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Film opening story boards


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Film opening story boards

  1. 1. Choosing a horror would’ve given me a big scope to work on.I chose to do a psychological thriller instead as I felt that after thorough research I understood theconventions of this genre more. With the knowledge gained from analysing and research, it would bemore likely that I would be successfully capable of recreating my own.
  2. 2. I had the idea to include several images, showing the seasonal events and progression in a childs life.E.g. First walk, Birthdays and Christmas Day. This would help the audience to learn more about theprotagonist, Instead of doing this. I have chosen to use one picture along with sound and colour use
  3. 3. This is an idea that I came up with at the beginning of the process. It was to allow theaudience to view one of the actors in the background that suddenly disappears tosuggest that it was just a figment of their imagination. This is an idea that I believe would’ve fit into my opening but with the clips I have already edited, I feel that adding more would ruin the mood.
  4. 4. I automatically decided that Iwanted to do my opening basedon schizophrenia because it wastaking over the news at the time.I found it interesting thatreporters sometimes took anattacking approach even thoughsome lacked knowledge ofSchizophrenia and mental illnessin general.By choosing this as my topic tobase my film opening around, Iwanted to widen theunderstanding of Schizophreniaso that people don’t just recall itas the mental illness in whichpeople ‘hear voices’ becausethere is so much more to learnand in the same way astheatre, I believe that whenwatching something you shouldbe given the opportunity to widenyour knowledge which is themain reason I added statistics.
  5. 5. Production companyname idea (whichchanged to VittelCinema) Vittel being aplace in France. (I am Couldn’t findcurrently studying A- the sound ofLevel French and someone turningwanted to incorporate it off an alarminto my work. clock. After watching it over, II decided not to include felt that itthe television because I wouldn’t havefelt that it wouldn’t be enhanced thevisually aesthetic for the action andviewer in comparison to therefore wasn’ta birds eye view shot. needed.
  6. 6. From analysing‘Se7en’, I noticedthe use of themain charactershands but theface was nevershown. I thenthought carefullyabout how I coulddo the same, andthought filmingthe movement ofthe actors mouthwould be aninteresting idea.Decided to useone imageinstead (See 8– next slide)
  7. 7. I felt that using oneimage instead ofseveral wouldmake this sectionmore poignant.This was inspiredby a French filmcalled ‘La Haine’ inwhich they usedthis technique toallow the audienceto keep track ofwhat time it is. No longer included. The piece wouldnt have been so effective.
  8. 8. Film nameideas: ‘They say when an•Can you hear artist startsthem? drawing circles it’s the first sign of•Todays madness’ – I gottomorrow. this text from my drama•SANE. performance which is also•Turning point. based around mental illness (precisely the true story of Henry Cockburn who has schizophrenia) and I thought this was a nice link to make.
  9. 9. Notes of where the‘Text on screen’would be put duringthe editing process.