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Magazine cover research


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Magazine cover research

  1. 1. Main Image. Cover Lines Masthead. Original Typography. Bottom third Top third Preview into the inside of the magazine. Date line, price, issue number. Strap line. Website. What is usually on a film magazine cover? Barcode.
  2. 2. In shops, the left third of the magazine is usually the only area on show and therefore magazines have to concentrate on this area in particular to make sure that it can catch the attention of customers. The left third of this image contains information on Toy story, batman and Jonnah Hex. These three media texts have the ability to attract a wide range of different magazine readers. And the way they are presented fits into the theme of main advertisement for ‘Inception’ and therefore the style and the text is likely to push a customer to pick up this magazine to see what it is about. Strap line: The worlds biggest movie magazine. Not completely visible but empire is a well known magazine and therefore the title speaks for itself. Masthead shows the magazine title: ‘EMPIRE’, it is eye catching because the text is in red and the word is in capitals. Main image of Leonardo DiCaprio. Covering the masthead. This could be a technique to draw peoples eyes to the film instead of focusing on the magazine title. The expression on his face is very intense and if a magazine is being stacked on shelves to the point when the top of the magazine is only visible then this will stand out on a shelf and encourage people to purchase it and read it.
  3. 3. Coverlines allow people to know the essential articles inside the magazine. Middle third. The typography of the films title is large, with the same style as the title of the magazine title. Why? This could be to highlight the importance of this magazine along with the film. The placing of Leonardo Dicaprio in the foreground of the image seems as though he is almost stepping out of the image which links to the word and title ‘inception’. Inception is defined as the starting point of an activity. The use of mise-en- scene with his costume (suit) and prop (gun) all suggests to the reader that this is the beginning of some type of operation/mission.
  4. 4. Website allows readers to research into this magazine company and find out more information about upcoming films. Date, price and issue number. Tag placed on the left third. Typography is in bold, capital letters which is eye catching. Background colour is dark and misty which links to the mysterious nature of harry potter film storylines. C O V E R L I N E S
  5. 5. Tag – ‘WORLD EXCLUSIVE!’ used to encourage people to buy the magazine as it shows that it has high compliments. Barcodes allows customers to see how much the magazine will cost them to purchase. Top strip and bottom strip are often used to show what else may be included in the magazine. In this case, the top strip informs the reader that 10 of the coolest movies that are currently. The bottom strip informs the reader that they will gain information from being on set with Robert Downey Jr. This is likely to be an interview, with images etc which will encourage fans of this actor and fans of this film.