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Pharma Commercial Operations


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Pharma commercial operations have a significant opportunity to use analytics and insghts for better targeting

Published in: Healthcare
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Pharma Commercial Operations

  1. 1. Pharma Commercial Operations
  2. 2. Commercial Operations Ecosystem
  3. 3. Commercial Operations in Pharma - Key functions • Sales and marketing o Strategic planning o Launch / Pre launch activities o KOL management o Sales force planning & management o CRM o Advertising & Promotions • Medical and scientific affairs • E-business o Product promotion o Partnerships with external web companies o e-detailing • Managed care and contracting • Compliance o Follow compliance guidelines on spends and promotions o Promotional spend tracking & submitting to compliance team
  4. 4. Commercial Operations in Pharma - Top Issues • Need to reduce cost and improve productivity o Across the board reduction in sales force as blockbuster revenues shrink o Flexibility in sales force organizations – partnerships, account based rather than product based models o Use lower cost channels • Compliance o Tighter regulations around promotional spends o Increasingly stricter market access norms • Eroding pricing power o Governments/Payers negotiate harder on reimbursements o Generic substitution • Need to be truly global o Emerging markets growing fastest but different strategies needed as there are varied regulatory and market structures • Physician targeted promotions losing out as Consumers, Payers & Regulators exert greater influence on sales
  5. 5. Commercial Operations in Pharma - Burning platform • Faster, better insights for decision making o Greater effectiveness can be driven by better integration of internal data, external data (from vendors/partners) and emerging data sources like social media o Most of the information architecture does not support today’s rapidly changing BI needs • Product specific vs. Account/Consumer specific information • Integration with outsourced partner’s data • Effective adoption of new channels o Use cheaper channels to replace sales force effectively • Web, Mobile • Better collaboration through the enterprise o Limited interconnectedness within the organization slows information sharing and timely decision making
  6. 6. Useful links o operations o e%20News/Links/NCM_Requirement_for_Pharma_Growth.pdf o UnitedStates/Local%20Assets/Documents/us_lshc_CommercialOutsourcing_121611.p df o Global/Local%20Assets/Documents/SEA%20sales%20and%20marketing.pdf