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What have you learned fromyour audience feedback evaluation q3


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Published in: Education
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What have you learned fromyour audience feedback evaluation q3

  1. 1. What have you learned fromyour audience feedback?
  2. 2. Questionnaire • We created a questionnaire for our classmates to fill in one they had seen our documentary . This gave us a valuable insight into what our main target audience thought of our documentary in the questionnaire we had simple yes no questions and open questions to have a large collection of feedback.
  3. 3. Results Summary Did you learn anything? Yes (95%) No (5%) Was it entertaining? Yes (95%) No (5%) Did it keep your attention? Yes (100%) No (0%) What is something that stood out the most? The comedy, the POV shot, music, interviews What is one thing you would change? Sound levels, shaky camera What did you like? the footage, the fast paced style, the whole thing, comedy, good footage and statistics What did you dislike? sound levels Would you continue watching the documentary? Yes (100%) No (0%) Was it all relevant? Yes (90%) No (10%)
  4. 4. Conclusion • In conclusion we can sum up our documentary as a success as it was informative, entertaining with good music choice with no wasted time on irrelevant topics . The comedic nature of the documentary although a gamble with everyone's humour being different, paid off with it being the best part according to the feedback