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Editing practise.


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Editing practise.

  1. 1. I was asked to record some film footage around school,I chose to film year 12’s during their dance lesson. I wasthen asked to create my ‘first movie’ using MovieplusX6. It had to include: Titles, Credits,ImportedSound,Slow motion and Colour tint and atleast twoother effects.I was asked to do the filming and making of my firstmovie to help me to become familiar with videorecording and also the software, Movieplus x6.
  2. 2. A Camera recorder to film everything and Movie plus to create and edit movies.Equipement: I have previously used a camera recorderat family occasions and etc.Movie Plus: I never knewmovie plus existed and had never used it before in or outof school.
  3. 3. I started off with filming the year 12’s dance lessonwhich was relatively easy, I then came across movieplus which was completely new to me and struggledto figure it out at first. I asked my teacher if help wasneeded and learnt as I went along and slowlyworked my way through the task.
  4. 4. The main thing that I found difficult was importing themedia. I resolved this by trying different things such assaving the file then trying to import it and not just importingit from the camera directly. This also came in handy when importing audio files later on in the process.
  5. 5. Another thing I found difficult throughout the task was muting the audio fromthe original video. The problem I had was that when I filmed the footage,there was already music being played in the background and part of our taskwas to add music to our video.I wasn’t quite sure if I was able to mute it or whether I had to recreate mymovie again due to the fact that there was a change that needed to be madeat the beginning of the process.I finally figured out (through trial and error) that by clicking the volume buttonas shown on the right hand side, that I could mute the original sound fromthe video and add my own song.
  6. 6. Adding effects was and still is something that Ineed to learn more about. I struggled at first withadjusting the level of the effect e.g. whenadjusting the HSL, I had to experiment with whatdarker lighting or a higher percentage of Huewould make the image look like. This issomething that will gradually become easier asthe process continues.
  7. 7. During this task, I have learnt a lot about Movie Plus X6 which is a software Ihadn’t used previously before AS Media.One of the first thing that I learnt how to do was ‘Overlapping’ audio and/orfootage. Overlapping is an effect that I found very useful when creating my first movie as I used three different pieces of audio along with text that was coming in and out of the focus at different times. I felt that overlapping allowed the songs to flow better as the song would fade and the next would then start.
  8. 8. I also learnt how to add in animations and outanimations to text which was slightly different to doingit in softwares like PowerPoint.
  9. 9. All the things that I have learnt during this task will help mewhen starting my ‘final movie’ as I will be able to take theseskills and reuse them in that movie.Adding effects and overlapping are two things that I’m glad Ihave learnt as I know it will come in handy when includingaudio within my movie and adding lighting effects and etc.