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Changes after feedback - film poster


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Changes after feedback - film poster

  1. 1. Changes after feedback – Film Poster. One of the main things that were highlighted when I received my feedback was that I the title in each text was different which meant that they didn’t link in anyway. Title is ‘Colonial Light SF’ font. Title is ‘Vani’ font. Title is ‘Narkisim’ font.
  2. 2. I decided that it would be best to use the ‘Colonial Light SF’ as I felt it looked best on each product.
  3. 3. I was told that my indent on my film poster needed to blend in with the image as a whole so I went back to editing it and added for lines around each side of the trailer to make a black border so that it would blend in when put onto the film poster. I then exported it as a jpeg then inserted it onto my film poster.
  4. 4. I then reduced the size of the credit block. I changed my tagline font from ‘Times new roman’ to ‘Verdict SF’ I then went onto the bbfc website to find a 15 rating to put onto my film poster.
  5. 5. I then used the align tool to ensure that the release date was centred.
  6. 6. This is what my film poster looked like once all the changes that I have mentioned above.