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Radio times - Research and Planning


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Radio times - Research and Planning

  1. 1. ‘Radio Times’ – Research and PlanningFor our ancillary task we were asked to produce a double page spread article to be featuredwithin a magazine of our choice. ‘Radio Times’ seemed to fit the criteria for the choice as it’sa weekly TV and Radio listings magazine, founded by the BBC who eventually merged intoIMC (Immediate Media Company).Background:‘Radio Times’ is a highly rated magazine with a broad audience which means it would be thebest place to advertise our documentary due to the mass amount of people who would beable to view the article.As the magazine is solely focused on TV and Radio listings it would be the perfect place forour topic to be featured. The topic of our Documentary is on CCTV and would thereforebenefit everyone in the UK and possibly worldwide due to the fact ‘everyone is beingwatched’. Furthermore, ‘RadioTimes’ also recommends programmes on their website towatch which would coincide with the aspect of advancing our advertisements.Price:To purchase a copy of the ‘RadioTimes’ would set you back £1.60 which in comparison tomagazines such as ‘TV Choice’ where you pay 45p for a magazine that solely gives youinformation on Soaps and Drama’s, Radio Times on the other hand gives you informationabout Documentaries, TV programmes, Radio Shows and even has a Sports section. Thismeans that by advertising our Documentary we could be only appealing to the social classthat can afford £1.60, however they have a website which allows you to view their articlesonline, so we can appeal to a wider audience.Readability:The magazine appeals to readers of most ages, from exciting imagery to detailed text aboutprogrammes. As our article is about a debateable and often controversial topic which couldget many people such as young adults, adults and seniors putting forward their own opinion.As ‘Radio Times’ has a very endearing nature, it would allow most people to read and enjoy
  2. 2. the style of the article, we included pictures in our article which fits with the theme of themagazine.