How did you use media technologies in the


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How did you use media technologies in the

  1. 1. How did you use media technologies in thetechnologies in the construction and research, planningIrving Sewell and evaluation stages There was a number of different technologies used to create the documentary, radio trailer and Double page spread (TV listings magazine). To create the documentary the main things that were need was the video camera to do the filming, computer leads to transfer the recorded footage and a software for the apple Mac computers called final cut express the construct the documentary and for editing of the documentary such as effects, volume and cutting of clips.
  2. 2. Video cameraThe video camera was the most importanttechnology used for the documentary. It waswhat the group used to record the video footageand with out that their would have been nothingto work with on final cut express.I found the video camera very easy to usebecause it was just making sure the camera waspositioned properly to ensure we go the footagewe needed.
  3. 3. MicrophoneThe microphone was also an important tool usedthroughout the project.It was used for the recording of the sound for the videorecordings and the voice over for the documentary andradio trailer.The use of the microphone was not hard but it required abit of skill with use because you had to make sure themicrophone was positioned in the best possible place toreceive the best sound levels. When using the microphone Ihad to make sure the background noise did not outweighthe sound we wanted and also had to make sure that theplaces where we filmed would not make the footage soundechoed or distorted.
  4. 4. HeadphonesHeadphones were also another important toolused throughout the project.It was used alongside the microphone forchecking that the sound levels for thedocumentary and radio trailer were good and nottoo low, too high or distorted.Headphones were an essential because withoutthem the sounds levels would not have been asgood as they wereThey were easy to use and it was just ensuringthe sound was suitable by listening carefully
  5. 5. Final cut expressFinal cut express was the most important technologies usedthroughout the whole project.I found the use of this program quite easy and the moretimes I used it I started to become more efficient using theprogram. It was mainly used for cutting and moving aroundclips to make sure they were positioned in the correct placeTo get footage onto the program you have to log andtransfer it so you have access to the file.
  6. 6. BloggerBlogger was used throughout the project to keep atrack of what tasks we done and what tasks needed tobe done. The group used blogger also to upload atimetable of what should be done on each day of theweek and who should do it. This was good because itmeant everyone knew exactly what to do and whenworking on the three media products everybody knewwhat task they was required to do.Blogger was also useful because it was used to uploadthe media products to put and display so they could beviewed.
  7. 7. SlideshareSlideshare was used for uploading theevaluation that I done so that it could beviewed.It is useful because it worked as a good way ofuploading the PowerPoint (evaluation) on toblogger, so it could be viewed in a moreefficient wayAs a whole I found using slideshare assomething that was quick and easy to use.
  8. 8. YouTubeYouTube was used as a way of uploading thecompleted documentary so it could be viewed. Inorder for it to be uploaded the video file had tobe a supported video format such as mp3, avi etc.When we converted the video file on final cutexpress it just had to be saved and uploaded. As awhole using YouTube was a easy way ofuploading the documentary because it was just afew simple steps
  9. 9. Microsoft WordMicrosoft word was used for a number ofdifferent things such as creating thequestionnaires, evaluating other documentaries,scanning edit decision lists for the finaldocumentary. It was used for other things such asradio trailer scripts, typing up the text for themagazine so their was no spelling mistakes andmore.It was important and easy to use it was use towrite up important notes about documentariesthat would be needed for the evaluation.
  10. 10. Garage BandGarage band was used by the group to create thebackground music for the radio trailer. I along with anothermember in the group constructed a instrumental for thebackground music of the radio trailer.Garage Band was relatively easy to use it was a simpleprocess of uploading audio from the clips off final cutexpress to garage band and dragging them on to theprogram and making sure it was in time with the music andthe volume was at the correct level in proportion to themusic.Garage Band was a very useful program to me because itmade constructing the radio trailer simple.
  11. 11. Adobe InDesign
  12. 12. Adobe InDesignAdobe InDesign was used for the construction of theDouble page spread.It was reasonably easy to used. As the group planned out inadvance how we wanted the double page spread to lookbefore we started actually making the page using InDesign.The program made it quite easy to make the programbecause of the toolbar at the side.The main way the double page spread was created was byattaching pictures, clips from the documentary, and logosto the program then writing a article about cyber bullyingthe would fit the look of the double page spread meaningthe colours used and images
  13. 13. ConclusionAs a conclusion I think I used the technologythat was available to the group effectively andmade best use of the things we used.However I think if the group had planned outthe tasks more and planned how we wantedthe media products to look like more thanwhat we did I think we would have got betteruse of the technology and that could havemeant the media products being better thanwhat they are.