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Popular camera shots thrillers


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Popular camera shots thrillers

  1. 1. Shows some part of the subject in more detail whilestill giving an impression of the whole subject.In thrillers this allows the viewer to make sense of the actorsemotion/expression whilst also examining the background.
  2. 2. A certain feature orpart of the subjecttakes up the wholeframe.In thrillers this allows the audience to concentrate only oneither a face or specific detail of mise en scène. This shotmagnifies objects and therefore allows the audience to enterthe mind of a character.
  3. 3. Looking from behind a person at thesubject.In thrillers, this is usually usedwhen a figure is stood behind avictim or behind someone that isnot aware of the other actorspresence.
  4. 4. The Extreme close up gets right in and shows extreme detail.In thrillers an extreme close up of the face wouldusually show the eyes or mouth without anybackground. The shot is often used to create adramatic effect.