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Parent Workshop

  1. 1. By: Alissa Burge Parent Workshop: Dietetic Intern Benedictine University Shopping on a Budget & Benefits of Healthy EatingTough economical time and fluctuating prices make itdifficult to buy anything on a budget these days. How-ever, there are ways that you can shop in order to savemoney and only spend what you want and need to.Here are some smart shopping tips to help save moneyand possibly your health.1. Use Coupons By knowing the products you buy most often,Coupons can be found online and in grocery you get to know the prices of these items. If youflyers. Often you can match coupons with shop at multiple stores you will be able to com-items that are already discounted, saving you pare the better deal.even more money. 5. Plan Meals Ahead of Time2. Find Cheap Healthy Food By knowing what you will need for the week,Buy fruit that is in-season. The prices are you will spend less time and money shoppingtypically cheaper and buying seasonal items around. You won’t be spending money unneces-can get you and your family to try new foods. sarily. This can cut down on “one-tem” trips to the store which wastes gas and time.3. Buy Less, Less Goes to Waste 6. Know What you can SpendSome people believe that buying food in bulkis always a good thing, but more food may Before you set out to go shopping you shouldend up going to waste. Buying shelf-stable know how much money you plan on spending.products in bulk may be profitable as long as When you begin to shop you can estimate thethe items get used. total cost by adding products up as you put them in your cart. (round up to whole #’s to make it4. Focus on Staple Foods easier ex: $4.75=$5.00)By getting to know the foods your family con- 7. Not on the List, DON’T Buy itsumes most often, the less waste you willhave by not purchasing items you dont use. If you don’t need it then you shouldn’t buy it
  2. 2. 8. Eat Before You Shop 14. Avoid Buying Junk FoodGoing shopping on an empty stomach may These types of foods are often more expensiveprompt you to buy unnecessary items. Having and overly processed. Opt for spending moneya full stomach will make you think with you on seasonal items that are healthier choicesbrain and not your belly. for your family that won’t break the budget or your waistline.9. Use Cash 15. Avoid Frozen Dinners or Prepared EntreesAn easy way to overspend is using your creditcard. Using cash to pay will limit you to the These items may actually cost more than pre-amount that you can actually spend according paring a meal rom scratch and are typically lessto your budget. nutritious.10. Look High, Go LowFor the best prices, scan the top shelves andbottom shelves. Top-named brands are oftenat eye-level and most attractive to consumers,but often more expensive. Look for similarproducts by smaller manufacturers at a lowerprice.11. Keep a List on Your FridgeWhen you run out of something at home writeit down. By making a checklist of normal stock 16. Drink Wateritems in your pantry, you can visually see whatyou are running low on, what you have in Avoid spending money on sodas and other sug-stock, and what you need to purchase. ary beverages12. Keep Things Stocked for Quick-n-Easy 17. Cut Back on Meat Meals Meat is expensive. Vegetarian meals like vege-Keeping items like pasta and canned products table pastas and bean chilies offer nutritiouson hand can save time and reduce the hassle meals at a lower cost.of making unnecessary trips to the grocery **Shop at bargain grocery stores like: Save-A-store or spending money on fast food. Lot, Aldi, and Food-4-Less13. Don’t Waste LeftoversPlan leftover nights during the week so youmake sure to eat all that you have bought.
  3. 3. There are a number of reasons for eating a healthy and balanced diet. Most people know that eating healthy is good for weight loss and overall wellness, but the advantages to eating healthy go beyond that. Did you know that a healthy diet can actually improve your income? Here are some benefits for eating a healthy diet.1) Weight loss: People who struggle with their weight can definitely benefit from ingestinghealthy foods. Eating a healthy diet can help in the reduction of excess weight without harsh sideeffects.2) Pharmacy on a plate: This is because you can effectively fight and prevent diseases if you eathealthy foods. Most diseases today are caused by an unhealthy diet. Whether it is because thequantity of fat and calories leads to obesity, the lack of nutrients needed for a strong and healthyimmune system, or the amount of chemicals and trans fats that are included in processed foods,unhealthy eating can lead to major health problems.3) Increase your energy levels: You can become more productive and socially active if you stick toeating healthy foods. Whole foods are best because they are unrefined and not processed. Themore processed a food is, the less nutrients it will have. If you can eat whole vegetables, leanprotein, and whole grains, your body will feel good and energized throughout the day.4) Look younger and fresher: One way to keep younger looking skin is eating a healthy diet.Healthy foods promote good cell growth and can eliminate harmful free radicals and toxins inyour body. Drink healthy as well, stay hydrated and avoid sugary beverages. Water is your bestbet!
  4. 4. 5) Solution against obesity: Eat more healthy to eliminate the fat on your belly, buttocks, andlegs. Sometimes weight gain is associated with stress, eating healthy can actually help you dealwith stress better because you feel physically better.6) Productivity at work: Once you have master the day-to-day requirements of your healthyeating regimen, you will notice that you may be able to get more things done. Your job can seemto be easier because you have more energy which can lead to increased productivity at work.This can lead to promotions and bonuses that a unhealthy lifestyle may not promote.7) Longer, more fulfilled life: Not only can you have a more productive lifestyle, you may also addyears to your life. Those with high blood pressure and diabetes are more likely to developassociated morbidities. Eating healthy can help reduce the possibility of developing these diseasestates.8) Reduce health care costs: By improving your health you are making a ‘down payment” onlower health care costs in the future. Getting in shape and eating healthy can help improveblood pressure and decrease the chances of illnesses in the future. You will save money by notneeding medication, and less time lost at work due to illness. Eating healthy keeps you awayfrom the doctor and rising co-pays.9) Better handle stress: Stress can take a huge toll on your health. However, by eating right andtaking care of yourself, you can reduce that stress to a manageable level. By making a list ofhealthy priorities and sticking to it, you can earn more, live better and live longer.10) Less diseases and illnesses: A healthy diet helps ward off diseases and illnesses. It helps makethe body’s immune system stronger.