Queston 4


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Queston 4

  1. 1. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? Laura Mason
  2. 2. We used many technologies to create ourdocumentary. We began with the research andplanning element of the documentary. For thisstage we did not use many media technologies as they were not needed as the methods weused were successful. We used story boarding and mind maps on paper to decide on a topic and plan out what elements of the topic we were going to investigate.
  3. 3. We then began to research our topic- Illegal Downloading music- using the internet. We used Wikipedia to gain a basic knowledge of the history of illegal downloading and then went onto using google to findrelevant and current information about our topic. New sites such as BBC News, the Telegraph and Sky News were very helpful for articles andseeing the latest cases of illegal downloading. On the BBC News website there was really helpful information on finding the most downloaded artists in any area in the country and we actually used a screen shot of this in our documentary. We also used youtube to view these news stories in a visual way.
  4. 4. After gaining all our topic knowledge and research we then decided what channels to put our documentary and radio trailer on. We decided on BBC Three andBBC Radio 1 after researching on their websites how many viewers and listeners they had per month. Another factor that decided for us was that we thought these channels would be most appropriatefor our relevant documentary. We used to add all this work to the blog
  5. 5. We began filming using a HD Video camera, a tripod,head phones and a microphone. The tripod was used so to gain steady cam shots and the rest to capture the sound to a high level s. All the filming was doneusing this equipment and we also used a SLR camera to document us using this equipment and also us putting things onto the blogs.
  6. 6. After shooting all our footage we used usb cables to transfer it from the video cameras to the Macs. We then put it into a programme called Final Cut. On this we were able to cut our clips to what we wanted and create our documentary. We used music that was preloaded onto iTunes for our backingtrack and simply added it onto our documentary timeline. For the voice over we recorded it using the camera and microphone again and uploaded it onto Final Cut and we simply removed the video from the sound and added it over the appropriate parts in our documentary.
  7. 7. It was a similar process to create our radio trailer except for this we used a programme called Garage Band. We decided on a backing track (one similar to the one in our documentary) from the preloaded ones on iTunes and thenadded sound clips from our documentary by exporting it from Final Cut to Garage Band to explain our documentary. We recorded a separate voice over using the microphone and camera again and exported the sound into Garage Band to finish our radio trailer.
  8. 8. To create our double page spread we first exported stills ofclips from Final Cut and saved them onto a memory stick. We then created a blank double page spread on InDesign and created a layout using the blank boxes. Next we added text and the images into the chosen places on the page and filledthe rest of the space with text. We then exported the finishedproduct as a jpeg and uploaded it onto our blog as a picture.To add our documentary and radio trailer to our blog we had to upload then as videos on youtube and embed them onto the blog using the given code.