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Evaluation print screens


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Evaluation print screens

  1. 1. Evaluation:First question.Firstly I imported the clips that I was 100% sure that I needed. As I knew the otherscould be added during the process.I trimmed the first videoI added the second clip and trimmed it.
  2. 2. I then copied this clip and trimmed the end of it. I had to do this as during the filming,the actor got his lines wrong but we did another take within the same clip.
  3. 3. I had noticed that there was a clip that I hadn’t added that I needed, therefore I addedit.I then trimmed it.
  4. 4. I then copied and pasted the clip and trimmed the ending. I wanted to get trim out aword that the actor said that wasn’t part of the script.I cross-faded the clips that I had trimmed so that they flowed more fluidly.
  5. 5. I then added the fourth clip and trimmed it appropriately.I did the same with the fifth clip.
  6. 6. I have now started working on the ending of this filming but still continuing to trimthe clips accordingly.
  7. 7. I copied and pasted this clip I am currently working on in which the male actorquestions the editing choices I have made.
  8. 8. I then pasted it and trimmed the ending on the clip.
  9. 9. I trimmed the remainder of the clips accordingly.
  10. 10. I then had to start adding the clips from Se7en and parts of my own film opening. Ihad to import all of them.I trimmed part of my film opening and added it.
  11. 11. I added the text ‘As Iron Sharpens Iron’ before the clip.
  12. 12. I then added the sixth sense clipI then added the text ‘The Sixth Sense’I then trimmed ‘The sixth sense’ clip I have added.
  13. 13. I then re-added my film opening clip and trimmed it so that the dialogue section wasthe only bit there.I then added the text ‘Evidence of this use’ before the dialogue.
  14. 14. I then trimmed the fifth clip as I noticed that what the actor said didn’t link with theclip shown previously.I then added the ‘Se7en’ clip and trimmed it accordingly so that it matched with theexample given in the filming before.
  15. 15. Like the others, I added the text ‘Se7en’ ‘Colour use: Black, Red and White’I added the text ‘As Iron Sharpens iron’. ‘Colour Use: Black, Red and White.’
  16. 16. Then re-added my film opening and trimmed it.I then re-added a clip of ‘Se7en’ and trimmed it.
  17. 17. I added this text:I copied and pasted the text and changed ‘Se7en’ to ‘The Sixth Sense’. I placed thisafter the clip from ‘Se7en’
  18. 18. I then trimmed and added the appropriate clip that explained the speed of the opening. – theme tune songsfree
  19. 19. Found song for tv theme tune from: ( )I then imported the sound clip onto Movie plus X6.I then added it onto the piece, trimmed it and then faded the end. – I placed that at thebeginning of the piece.I then re-added the sound clip and trimmed it.
  20. 20. I then faded out the beginning part so that it would be heard faintly under the dialogueof the actors in the same way as a viewer would expect when the end of a televisioninterview such as ‘the Jonathan Ross show’ when it is coming to an end. I also fadedout the end of the sound clip.I also had to cross fade into the action so that it was a smooth transition from the non-diegetic sound use to the dialogue of the television host.
  21. 21. I then noticed that I had forgotten to add evidence of my Mise-en-scène.I then added my film opening and trimmed the appropriate section.
  22. 22. I then added text before it:I then changed the format of the text added previously:
  23. 23. In the process I changed the text ‘Evidence of this use’ to ‘Evidence of challengingthe forms and conventions of real media products’ which was placed after the filmingin which I speak about including dialogue from the protagonist.