed the beginning of this clip as the pause whilst filming when thecharacter was walking was too obvious.I then copied and pasted a clip re-used near the beginning of the doctorsfilming. And trimmed it so that it was much shorter.
  6. 6. I also increased the play speed from 1.00 to 1.300.I did the same with the section in which the doctor diagnoses the patient.
  7. 7. After moving around the clips, I then added a white background