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Propsal hot tamale2

  3. 3. The show isabout adinosaurthat hasadventureswith hisfriendsTony andTiny, whoare twins. They haveso muchfun!!!!!
  4. 4. Tripy Tiny Tony She is also veryHe is very playful, Tony is also very playful, and has aand has problems to playful and has a twin, Tony, andscare the other twin, Tiny, and he she very gooddinosaurs loves to have friends with Tripy. adventures !
  5. 5. They all live happyin the forest inUnited States ofAmerica
  6. 6. Tripy is a dinousar that lives in theforestWith his friend Tiny and TonyHe is very playfullHe has lots of adventuresAnd he plays alotIf you ever find himGo and play and sing with him!Roar (x14)
  7. 7. Narrator: one day in the forest Tripy was trying to scare, but he couldn´t(tiny and tony enter the room and scare him)Tiny and Tony: hahahahahahaTripy: hey! why did you do that for?Tiny: duh-hu to scare you! we are so good at it!Tripy: i can do that also look… ROARTony. That wasn´t scary at all…Tripy. Yeah but you´ll see i’m going to scare you one day.Tiny and tony: not even in your dreams…Tripy: yeah but you´ll see… you know how can i do it… LyricsTony: yeah i now is the one that if you find the scare temple you´re going to be veryscaryTripy: how?Tony: well theres the most scary dinosaur in the world, and he teaches very wellTiny: k´mon tony dont start, thats no even realTony: yes it isTripy: common tell me the storyTony ok… once upon a time the was a big rex dinosaur, but he coudent scareTripy: well at least i am not the only one that dosen´t scareTony: are you going to let me finish or whatTripy. OkTony: he´s name was rexi, well he wanted to scare just like you, and he heard astory that in the south of the forest is the scare temple that if you go you will be veryscary.
  8. 8. Tripy: well what are we waiting for let´s goTiny: but that´s not even trueTony: yes it isTiny: it is notTony: it isTiny: it´s noTripy ok stop it you twoOk we have to make some bags to prepare us to goTiny: but that`s not even trueTony: it isTripy: don´t startTiby and tony: okTony: so let´s packTiny: I am not goingTripy: why?Tiny: because it´s not even true(tony rolled his eyes)Tripy: c´mon, it´s going to be so much fun, anyway maybe it´s trueTiny: what about if it´s not trueTripy: maybe it is we can try. I mean why not?Tiny: ok, but if it is not true I will kill you 2(tony made a sigh)
  9. 9. The next dayTripy: ok we are ready, let´s goTiny: aren´t you forgetting somethingTripy and tony: what?tiny: duh-hu were are we going, I mean. Do you now were are we going, Imean wheres the temple you were talking about?Tony: yeah it´s in the South tiny.Tiny: I now. But what part of the South?Tony: it´s in there some were, we will find it.Tripy: yeah!Tiny: ok, well let´s go.Tony: ok my mommy told me that it is in the area of wild flowersTripy: well let´s go, oh and let´s sing in the wayWe are on the way to find the wild flowers come and join us, let´s go!La x12Tony: yey!, we are hereTripy: well, but which one it is the wild flowers areaIs it this one? (tripy points at the right area)Crowd: noTripy: this one? (he points at the middle area)Crowd: noTripy: this one? (he points at the left area)crowd: yes
  10. 10. Tripy: ok let´s go this way, and let´s keep singingWe are in the wild flower area we are almost getting there lalalalalala(they get to a part that they are three ways)Tripy: now which is the way?tiny: hey I see the temple right thereTripy: is it this way? He point at the left way)Crowd: notripy: is it that way? (he point at the middle way)Crowd: yes!Tripy: yes it is, let´s go.And let´s keep singing: we are almost there lalala we are almost there lalalaWeeeeee areeeee aaaaalmoooost thereee hey!(suddenly a big dinosaur jump in the way and scare them)Tripy, tiny and tony: aaaahhhhhhhhhhBig dinosaur: hahahahahaha! I scared you a lot little kids(tripy put an angry face because he was angry because the dinosaur scare them)Tripy: ROAR!!!!!!!(the big dinosaur got scared and went running)Tiny: whoa! You scared him!Tripy: I did?Tony: yes a lot!Tripy whoa! Awesome I scared a huge dinosaur.
  11. 11. Tiny: so that means we don´t need to go to the scare temple anymore,because you are already very scary.Tripy: you are right. I am already scary!Tony: so let´s go back already, I am very tiredTripy: ok let´s make a partyNarrator: so they went home and live a happily ever after
  12. 12. Entertainmentand educationbecause he hasadventures andin the adventurehe teaches