Evaluation Question 3 part 2


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Evaluation question 3

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Evaluation Question 3 part 2

  1. 1. 3) What have you learned from your audience feedback? Part 2
  2. 2. Audience Feedback Once our main and ancillary task’s were completed we needed to gain feedback from our audience to ensure we had produced suitable content which our target audience could relate to, understand and enjoy. We chose to give our audience a questionnaire to fill out when watching, listening and reading our final products. We made sure to include both open and closed questions throughout the three questionnaires in order to gain quantitative and qualitative data and to make sure we had detailed and informative feedback from each individual.
  3. 3. What did you like? Music What did you like? Comedy 0 5 10 We then asked ‘what did you dislike?’ and it What became apparent that the sound levels needed to be adjusted. This Sound Levels raised concern for us because when we were editing we made sure the sound levels were Camera Work even and the audio was perfectly clear 0 throughout. When we asked the question ‘what did you like?’ the overall majority of the answers given were music and comedy. This indicating that our audience understood what we were trying to achieve and understood the comedic undertones of the documentary. did you dislike? What did you dislike? 5 10
  4. 4. The humour within our documentary seemed to be the one thing that stood out amongst the rest, along with the facts provided throughout. What stood out the most? Facts What stood out the most? Humour 0 5 10 15 Did you learn anything? No Yes 0 10 20 All of our audience stated that they had learned something whist watching our documentary , this alongside Did you the answer to the previous learn question indicates that we had anything? done a sufficient job in catering for our audience and supplied them with knowledge and entertainment.
  5. 5. What would you change? What would you change? Music Camera Work Sound Levels 0 5 10 Overall it became apparent that the main concern was the sound levels and it was those that needed to be changed the most, there was a little dislike for the camera work where people said a tripod was needed to be used more, however parts of the documentary were intentionally shaky due to the use of hand held. Would you continue watching our documentary? Would you continue watching our documentar? No All of our audience stated that they would continue watching our documentary. Yes 0 2 4 6
  6. 6. Overall Feedback The audience enjoyed the opening five minutes to our documentary and would happily carry on to watch the rest of it. Positives Looking back at our documentary questionnaire there seems to be a set of reoccurring answers when asked ‘What did you like?’ It became apparent that our strongest elements within the documentary were the comedic aspects, the use of animation and the voice over script. Negatives Just as it was clear to spot the positives it was clear to spot the reoccurring negatives. These where the sound levels and in some cases, the music used. Improvements that could have been made - The sound levels during the interviews – the music was overpowering at times - The camera work could have been improved by using the tripod more, however it proved difficult when given a faulty tripod. Was the audience’s reaction expected? Our audience reaction was better than expected. They reacted well to the humour in the documentary and their criticism was fair and understandable.
  7. 7. Was it good quality? Yes No When asked if our radio trail was of good quality the majority of our audience said yes, with a few saying no due to the sound levels. What do you like? Our audience liked a range of things within our radio trail, the main things being the music, voice over and the audio clips from the documentary. Music Voiceover Audio Clips
  8. 8. More than half of our audience stated that it was clear what our radio trail was advertising, stating that the content/ information was clear. Is it clear what it is advertising? Yes No Is it relevat to the documentary? Yes No This lead on nicely to our next question, asking if it linked in well with our documentary. Although a small handful said no, the overall majority agreed that it did.
  9. 9. What would you change? Sound levels Music When asked what they would change, the audience replied that the sound levels and the music were the most important things to be changed. The reoccurring problem with the sound leves worried us because just as we did with our documentary, during editing we made sure that the sound levels in our radio trail were equal and complemented each other nicely, however that did not show when listening to it back through speakers
  10. 10. Overall Feedback The audience enjoyed the radio trail and understood what was being said and advertised. Positives The feedback suggests that the radio trail links in with the documentary, the scripting/ voice over was clear and the audio clips were appropriate. Negatives It was clear that the main negatives with the radio trail was the sound levels and music. Improvements that could have been made - The sound levels need to be consistent - The music could have been placed a little more appropriately throughout the radio trail - Was the audience’s reaction expected? Our audience reaction was better than expected. They liked the clips we chose to use from the documentary and found the information to be clear and informative.
  11. 11. Does it look good? 10 There was mixed views when asked if our double pages spread looked good, however the majority said that it was creative and colourful. 8 6 4 2 0 Yes When asked about the conventions, most of our audience agreed that it did follow them, with a few people disagreeing. no Does it follow the conventions? 15 10 5 0 Yes No
  12. 12. Is it informative? 15 10 Over half of our audience claimed that our double page spread had sufficient information. 5 0 Yes We also asked if it was clear what it was it was advertising, just over half agreed that it was clear, linking in nicely with our last question. No Is it clear what its advertising? 15 10 5 0 Yes No
  13. 13. Does it provide all relevant information? 15 10 5 0 Yes No For our last question we asked ‘As this is advertising a TV programme, does it provide all the relevant information require?’ We were pleased to find that only one person said no. This suggesting that we had included all of the sufficient information needed in a TV listing double page spread.
  14. 14. Overall Feedback The audience seemed to like how creative our double page spread was, but agreed that it didn’t necessarily look like the conventional TV listing double page spread. Thy did, however agree that despite this, it contained all the relevant information needed. Positives The feedback suggests that there are a few positives within our spread. It was colourful and eye catching, there was good use of graphics and imaged alongside the required conventions of a professional double page spread. Negatives The Negative qualities within our double page spread is the lack of potential content as the article could have been a little longer than it was. The overall feel of the spread could have been improved also. Improvements that could have been made - We could have used more images We could have had a longer article The layout could have been improved Was the audience’s reaction expected? Our audience reaction was expected, there were a range of different views and opinions of our double page spread/ The audience gave sufficient criticism that we could agree with.