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Globe's Innovation Journey in the B2B Marketplace


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This is a presentation I gave in November 2013 during the first Digital Life Congress in Manila, Philippines.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Globe's Innovation Journey in the B2B Marketplace

  1. 1. Globe's Innovation Journey in the B2B Marketplace Cocoy J. Claravall Vice President ITES Products & Services
  2. 2. Agenda • The Telco Business Today • The Big Picture – A Look at Technological, Social, and Political Forces • Why Innovation is Important • Globe’s Innovation Journey in B2B
  3. 3. 67.3B in revenues by end of Q3, but … 2011 – 2016 Nominal CAGR percent The telecom services business is big and stable, there is still an opportunity to expand albeit with slowing revenue growth … … mirroring global trends due to commoditization (declining ARPU, etc.) and intense competition. Projected Business per Industry, YoY Thus we need to move beyond the core in order to maintain our momentum while investing for the future.
  4. 4. Where Else Can We Grow? What do we do, and when do we start?
  5. 5. Advances in technology will change society, the economy, and the workplace in coming years. TECHNOLOGICAL information and communications, innovation, trends, etc.  These Top 10 IT-enabled trends can extend the powers of managers, workers, and entrepreneurs, opening up new avenues to growth, and may also disrupt longstanding commercial, social, and political relationships and alter the dynamics of entire industry sectors 1. The Social Matrix (crowdsourcing, collaboration) 2. The Internet of All Things (M2M, self-service) 3. Big Data, Advanced Analytics (customization) 4. Realizing Anything As A Service (XaaS) 5. Automation of Knowledge Work (business apps) 6. Integrated Digital/Physical Experiences (e-POS) 7. Me + Free + Ease (personalized, easy to use, low cost) 8. The e-Volution of Commerce (peer-to-peer market) 9. The Next Three Billion Digital Citizens (glo-cal) 10. Transformation of Government, Healthcare, and Education (e-services) SOURCE: Ten IT-enabled business trends for the decade ahead / McKinsey Global Institute – May 2013
  6. 6. What do cows, shoes, trees, and diapers have in common? Living, and Non-Living
  7. 7. In 2011, IBM made history … Watson’s ability to answer questions make it ideal for doctors to improve patient care.
  8. 8. Do you remember these products? 1968 1993 1983 1994 1989
  9. 9. Buying behavior and receptivity for IT-enabled services differs by customer segment, key is to find the sweet spots. ENABLEMENT FRAMEWORK SOCIAL demographics, consumer behaviors, brand, buying trends, etc. DISRUPTORS VALUE CHAIN create radically different value propositions, generate new customer needs and segments and even new industry eco-systems INNOVATORS significantly extend CVPs resulting in new revenue streams and transform their role within their industry or enter a different industry ecosystem OPTIMIZERS Incrementally enhance their customer value propositions while improving their organization’s efficiency CUSTOMER VALUE PROPOSITION SOURCE: IBM Institute for Business Value Analysis 2012 Business companies should determine how and to what degree IT-enabled services can be used to enable their business model.
  10. 10. The Philippines has the opportunity to play an enormous role in ICT. POLITICAL government legislation, term and change, funding, initiatives, etc.  The Philippine Digital Strategy (PDS) for 2011 to 2016 covers four major areas, namely: ICT Infrastructure, Cyber Services, Human Capital Development, and e-Governance. Transparent Government & Efficient Services ICT Industry and Business Innovation Investing in People: Digital Literacy for All Internet Opportunity for All Peoples Transformation 2.0: A Digitally Empowered Nation – The Philippine Digital Strategy 2011-2016  PPP implementation crucial to investment-driven growth - estimate a ‘blue sky’ macro scenario in which per capita GDP could improve to $5K from ~$3K currently SOURCE: Philippine Digital Strategy 2011 - 2016
  11. 11. So what really fosters INNOVATION? 61% of CEOs worldwide say that innovation is a priority or a primary focus within their businesses. - PricewaterhouseCoopers SOURCE: Accenture, Bain, Deloitte, Forrester, PriceWaterhouseCoopers
  12. 12. Innovation efforts are sluggish and ineffective. 1. Resource Constraints (Time and People) 2. Budget Constraints “Top 3 Challenges to Business Innovation” SOURCE: Accenture, Bain, Deloitte, Forrester, PriceWaterhouseCoopersForrester 3. Lack of Structured Innovation Process
  13. 13. What are the right ingredients for innovation? 31 % 5. Capacity and Capability for Creativity 31 % 57 % 44 % 4. Ability to capture ideas throughout the organization 1. Right culture to foster and support innovation 2. Strong Visionary Business Leadership “Innovation must be part of a holistic and formal system to net positive returns over time.” - Accenture 37 % 3. Willingness to challenge norms and take risks SOURCE: Accenture, Bain, Deloitte, Forrester, PriceWaterhouseCoopers - PricewaterhouseCoopers JOV-0495-2DC-4N
  14. 14. Who “was” Globe Business? BCFU as of May 14, 2013 Market Situation State of the Business New competitors (OTT players) 800+ employees All services under one roof New opportunities (devices, social media, big data) Slowdown of traditional sources of revenue Predictable Revenue Little IT focus
  15. 15. A New Globe Business 130 ITES Mandate Focus on IT-related products & services Develop new offerings or partner with world-class technology providers Be the preferred IT partner for cloud services IT Enabled Services Group SMB Group Enterprise Group
  16. 16. We are a dedicated group of committed individuals whose mission is … To enrich lives through enabling solutions that accelerate the performance of business ecosystems using best in class IT capabilities, platforms and services.
  17. 17. Mindset Change: OLD versus the NEW Model
  18. 18. Key is to determine the customer’s level of maturity and readiness to buying IT services. Business Application Services Cloud Services is the Next Great Leveler, for companies big and small ... Data Center Collocation Services INNOVATING Managed Application Performance Managed Desktop and Client Managed Security Services Managed Storage / Server Web Hosting / IDC Services Managed Connectivity Data Center Services World-class facilities, certified people, and processes OPTIMIZING Level of Professional Services we can offer End-to-end Business Application Services Hosted Applications Shared Hosted Platforms Shared Dedicated Managed Platforms Enterprise Public IaaS Dedicated Private Cloud Dedicated Managed Applications Hosted Application Performance DISRUPTING Platforms include Databases, Web Servers, Load Balancers and Firewalls. While most customers will potentially buy all services Financial Institutions are NOT a target market for anything that is Public or Shared for their Core Applications.
  19. 19. Cloud Adoption – The Opportunity Percentage of enterprise application that will be on cloud in 2014* 34% 24% 56% “Large Latin American and Asia Pacific companies are the most aggressive adopters of cloud computing – while their European and US counterparts remain conservative about shifting apps to the cloud” - TCS 50% 19
  20. 20. 20
  21. 21. Our FOCUS : Business Process Pain Points       Need for Business Innovation  Need to Remain Relevant and Competitive  Customer Demands for Better Customer Service and Experience Lack of Business Analytics No Productivity Analysis Lack of Employee Empowerment Poor Monitoring of Resources Need for Internal and External Market Insighting Lack of Mobility Cost to build & maintain IT Solutions & Capabilities No Access to Relevant and Real-time Information Inefficiencies of Manual Processing Agility to adapt to changing customer demands  No Access to Needed Information  No Access to Business Systems  Need to Go Back to Office for Desk Work  A Lot of Down Time  Time Consuming  Prone to Human Error  Non-Standard Processes  Slow Turn-Around and Interaction Among Process Owners  Poor Tracking, Monitoring and Filing of Paper Documents SOURCE: OrangeScape Business Application Landscape, Customer Interviews  Need for Cost Reductions and Spending Control  Fragmented Solutions  Huge Upfront Investments  Off-the-Shelf Solutions are No Longer Acceptable  Technology Obsolescence  Lack of IT Expertise  Seasonal Requirements
  22. 22. Examples of Real Customers Today GLOBAL PORT & TERMINAL OPERATOR INTERNATIONAL AIRLINE • Current DIY Exchange email system is getting bigger due to increasing number of ports • Need to upgrade to new version • They wanted it managed so that they can focus on their core competency • Managed Email with Computing Resources • Customer Relationship Management is very important to their industry • Current system is fragmented and requires multiple IT Resources • Managed CRM with Computing Resources
  23. 23. In this business, Partners are central to our success, thus we continue to harness our relationships, and build new ones. GLOBAL LOCAL / REGIONAL
  24. 24. The GOAL: Provide end-to-end IT enabled business solutions that will allow us to create tremendous value to the ecosystem. END USERS BUSINESSES BUSINESS CUSTOMERS GOVERNMENT FAMILIES
  26. 26. The Philippine healthcare system is an interplay of 8 groups: 1 Government Doctors and Medical 7 Practitioners 2 HMOs & Insurers 8 Patients Hospitals, Diagnostic Clinics & Labs 6 Pharmacies 3 5 4 Pharma Employers
  27. 27. Issues and challenges of the healthcare industry Patient Records Piling Up Paperworks Pain in Data Retrieval Medical Errors Growing Cost Long Waiting Time Public and Private Sector Paper and Pen Method Privacy and Security
  28. 28. An Opportunity Exists to Improve the Healthcare Ecosystem Patients