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Tom daley- Case Study


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Tom daley- Case Study

  1. 1. TOM DALEY Shanice spencer
  2. 2. TOM DALEY  Tom daley the Olympic diving sensation has recently come out as ‘gay’ on the 2 nd of december 2013.  He did this through a video he posted on youtube were he publically announced it to the world.  He describes how his life ‘changed’ in the spring and he met someone who was also male.  He said its always been in the back of his head that it could happen but it wasn’t until spring when his feelings were consolidated.  This suggests that he wasn’t born with these feelings but that its something that just happened and he explains it as just feeling ‘right’.
  3. 3. TOM DALEY  What's interesting is he states in the video that he still fancies girls but at the moment a guy is for him. This makes me feel like he is confused? And question are people confused about the way they feel? Watch it and see what you think…