Double page spread


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Double page spread

  1. 1. Double Page Spread
  2. 2. Plan The outcome however is different to this in some aspects where the title carries on across two pages and the text is dominant on the left hand side. Also the images are smaller and only take up a small amount of space. This was a rough plan of the The colours I have used in thedouble page spread. Using A3 double page spread are blues andpaper I sketched what I wanted white, blue and white is a common the magazine to look like. colour for most of the social networking sites and also the white background makes it stand out.
  3. 3. This is the TV listing magazine that I have chosen to publish with,The final product I felt that it was one of the most popular ones and is cheap for the buyers. It gives a lot of information about documentaries and soaps for a little price. TV times is also an easy read which alsoThe drop cap makes people want to buy it.makes it lookprofessional andalso lets the reader The title is theknow where to start biggest big of textreading. on this double page spread and the title ‘BANTERFour columns of OR BULLYING?’writing is plenty in is catchy with thethis article as it use of alliterationtells you even more and also will beinformation about well rememberedcyber bullying and by the audience. Isalso social it all in caps asnetworking. There though it isare gaps in shouting out at youbetween each and at the top ofparagraph as this the page so itis to show where catches your eyethere is a subject straight away.change and I havemoved on to talkabout somethingelse. Quotes are used in between the article, they are bigger and in a differentImages are used on the one side of the double page colours, they stand out, if the reader was to read these without reading thespread. This shows the readers a bit about the article they would know what the article is about. They are the 2 of the mostdocumentary and what may be included, all of these are important bits in the article and I felt that with them standing out it may getwith a caption and tells the reader of exactly who is in the the readers attention more and make them read the article or watch thepicture and what they are doing. documentary.