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Maintenance management


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maintenance management

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Maintenance management

  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONMaintaining the production capability of anorganization is an important function of productionand operation management.Maintenance refers to upkeep & protection of-plant-building-machinery-other fixed assets
  3. 3. DEFINITION• MAINTENANCE- Function of productionmanagement that is concerned with day-to-day problem of keeping the physical plant ingood operating condition.• MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT- Concernedwith planning,organising and directing theresources in order to control the availabilityand performance of the industrial plants tosome specified level.
  4. 4. CATEGORIESTwo categories of maintenance-1. Maintaining buildings,parking lots, lawns, fences,services and utilities.2. Maintaining equipments, machinery, materialhandling equipments, transport vehicles,tools,metrology tools, test instruments, officeequipments etc.
  5. 5. IMPORTANCE1. Dependability of service2. Quality assurance3. Low cost inventories4. Cost control5. Investment
  6. 6. OBJECTIVES• Minimizing loss of productive time• Minimizing the repair time & repair cost• Minimizing the loss due to production stoppage• Efficient use of maintenance personnel &equipments• Prolonging the life of capital• To keep all productive assets in good working• To maximize efficiency & economy• To improve the quality of products & to improveproductivity.
  7. 7. AREAS OF MAINTENANCE1. Civil Maintenance2. Mechanical Maintenance3. Electrical Maintenance
  8. 8. TYPES1. Breakdown Maintenance2. Preventive Maintenance3. Predictive Maintenance4. Routine Maintenance5. Planned Maintenance
  9. 9. IMPACT OF POOR MAINTENANCE1. Production Capacity2. Production Costs3. Product and Service Quality4. Employee or Customer Safety5. Customer Satisfaction
  10. 10. MAINTENANCE PLANNING• Know• Establish priorities• Investigate• Develop• Prepare list• Estimate• Provide
  11. 11. TOTAL PRODUCTIVE MAINTENANCE• TPM is an approach which brings the concept oftotal quality management in the practice ofpreventive maintenance.• It involves the concepts of reducing variabilitythrough employee involvement and excellentmaintenance records.• TQM is a method designed to eliminate the lossescaused by breakdown of machines andequipments.• By identifying & attacking all causes of equipmentbreakdown & system down-time.
  12. 12. CONT..• Specific actions of TQM requires following-1. Restoring equipment to a like new condition2. Having operators involved in maintenance3. Improving maintenance efficiency & effectiveness4. Training the labour force to improve their jobskills5. The effective use of preventive & predictivemaintenance technology.
  13. 13. CONCLUSION“Maintenance management encompasses all thoseactivities required to keep the physical facilities &equipments in good working conditions & makingnecessary repairs when breakdown occur,so thatthe system can perform as intended.”