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Changes after feedback trailer


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Changes after feedback trailer

  1. 1. Changes after feedback – trailer I changed the font to Colonial Light SF so that it linked in with the other products I have created. Issue:I changed this at school but forgot to save it, when I tried to change it again using my software at home I noticed that I didn’t have that font choice which meant that I had to make this choice at a later date. I then started adding ellipsis’s to my text on screen to add to the tension.
  2. 2. I then started to look at where indents were placed on trailers. First I looked at Side effectsin which I saw that the indent was inserted within the first 30 seconds of the trailer.
  3. 3. I also looked at the trailer for The Sixth Sense where the indent appears within the first one minute. I then imported my indent and used the crop tool to crop the image.
  4. 4. I used the transform tool to make the image smaller but still visible. I kept it within the first minute of the trailer to keep with the conventions of psychological trailers.
  5. 5. I then started looking at the end of trailers. I looked at The Sixth Sense and noticed that the film title was on a different shot to the release date. Whereas on my trailer, the film title and release date was put onto the same shot.
  6. 6. I then remembered that I had put ‘This fall’ as a release date on my film poster which meant that I had to change the release date on my trailer to match it. Facebook and twitter links: I then wanted to integrate the facebook and twitter link idea into my trailer in the same way as in the Side Effects trailer which wasn’t used in The Sixth Sense trailer as it was released in 1999 when both facebook and twitter didn’t exist and therefore including this meant that my text would be appropriate to a modern audience. I saved an image of the facebook logo from google.
  7. 7. I then went onto movie plus and aligned my release date text before adding the facebook and twitter information. I then imported the facebook logo.
  8. 8. I inserted a new video track as it was the only way that I could figure out how to make the facebook logo visible at the same time as the release date. I didn’t want them to be on two separate shots but what kept happening was that there was a cross fade from the release date into the facebook logo. I then used the crop tool to crop the sides of the facebook logo and used the transform tool to make the logo smaller.
  9. 9. I then added the text ‘/TheDiagnosisFilm’ and inserted another video track so that I could have the text visible on the same shot as the facebook logo. I then inserted another video track.
  10. 10. I then added the text ‘#TheDiagnosis’ and changed the facebook and twitter link to the vijaya font and changed ‘This fall’ to the Euphemia font. I changed the in animation of ‘This fall’ from a glow to typing.
  11. 11. I then did the same to the facebook and twitter information
  12. 12. I then added the type writing sound effect and put it on the audio track so that it would sound as though the information was being typed. I then added another video track and added the text ‘The mind is a place for two..’ which is my tagline that can be found on my film poster. I also changed the text colour to green so that it would link to my film poster.
  13. 13. I chose a type in animation for this text so that it would link with the other text on screen. I then downloaded a sound effect from ‘freesound’ and imported it onto my work. I then faded the beginning and the end of the audio file so that it would fade into play and slowly fade out into silence.
  14. 14. Issue: I tried to open my trailer in school but it didn’t work. I had noticed that many of the audio files that I had used in my trailer were only saved on my laptop at home. This meant that I was unable to export my trailer as a file to put onto YouTube as I originally intended because it wouldn’t have all the sound that it needed. I tried to download some of the audio again: This was successful until I tried to open the audio file in the downloads page. In school, we are not allowed access to the downloads page which meant that my file was essentially hidden/stuck within a folder.
  15. 15. I then emailed my teacher to explain this issue and she suggested that I add the files whilst at home. The only issue with this is that I needed to change the font for my film title in the trailer but I wouldn’t be able to do that at home because my version of movie plus x6 doesn’t offer the same fonts. – If I didn’t change my font then my trailer, magazine cover and film poster would not match and therefore they would not look like an advertisement for the same film. Decision: I have decided that the only way to get around this problem is to add the music files to my usb whilst at home and then whilst at school, I will change the font accordingly.
  16. 16. Issue: I put all my files onto my usb, and then when I came to school to put it onto the computer, this sign kept appearing and it locked all my files. This meant that I wasn’t able to present all my changes on my blog. I emailed my teacher about it and the i.t. technicians mentioned that it was a licensing issue. Once that was sorted out, I went onto my trailer and changed the title of my trailer with ease.
  17. 17. I then exported it and then put it onto my blog.