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FMCG brands stretch creative boundaries online
Research Report|21/11/08

The latest edition of Microsoft Advertising’s Case Study Compendium looks at some of the most creative and effective online advertising developed by FMCG brands, including Coca-Cola, Heineken and Mars.

With case studies drawn mainly from across Europe, the Compendium looks beyond click-through rates and page views to campaigns measured with independent advertising effectiveness research to emphasise the potential of the web for building traditional brand metrics and directly driving offline sales.

Among the campaigns pushing creative boundaries online are Coca-Cola’s Happiness Factory 2 campaign, which integrated community and social media to excellent effect, Heineken’s successful targeting of 18-34-year-olds through UGC-style video postings, and the online video ads and virtual jukebox used by Mars to connect with young Belgians.

The platforms featuring in the Compendium range from Windows Live Messenger Personal Expressions to social networks and spectacular adver-gaming solutions, with detailed studies tracking the impact on offline sales of digital campaigns for McDonald’s, Burger King and Kellogg’s.

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Fmcg Compendium 19 11 08 1

  1. 1. Checkout: From Coca-Cola to Cacharel How the FMCG sector is stocking up on the online opportunity
  2. 2. Contents introduCtion 4 why online? 6 key FmCg audienCes 8 Case studies 1 12 — Building brands Case studies 2 17 — exploring new frontiers Case studies 3 23 — the art of conversation Case studies 4 31 — online advertising driving offline sales ConClusion 35 Customer reFerenCe matrix 36 For more information visit:
  3. 3. Introduction We live in an ever more connected world where “going online” is no longer viewed as a distinct activity. Online activities reflect and support our needs and motivations, and hence they’ve become integrated into our daily routines. Checking email, signing into instant messenger, and browsing While FMCG organisations understand and use the online through our favourite shops—all of these activities give us medium as part of the marketing mix, to embrace it further, a sense of familiarity. But the internet also generates a high clear links between online activity and in-store behaviour— proportion of spontaneous activities, hence the term “surfing see, for example, the Kellogg’s and McDonald’s case studies— the net.” In this state, we are open to distractions that lead us must be shown. away from familiarity to anticipation, surprise, and delight. There Online advertising offers a cost-efficient form of marketing, are fantastic opportunities for advertisers within either context. a form that supports customer relationship management Even as we face a challenging economic outlook, the growth initiatives and drives direct consumer interaction. The case rate of online ad spend worldwide will continue to be higher studies in this compendium provide great examples of how than other media. The precise measurability of online FMCG organisations continue to innovate to attain direct advertising drives accountability in marketing spend, while consumer-to-brand interaction. delivering true engagement between brands and consumers. Go back in time to the beginnings of modern advertising and you’ll find a fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) Tim Lumb product—Pears Soap—cited since the 19th century as an advertising success story. The stories in this booklet reveal senior research analyst emea, how FMCG organisations are still at the centre of innovative microsoft advertising advertising today. For more information visit:
  4. 4. Uptake of digital media Games Average hours per week 100 Wireless Uptake of digital media • 2020: 80% of all media digital Games Outdoor Average hours per week • 2010: 66% of all media digital 80 100 Wireless • 2007: 50% of all media 80% of all media digital digital Cinema • 2020: Outdoor • 2010: 66% of all media digital 80 60 • 2007: 50% of all media digital Digital radio Cinema 60 Digital radio Analogue radio 40 Analogue radio 40 Digital TV Digital TV Analogue TV 20 Analogue TV 20 Internet Internet 0 Print 1900 1920 1940 1960 1980 2000 2020 0 Year Print 1900 1920 1940 1960 1980 2000 2020 Source: Carat © World Association of Newspapers 2007—2008 Year Source: Carat © World Association of Newspapers 2007—2008 For more information visit:
  5. 5. Why online? How much time is spent online? What are consumers doing online? An ever-increasing amount of time is being spent online. In While traditional media offers a predominantly “push” Europe, time spent online has been growing year on year to a experience centred around two functions—information and current average of 12 hours per week per person.* entertainment—communication is the “glue” of the online experience, enabling a dialogue with consumers—in contrast The internet is the second most used form of media—behind with the monologue of traditional media. Thirty-eight percent radio during the day and TV in the evening and at night. As of online activities involve communication+. connection speeds and wireless networking become more commonplace, the PC is moving out of the bedroom and Communication—be it instant messenger, email, social home office, and into the living areas of the household, further networks, or voice over IP (VoIP)—seen within the wider increasing access and usage times. Relevant to the FMCG consumer–advertiser context, presents interesting sector, family groups are particularly engaged with the online opportunities for advertisers. For example, advertising around medium. Around 73 percent of people living with children are conversations as well as content, identifying appropriate logging on to the internet each week, compared with only 52 spaces for advertisers in the connected environment, and, percent of those without children.** Furthermore, internet ultimately, acknowledging when to “push” out the marketing use is close to reaching saturation point among the key 16 message and when to “pull.” to 24-year-old market, with nine out of 10 using it each week +Microsoft Advertising research: Context Matters 2007 across Europe.* * EIAA Mediascope 2008, **EIAA Family Affair 2008, For more information visit:
  6. 6. For more information visit:
  7. 7. Key FMCG audiences Mums Whether she works full time, stays at home, cares for a first child, or organises a growing family, a mum is consistently the family’s While FMCG covers a wide variety of audiences, perhaps the key decision maker when it comes to FMCG choices. A decision backbone audience is mums. Through their management of maker who increasingly turns to the internet for help. the family and home they are responsible for a broad range of Time-constrained mums use email as their primary tool for FMCG purchases. keeping in touch, be it with partners and kids, close friends, or In the UK, 90 percent of mums use the internet every day for more distant family and friends. In the UK, 95 percent of those personal reasons—it’s part of the daily routine, but also an surveyed used email, compared with 90 percent for landline escape for some much needed “me time” spent catching up calls, 88 percent for text messages, and 85 percent for mobile on TV, browsing, shopping, and keeping in touch with friends phone calls. Social networking, instant messenger, and VoIP and family. calls have started to emerge as vital tools for maintaining an emotional bond with both nearby and more distant contacts Recent Microsoft® Advertising research conducted in both the through mums’ changing circumstances. UK and France illustrated that the web helps mums in four key areas: keeping in touch, family organisation, personal fulfilment, Faced with organising most aspects of family life, mums are and entertainment. Advertisers can use these findings to increasingly dependent on the internet for information, advice, target specific digital solutions at mums, based on the different reassurance, idea generation, and transactions. Convenience, mindsets they adopt when engaged in these activities. freedom from dragging reluctant children around shops—as For more information visit:
  8. 8. well as time and money savings—all played a key role in the of web entertainment, undertaken by 47 percent of all mums. popularity of online purchases made by 78 percent of mums. Downloading music was also popular among all mums. Money was managed online by 68 percent, while 94 percent At the same time as revealing the role of the web in mums’ lives, turned to the web for information, ranging from advice on the research in the UK stressed the central role that mums take health and nutrition to planning days out and children’s in key household decisions, from organising finances to social entertainment. Marketing solutions and branded advice often events and holidays. Despite mums being diverse and time- played a key role in delivering this information. poor, they are increasingly influential. The good news for online Personal fulfilment was seen as a rare pleasure by many mums, marketers is that when mums are online they’re in a mindset and was valued all the more intensely as a result. Pursuing that suggests they’re open to advertising messages, especially hobbies online, keeping up to date on news and gossip, when online at home. Fifty-nine percent of mums say they are indulgent “me-time,” shopping, social networking, and blogging entertained when online, and 58 percent say they are relaxed. all played a key role. Only 10 percent of mums say they feel rushed when online. The web’s role in entertainment increased noticeably for the younger mums, particularly viewing video clips and online TV, the popularity of which could grow given mums’ appreciation of the practical benefits of services such as Sky+. Casual online games, often played with children, were the most popular form For more information visit:
  9. 9. 16 to 24-year-old men and women And it’s not just the men. For young women, the internet is a source of trusted and reliable opinion. Around 56 percent read online FMCG organisations can tap into another key audience—16 to 24- consumer reviews, and 36 percent visit the manufacturer website year-old men, particularly those with an interest in health and before making a product purchase.* With strong social media in male grooming. products such as Windows Live™ Messenger and Windows Live Hotmail®, Microsoft® Advertising reaches 64 percent of 12 to 24- This audience is 45 percent more likely to be online than the year-old women online.** average European and over a third of their media time is spent online—well above the average of one quarter. They also watch *Forrester consumer technographics (European) 2007, less TV than the average European, read less print newspapers, and **ComScore July 2008 European aggregate listen to less radio.* When online, they are highly engaged by community and collaborative web activities—for example, blogs, wikis, reviews, and social networks. In fact, young men are more than twice as likely as the average European to create content, post comments, and read comments.* For more information visit: 10
  10. 10. For more information visit: 11
  11. 11. 1 Building brands one of the key strengths of online advertising is its measurability, not just clickthroughs and page views, but in terms of traditional branding metrics such as awareness and association. when looking at data aggregated from more than 700+ measured FmCg campaigns (see table), it is clear that online advertising delivers significant brand effects. the cost to deliver similar effects using traditional media highlights how online advertising offers considerable return on investment. driving awareness and shaping brand perceptions is one of the key strengths of the online medium. microsoft® advertising reaches over two-thirds of all internet users worldwide—in excess of 640 million people+—and FmCg organisations are using mass reach to further fulfil their branding strategies. integrating the online approach to complement other media achieves effective and cost-efficient branding. + ComScore Mediametrix Q3/08 (quarterly average) 12
  12. 12. Online FMCG Average all Food Consumables Drinks Household Health/ Beauty Pet food Personal care campaign FMCG (%) (%) (%) (%) (%) Pharma (%) (%) (%) (%) Aided brand 2.4 2.7 2.5 2.1 2.4 2.9 4.0 2.5 1.7 awareness Online ad 6.9 7.3 7.3 8.0 6.1 7.7 5.4 5.7 6.7 awareness Message 3.2 3.0 3.4 3.8 4.1 2.7 3.0 5.0 2.8 association Sponsorship 8.2 12.1 9.7 8.6 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a association Brand 1.7 1.7 1.7 1.8 2.2 1.4 2.3 1.0 1.8 favourability Purchase 1.8 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.8 1.7 1.7 1.7 1.6 intent Dynamic Logic market norms, 717 campaigns, last 3 years Explanation: Down the side: Brand Metrics, Across the Top: campaigns by product type, Figures: the average percentage point change resulting from exposure to online advertising campaigns. n/a: insufficient benchmarking data 13
  13. 13. grolsch client Food and beverages industry the netherlands country/region Windows Live Messenger and MSN get Grolsch in the groove No-one can teach Grolsch about brewing beer or iconic bottle design. But “The collaboration between Grolsch, Upcoming events were posted on a calendar and special offers on music-related items were when it came to making a noise about its links with the Dutch music scene, Digilogue, and MSN was not only very regularly made available. Ad designers made the brand needed a promoter. The plan was to launch an online campaign professional, but it led to especially sure the links between the brand and Grolsch- that engaged the young audiences that flocked to Grolsch’s sponsored good results. In terms of effectiveness sponsored events such as “Sensation” and music events. It had to strike a real chord with music fans, capturing the there was an above-average result, “Lowlands” were crystal clear. same energy and buzz normally found stage side. which has further strengthened the Campaign results link between Grolsch and music.” The campaign took the Grolsch brand where it wanted to be—centre stage with live music Client objectives increase grolsch’s relevance requirement tom wilms, events. Independent research by Ruigrok among its target market and create a ● Boost brand affinity and preference among Communication Channel manager, grolsch NetPanel showed that the activity scored highly visible link between the brand and music 18 to 24-year-olds among its target audience. Key metrics included: ● Strengthen the link between Grolsch and 18 to 24-year-olds target audience live music ● 29 percent of all 18 to 24-year-olds were windows live™ products used reached by the campaign messenger and msn® entertainment Creative solution ● 17 percentage point increase in purchasing Microsoft® Advertising had both the skill solution tab on windows live intent among those exposed to the campaign messenger and microsite on the msn sets and the advertising network to make the ● 17 percentage point increase in awareness of entertainment channel campaign a hit, building an innovative online sponsored events “Sensation” and “Lowlands” music experience around the campaign line 17 percentage point increase key results ● 10 percentage point increase in the number in awareness of grolsch-sponsored music “Hook up with Grolsch Music.” Top of the bill of respondents describing Grolsch as events and 17 percentage point rise in was a Windows Live Messenger tab followed purchasing intent among sample group “popular” and “cool” by a Grolsch music microsite within MSN ● 16 percentage point increase in the digilogue media agency Entertainment. Music fans listened to streams, “enjoyment” factor of Grolsch viewed photographs and entered competitions to win tickets via the tab and the microsite. For more information visit: 1
  14. 14. santa maria client Food and beverages industry norway country/region Santa Maria Tex Mex spices up the market with Microsoft Tex Mex is an ideal party food—great for sharing. But for Mexican cuisine “ We chose Microsoft Advertising products, as well as online video from the TV ads. producer Santa Maria, when it comes to market competition, sharing is as our online partner because it not on the menu. With the launch of its Red Fusion product range in offers the best reach and targeting During the campaign, MetrixLab conducted research with 687 respondents to analyse ad Norway, it created a multimedia campaign to boost awareness. Vibrant opportunities. The campaign effectiveness. online ads proved a winning ingredient in the “Tex Mex with a Twist” successfully raised brand awareness, Campaign results campaign, successfully appealing to 18 to 34-year-olds and driving sales intent to purchase and the image for The online ads gave people a real taste for the across the country. the Red Fusion product range.” “Tex Mex with a Twist”, driving offline purchases. Results from MetrixLab reveal that the campaign strategic advisor digital media, christian fure, Client objectives Vizeum drive awareness and significantly raised brand awareness among the requirement purchase intent for santa maria red ● Boost sales of Santa Maria Red Fusion target group of 18 to 34-year-olds in Norway. Fusion products ● Engage audience with the brand Of all viewers, 27,291 clicked through to the Red ● Target consumers at peak buying times 18 to 34-year-olds in Fusion site. Top of mind awareness increased by target audience norway ● Measure effects of online advertising 7 percent within the target group. Furthermore, 28 percent of exposed respondents said that products used msn® home Page, Creative solution msn entertainment, windows live™ Santa Maria used the slogan “Tex Mex with a Santa Maria teamed up with Microsoft® messenger, windows live hotmail®, Twist” when advertising. The campaign also: Advertising, and media agency Vizeum to windows live today create a recipe for success. Animated banner ● Boosted purchase intent by 16 percentage solution santa maria ran banner ads ads under the tagline “Tex Mex with a Twist” ran points across selected channels of msn as well for two months across hand-picked channels, ● Increased spontaneous awareness by 11 as windows live messenger including MSN and Windows Live Messenger, percentage points the campaign boosted key results achieving 23 million impressions. ● Lifted aided awareness by 7 percentage purchase intent by 16 percentage points points Tapping into consumer buying habits, Santa Vizeum media agency ● Positively shifted purchase consideration by Maria targeted the ads on Thursdays to 13 percentage points Saturdays, when sales of Tex Mex are at their highest. Viewers clicked through from the banners to see the full range of Red Fusion 1 For more information visit: 1
  15. 15. Coca-Cola client Food and beverages industry spain country/region Coca-Cola tastes success with Microsoft Coca-Cola had a thirst for online advertising. The web has proved to be Live Spaces placements, with those exposed to Windows Live Spaces and Windows Live combinations of all three. Messenger combined a recipe for success for leading global brands that want to engage with ● Lifted message association by 7 Campaign results audiences worldwide. In Spain, Coca-Cola delivered a dynamic campaign percentage points Overall, the study showed participants rated called “Take the Street” that grabbed the attention of viewers. The the campaign highly, with 52 percent of Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live campaign was a great opportunity to show how online advertising packs a respondents saying they found the ads original, Hotmail achieved good performance levels for punch when it comes to boosting brand metrics. and 35 percent liking the creativity. The research brand notoriety and purchase intention. also showed that the campaign: Windows Live Hotmail Client objectives measure the impact of ● Increased spontaneous recall by 2 ● Increased top of mind by 4 requirement microsoft® products for branding ● Boost brand awareness percentage points percentage points campaigns ● Increase message association and ● Positively shifted top of mind by 2 ● Raised purchasing intention by 2 13 to 22-year-olds advertising recall percentage points percentage points target audience ● Boosted message association by 5 windows live™ Creative solution products used Windows Live Messenger percentage points messenger, windows live hotmail®, The “Take the Street” campaign in Spain ● Increased top of mind by 2 windows live spaces encouraged people to cool off during the In the same results, MetrixLab highlighted the percentage points solution research methodology to scorching summer months by drinking a can power of individual Windows Live products to study the effects of the “take the street” of Coca-Cola outdoors. Campaign ads ran boost key brand metrics. “This research has demonstrated the advertising campaign across the Microsoft® Advertising and an online value that Windows Live brings to Windows Live Spaces online advertising is a key results competition offered iPods to the lucky winners. ● Lifted message association by 6 fundamental part of Coca-Cola’s media our advertising campaigns. Crucially, During the campaign, Microsoft Advertising planning and microsoft is key to boosting percentage points we can demonstrate that online and MetrixLab measured the effectiveness of brand awareness ● Raised advertising recall by 8 the campaign by individual products, as well advertising is a fundamental part of percentage points as the effects of combined services. our media planning.” ● Positively shifted purchasing consideration The results compared respondents who by 2 percentage points ana castro, Consumer Contact Planning saw the campaign on one of Windows Live manager, Coca-Cola spain Messenger, Windows Live Hotmail, or Windows For more information visit: 1
  16. 16. 2 exploring new frontiers the campaigns in this section highlight how FmCg organisations are embracing emerging media platforms to innovate their digital strategies. Backed by independent research, campaigns including mobile and online video are enabling advertisers to communicate with audiences across multiple platforms, which is especially relevant to elusive youth segments. 1
  17. 17. nivea client Consumer goods industry united kingdom country/region Cosmetic company captures user data with mobile phone campaign Nivea needed to boost the readership of its online magazine Fun Young The campaign effectively reached its In December 2007, the company worked with ScreenTonic to distribute banner ads across and Independent (FYI). This innovative magazine targets teenage girls target audience, capturing essential MSN Mobile, the mobile internet site for the and advertises the company’s products. Nivea worked with ScreenTonic data by making it quick and easy for Microsoft® Advertising network. The banners to distribute banners across MSN Mobile, driving young women to a users to enter their details. enticed young female readers with the promise microsite. Visitors added their email addresses to the FYI mailing list. of “girly gossip, news and tips.” The campaign achieved a conversion rate of 15 percent. The ads drove users to a specially designed microsite that echoed the design of the FYI website. Visitors filled out a single field to quickly Client objectives Capture user data for online add their email addresses to the magazine’s requirement ● Develop a dialogue with teenage women magazine mailing list mailing list. ● Maintain momentum for magazine website teenage women target audience Campaign results after launch mobile phone advertising The campaign effectively reached its target products used ● Send regular site news updates to target on msn® mobile audience, capturing essential data by making audience mobile internet banners linking it quick and easy for users to enter their details. solution Creative solution to a microsite Analysis by Microsoft Advertising shows that: Young girls today use a range of media to find 119,000 page impressions key results ● 119,000 page impressions were recorded information and stay in touch with friends. recorded during the month-long campaign Advertisers use many channels to create a strange Corporation media agency ● The ads generated an average clickthrough dialogue with this audience. With this in mind, rate of 0.55 percent. global cosmetic company Nivea launched ● The conversion rate was 15 percent online magazine Fun, Young and Independent (FYI) to engage users with its Nivea Visage Young brand. Following the launch, the company needed to maintain the website’s momentum. It searched for the most effective channel for capturing users’ email addresses to add to the FYI mailing list. For more information visit: 1
  18. 18. unilever client Consumer goods industry the netherlands country/region Unilever scents success with MSN Video Unilever wanted to increase awareness of its AXE Vice brand of deodorant of thousands of visitors to MSN Video every Because this style of advertising had month, who each viewed the video an average for men. The strategy took a series of highly successful TV ads and delivered success in the past, the of 2.5 times. To confirm the efficiency of the extended the campaign online to increase awareness among 18 to 24- manufacturer wanted to extend the package, market research company MetrixLab year-old men. The key was finding a reliable hosting platform for running creative treatment into the online space measured the impact of the campaign on the the ads and a media owner that could deliver an integrated campaign to overall audience, men in particular. and exploit the public’s enthusiasm for maximise traffic. watching video online. Campaign results Thanks to Microsoft, the popularity of the existing TV ad surged significantly among the target audience. Overall product awareness Client objectives use an existing video increased, along with campaign message requirement ● Drive product awareness for AXE Vice commercial to boost brand awareness association and purchase intent. Viewers deodorant and intention to buy within target watched the video, on average, more than segment ● Target 18 to 24-year-old men twice, and this pushed the overall rating to ● Reinforce existing brand messages online 18 to 24-year-old men target audience around 16 percentage points above the ● Increase target reach and purchase intent MetrixLab benchmark for favourability. Among msn®.nl home Page, products used windows live™ hotmail®, msn Video, Creative solution the men who saw the campaign, strong results and windows live messenger could be seen: Microsoft® Advertising provided Unilever with a selection of banner ads a fully integrated online campaign. It included solution ● Purchase intent increased by 8 drove viewers to the “respectable to banner ads on Home Page, Windows percentage points naughty” tV video Live Hotmail, and Windows Live Messenger. ● Ad awareness increased by 16 Brand awareness increased The TV commercials ran concurrently on MSN key results percentage points by 7 percentage points and purchase Video. The campaign featured a Morgan ● Brand awareness increased by 7 intent by 8 percentage points in the Freeman impersonator who discovers AXE Vice, target market percentage points and sees how it turns respectable ladies into ● Message association increased by 9 naughty girls. The campaign, which launched in percentage points January 2007, took advantage of the hundreds For more information visit: 1
  19. 19. mars client Food and beverages industry Belgium country/region Mars attracts hip young audience with feel-good campaign Mars wanted to confirm its position Creative solution ● The brand recognition score was 86 drive awareness of mars requirement and personalise the brand in percent for French speakers and 91 Mars delivered a unique, innovative campaign as an iconic brand and personalise consumers’ lives percent for the Flemish speakers, using an energetic mixture of offline and online Mars in consumers’ lives. The main surpassing the MetrixLab benchmark of media. For online, Mars worked with Microsoft 16 to 24-year-old target audience objective was to confirm its core consumers. extended: 16 to 34-year-old 56 percent and proving the video drove Advertising to create an iconic Feel the Vibe consumers brand values: energising, enthusiasm, high brand awareness concept, and ran a showcase featuring a Feel products used msn® entertainment, the Vibe video, across MSN Entertainment, MSN and feel-good, to a target audience ● Overall, the online campaign has been msn home Page, windows live™ Home Page, and MSN Video, for five weeks. Its of 16 to 34-year-olds. Its aim was evaluated as likeable, appropriate, and hotmail®, windows live spaces, hip, young audience was treated to a pre-roll remarkable msn Video to drive consumers to its funky Feel video, plus a banner on Windows Live Hotmail a combination of online the Vibe website and encourage solution ● Campaign effects show a successful and Windows Live Spaces—encouraging the video and flash banners running across increase of Feel the Vibe message take out. audience to visit After they listeners to tune into the Mars Mood the microsoft® advertising network for Approximately one third of the sample has landed on the site, visitors were invited to use five weeks Synthesiser, a customisable online indicated the campaign has evoked interest the Mars Mood Synthesiser—a funky online the video and banners juke box. key results in the Mars Mood Synthesiser and in the Feel juke box. outperformed the metrixlab benchmark the Vibe website of 56 percent by increasing brand Campaign results Client objectives recognition to 86 percent among Figures from MetrixLab throughout the fiveweek exposed French-speaking consumers, ● Establish Mars as an energising, enthusiastic, run showed that Mars’ innovative Feel the Vibe and 91 percent among exposed Flemish- “feel-good” brand among 16 to 34-year-olds video reached a significant chunk of its target speaking, who identified with mars’ brand values—rating the campaign both ● Reinforce the Feel the Vibe call to action audience thanks to the power and reach of likeable and remarkable Microsoft Advertising. ● Prompt respondents to visit the www. space media agency website ● The campaign reached 35 percent of the extended target group of Flemish speakers ● Encourage listeners to use the Mars Mood and 31 percent of the extended target group Synthesiser of French speakers. Aided awareness increased among all those exposed to the campaign— reflecting the strength of Mars online For more information visit: 20
  20. 20. heineken client Food and beverages industry italy country/region Heineken drinks in success among young adults with video on Microsoft In April 2008, Heineken ran a video campaign across the Microsoft® combining the power of video with a style that Frequency analysis appeals to today’s audiences. The vast majority In terms of online ad awareness, the ads hit Advertising network in Italy. Emulating the look and feel of user generated of respondents, including those who fell outside home with respondents on the first exposure. content, the video aimed to raise brand awareness among a target audience the target market, found the video engaging However, a higher frequency of exposure to the of 18 to 34-year-olds. Research commissioned by Microsoft Advertising and different from typical beer commercials. ads was more effective at changing perceptions showed the campaign significantly increased awareness among the target about the Heineken brand. Campaign results market and other audiences across all channels. Overall, the campaign was Media placement Awareness metrics successful at engaging viewers and conveying the perception of Heineken as Among 18 to 34-year-old men, ads placed The Heineken online video ad met the on Windows Live Hotmail successfully campaign objectives, generating increases in a brand “for young people.” shifted perceptions that Heineken “is for fun” awareness metrics among both the overall and by 21 percentage points and Heineken “is target audiences. The video creative successfully Client objectives requirement increase the perception of for young people” by 20 percentage points. cut through the clutter of web commercials, heineken as a young people’s brand ● Evaluate online video performance in terms When it came to persuasion, it appears that lifting online ad awareness by an estimated 15 of raising brand awareness and increasing 18 to 34-year-olds target audience the MSN Entertainment site was better percentage points among audiences. The video purchase consideration among the target products used msn® home Page, placed to influence consumers. Among the communicated the idea of Heineken being a audience msn entertainment, msn Video, target audience, advertising on Windows brand for young people, with results showing windows live™ hotmail®, windows ● Identify the campaign’s effectiveness at Live Messenger had the greatest effect on positive increases in this area among live messenger, windows live spaces communicating the brand’s message brand awareness. all respondents. an online video that has the solution through video style of user-generated content Awareness versus target ● Compare the campaign’s performance The campaign resonated well with men of online ad awareness lifted “The internet was the best placement key results on Microsoft Advertising to identify how by an estimated 15 percentage points all ages. Awareness of the Heineken brand for the creative idea demonstrated among audiences. the campaign, different media placements influenced increased among both male drinkers and whose ads struck a chord with viewers within the video” branding metrics non-drinkers. MSN Entertainment delivered straightaway, resonated particularly with influencing effects, with Windows Live men. windows live hotmail successfully Creative solution gianluca di tondo, Messenger having the greatest impact on the director of marketing, heineken italy shifted perceptions that heineken “is The user-generated look and feel of the for fun” by 21 percentage points and target audience. creative doubled the impact of the campaign— heineken “is for young people” by 20 percentage points For more information visit: 21
  21. 21. Burger king client Food and beverages industry united states country/region Fast food gets rapid results with customised Xbox games Burger King wanted to test “advergaming” as a marketing medium, but was By using such a high-quality game, products, but had to deliver a first-rate gaming experience. “We wanted to make it so much not keen to produce a typical “game-lite” product that could be distributed and by making it available for sale fun that people didn’t even register that it was online. The aim was to design and create three games in nine months—an at a highly competitive price, Burger an advergame,” says Kevin Hathaway, Program extremely tight timeline. The games, which were to be sold in restaurants King saw results exceeding its highest Manager, Microsoft Xbox. The finished products nationwide, had to deliver an impressive game-playing experience. expectations. featured terrific gameplay, rich scenarios and environments, enabling Burger King to engage with its target audience for hours at a time. Client objectives requirement engage games with the Campaign results ● Increase brand and product awareness Burger king brand and products By using such a high-quality game, and ● Create a buzz around the games online gamers across the target audience by making it available for sale at a highly ● Drive prospective purchasers to restaurants united states competitive price, Burger King saw results ● Increase company revenues xbox® console products used exceeding its highest expectations. Compared advergames Creative solution with a usual hit game selling one million units Burger King recruited a highly experienced team develop Burger king branded solution worldwide in a year, the Burger King games sold games to sell exclusively at the Burger from Xbox, London-based Blitz Games, and ad 3.2 million units in the United States alone—in king restaurants agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky. Together, this just six weeks. The buzz it created included user- team produced three games just as robust and multimillion unit sales, a key results generated clips on YouTube and posts on many direct increase in quarterly earnings, plus engaging as full retail games worth US$60—but popular blog sites. enhanced product awareness illustrated priced to sell at only US$3.99 each. by extensive blogs and youtube posts ● Sales of more than three million games Normal production time for any new game can ● Quarterly earnings spike due to game sales equity marketing media agency be up to a year, but the team put the games ● Ongoing engagement and messaging of together—from design to programming to target audience testing and beyond—in only nine months. ● Attraction of gamers to Burger King outlets The games incorporated a strong marketing message for Burger King’s brand and For more information visit: 22
  22. 22. 3 the art of conversation using great content and opening up a dialogue with consumers is becoming an increasingly important tactic for building and maintaining consumer relationships. Customised content, microsites, gaming, personalisation, communities, and blogs are just a few of the ways FmCg organisations are enabling deeper conversations with their key audiences. 23
  23. 23. Cacharel/l’oréal client Consumer goods industry France country/region MyAmor campaign finds love among casual gamers Love is hard to find. To give people a helping hand, fashion brand The campaign created for the launch Live Messenger was the perfect platform for generating lots of interaction with the game, Cacharel/L’Oréal created a limited edition of its famous Amor Amor of the MyAmor platform and MyAmor offering a fun-loving, youthful audience that perfume called MyAmor. The scent, which came in male and female limited edition generated the best fitted perfectly with the brand’s target market. versions, was aimed at young people looking for the perfect partner. results ever for Cacharel. The strong Text links and banners tempted users to play Created to inspire romance, MyAmor needed a marketing campaign advantage of the Microsoft Advertising MyAmor Match and find out if they were that captured all the fun and excitement of finding true love. solution is to allow the two gamers chatting with their true love. The beauty of who are looking for love to play in real the idea was that it integrated with people’s conversations so, instead of feeling intrusive, time, bringing real excitement to the Client objectives the campaign added value to the whole instant game. Banners and text links sustained engage deeply with the requirement messaging experience. ● Create a buzz around MyAmor target audience and drive traffic to the the game and circled MSN users. ● Engage deeply with target audience myamor website Campaign results ● Drive visitors to the new product’s website 15 to 34-year-olds The campaign really got the conversation going target audience around MyAmor. The brand engaged with its windows live™ products used Creative solution target audience in a way that fitted beautifully messenger with their interests and generated high volumes The team at Cacharel/L’Oréal was looking for myamor match—an online solution of traffic to the MyAmor website. Results show ways to market MyAmor, and they fell in love matchmaking game where players found that: with a concept from Microsoft® Advertising. out if they were perfect partners or just good friends MyAmor Match was an online compatibility ● More than 60,000 Windows Live Messenger test that put casual gaming—this year’s hottest more than 60,000 windows key results users played MyAmor Match live messenger users played the pastime—at the heart of the product’s online ● More than 500,000 users clicked through to compatibility game and over 500,000 marketing. clicked through to ● The banner and text ads generated more Windows Live Messenger users invited each than 40 million impressions other to play the game. By answering a few simple questions on different topics, players found out if love was really in the air. Windows For more information visit: 2
  24. 24. Johnson Johnson Consumer B.V. client Consumer goods industry the netherlands country/region Healthcare giant boosts brand usage with Personal Expression Johnson Johnson Consumer B.V. (JJCBV) wanted to boost awareness pictures. The content was designed to raise ● Of the girls who use a different brand of awareness of the links between the o.b. brand tampon, 77 percent said they were very of its o.b. tampon brand among young women in the Netherlands. and the sport. likely to use o.b. tampons in the future Because the vast majority of Dutch women aged between 14 and 18 Many of those who downloaded the years use Windows Live Messenger, the company worked with Microsoft® branded content used it on a daily basis Advertising to create a Personal Expression, a collection of interactive “Together with Microsoft, we while chatting with friends and family. This content used in the application. The hugely successful campaign increased developed a magnificent campaign level of engagement was vital in driving traffic brand usage by 6 percent among the target audience. to the redesigned o.b. website,, that produced fantastic results among which includes more interactive features our target audience. Windows Live and games. By promoting o.b. in a fun way Messenger adds a huge amount Client objectives increase awareness of o.b. that appealed to technologically literate requirement and its sponsorship links with professional of value to online campaigns. It’s a young women, the company attracted ● Raise brand awareness female beach volleyball players visitors who were likely to use the new ● Reinforce link between the brand and unique brand-building tool.” 14 and 18-year-old features and spend more time interacting professional beach volleyball target audience dutch women monique kouwenhoven, with the brand. ● Boost awareness of brand website Product group manager, windows live™ products used Johnson Johnson Consumer B.V. Campaign results Creative solution messenger The campaign was extremely successful in With young women spending more time using Personal expression— solution raising awareness of o.b. and improving instant messaging services and browsing the downloadable content collection for perceptions about the brand: internet, advertisers find it harder to reach this windows live messenger, consisting target market using traditional offline channels of beach volleyball themed emoticons, ● Brand usage increased by 6 percentage such as TV. JJCBV worked with Microsoft winks, backgrounds and display pictures points among the target audience Advertising to produce a Personal Expression use of o.b. increased 6 ● Awareness of beach volleyball brand key results for Windows Live Messenger, to raise awareness percentage points among the target sponsorship rose by 15 percentage points of its o.b. tampon brand. audience, and awareness of o.b. beach ● Awareness of brand website went up by volleyball sponsorship went up by 15 10 percentage points Users downloaded beach volleyball themed percentage points ● More than 160,000 downloads were recorded winks, emoticons, backgrounds, and display digilogue media agency For more information visit: 2
  25. 25. kleenex client Consumer goods industry united kingdom country/region Kleenex works with Microsoft to deliver new brand story using social media Kleenex created a new brand story called Let It Out, which focused “The space had a major impact on MSN Home Page, Windows Live Hotmail, and Windows Live Messenger. on breaking free from inhibitions and letting out tears, laughter, joy, the various brand metrics tested, Campaign results frustration, and all the other things we hold back. The objective was to significantly increasing all awareness Kleenex Let It Out was widely publicised with create an emotional connection between consumers and Kleenex and and persuasion metrics.” help from Microsoft. During the campaign, the a key part of this was to encourage participation in “letting it out.” Brand manager, kleenex rebecca hirst, network delivered nearly 85,000 clickthroughs to the space. Meanwhile, people created 54 Windows Live Spaces around Let It Out. More Client objectives deliver deep engagement requirement than 50 percent of respondents thought the with new brand story ● Promote new brand story Let It Out space gave a positive impression of the brand ● Encourage participation in the Let It Out housewives with kids target audience and 38 percent thought it contained interesting campaign products used msn® home Page, and relevant content. Respondents added that ● Build brand equity windows live™ spaces, windows live the space was easy to use and a good way of hotmail®, windows live messenger Creative solution advertising Kleenex. let it out space displays Only Microsoft® Advertising could deliver a solution Analysis showed a positive shift in brand people’s messages, photos, and videos truly innovative and custom-made campaign, of emotional moments using windows perception. There was a 12 percentage point according to Rebecca Hirst, Brand Manager at live spaces increase for “It is good at helping people express Kleenex. Microsoft wanted to take advantage of emotions” and a 17 percentage point increase 12 percentage point uplift key results the popularity of social media so it put a Let It for “it is good at helping people express for “Has advertising that makes you smile.” Out space at the heart of the campaign. emotions.” Purchase intent increased by ● Message association increased 44 10 percentage points Blogging gave consumers a way to participate percentage points mindshare interaction uk by sharing their emotions on the Let It Out media agency ● Brand favourability rose 14 space. Visitors could leave photos or videos for percentage points others to view while voting for their favourite ● Purchase intent increased entries. As part of the solution, Microsoft 10 percentage points provided well-targeted media placements to drive people to the space. These included the For more information visit: 2