Evaluation question 2


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Evaluation question 2

  1. 1. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?The target audience for our media product is teens ages 13-18 both male and female, we chose totarget this age group because after research it showed that 69% of teens this age have experiencedsome sort of cyber bullying, after creating the documentary we used screen shots and quotes tocreate the double page spread and then we used some of the expert interviews and some of thefacts and figures to include in our radio trailer. We had to make sure that there was somerecognition in each of the projects and that we created a clear brand identity. After weeks ofworking hard on the documentary we wanted to make sure that the radio trailer and the doublepage spread were up to the standards of the documentary. For example images in the documentarywere then used in the double page spreadWe thought that this would be a good idea because then the people who have readthe article and looked at the double page, when they do come to watch thedocumentary they have recognition and remember that they saw this from thearticle, it also means it is consistent throughout, and that images used on thedouble page spread are going to be the same in the documentary meaning that theaudience knows it’s going to be about cyber bullying. The quotes used on thedouble page spread are quotes that are said in the documentary; this is like a teaserfor the reader and lets them know the type of discussions held.
  2. 2. This is the radio trailer and lasts about 50 seconds, this includes music and sound effects thatwere also used in the documentary, the radio trailer is of a victim speaking and then clips ofexpert interviews and vox pops, which make it seem more realistic due to the sound ofspontaneous answers that relate to the subject, and then makes the audience engage and wantto watch the rest of the documentary, at the end of the radio trailer there is a time date andchannel, this is vital information for the radio trailer as it will be what the listeners have beenwaiting for, they have been waiting for when they can remind themselves to watch thedocumentary and also airing this a few days before the documentary is shown can give thedocumentary chance to get out and for other people to know about it. The music is the samespeed and feeling in the radio trailer as it is in the documentary, there is a calming music whenit goes more serious which is appropriate for the radio trailer and also for some parts of thedocumentary, however the main track through the documentary is more upbeat and is more intime with the speed of the vox pops and the facts. The similarities between the whole threeproducts are that the quotes used are consistent which means viewers will remember themmore which can help into the topic of stopping cyber bullying and also the content throughouteach product is the same, we haven’t gone off subject in any of the products and completelykept to the topic of cyber bullying which is what the audience want when reading the article ofwatching or listening to the radio trailer and the documentary.Some of the things that could be improved with the main product and the double page spreadcould have been that the colours schemes could have been consistent throughout the whole 5minutes matching with the double page spread and also maybe the same font type could havebeen the same, little things like this just make it more professional and also show the amountof effort gone into the production and thought about the little things that the viewers won’tnotice but it just makes it look nicer. Another thing that I would change is with the mainproduct and the radio trailer is the voice over, the narrator for the documentary is a differentvoice to the voice giving the information in the radio trailer at the end, I think with the samevoice it again creates recognition and a clear brand identity that the voice used is the voiceknown for the documentary.
  3. 3. I think that the products work well together as they are all concise and alsogive across the same message and I think that if you read the article it wouldmake you want to watch the whole documentary and the same when listeningto the radio trailer, you will want to know more, I think that the documentarydoesn’t give too much away and also in the double page spread and the radiotrailer which is good because then the viewers won’t be disappointed and feellike they have wasted time watching the documentary, in particular I think thatthe double page spread works well because it grabs the reader’s attention andalso after reading the article you would have been educated and know moreabout cyber bullying which may mean you will understand the documentarymore, it also tells you facts and figures that aren’t necessarily said in thedocumentary which means you are finding out important things from bothprojects. I think that the radio trailer is also very good in terms of not lettingtoo much information out as the radio trailer is more of an example of how avictim feels when they have been cyber bullied and it makes you realise whatpeople go through which then makes you want to watch the documentary tofind out how to prevent or stop cyber bullying especially if you know someoneeffected by this, therefore I think all 3 products back each other up well andgive out enough information about the subject of cyber bullying for someone todo something about it next time and save them feeling hurt and alone. I thinkthat it is useful for the target audience to watch this documentary as they arearound bullying all the time at schools and colleges and getting the wordaround can help everyone.