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Question 3 what have you learned from your


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Question 3 what have you learned from your

  1. 1. PLANNING AND RESEARCH STAGE 1This stage was the first bit of research we carried out andconducted. We did 2 questionnaires and chose to get agood range of ages for the first and then using theinformation from that one we would select our secondquestionnaire participators by the target audience ages.We found that with the mixed age one, older peoplestruggled to tell us much as they had never illegallydownloaded, the only thing they could say was that therechildren do it. This meant that with the second set ofquestion’s we were going to aim it at younger people sothat we could get stronger feedback from people whoactually participate in the subject matter of thedocumentary.
  2. 2. QUESTIONNAIRE CONTENTSIn the questionaires weasked about what peoplelike to see in documentarysi.e. narration, titlesequences, fly on the walletc..! We also asked aboutthere personal involvementwithin “illegal downloading”so we could also use thisinformation in ourdocumentary. Here is agraph from the question “do you enjoy watchingdocumentarys?”
  3. 3. RESEARCH AND PLANNING STAGE 2We did this after we had createdour documentary and ancillarytexts to see what people thoughtof the combination of all threeand weather as a set they workedwell togeteher.Here are thegraphs to show the results.
  4. 4. “DO YOU THINK ALL 3 PRODUCTS WORK WELLTOGETHER?”024681012boys girls15-20 yes21-25 yes26-30+ yes
  5. 5. “AFTER WATCHING THE FIRST 5 MINUTES WOULDYOU WANT TO CONTINUE?”024681012boys girls15-20yrs21-25yrs26-30+yrs
  6. 6. OVERALL FEEDBACKAs you can see the feedback was all positive and nearly100% of people we asked would continue watching aredocumentary after watching the first 5 minuets. We alsoasked weather are products combined well and again thefeedback from this was very positive, with only a fewcomments with suggested improvements such as “biggerfont” which we as a team had decided we wanted to keepsmaller due to the amount of information we could fit onthe double page spread. But overall we were extremelyhappy with the feedback we received.