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Alliance link india - mkt pvt ltd.


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India's most trusted Direct marketing company...

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Alliance link india - mkt pvt ltd.

  1. 1. Alliance Link India Marketing private limited Growing and Protecting your wealthAlliance Link IndiaM. Frenchiese: 4/32, FatimaVilla ,Balamiyan Lane, Opp- R.C Mahim School .Mahim (West), Mumbai – 400 016.Maharastra Presented By Alliance Service Dep.Website:
  2. 2. Alliance India Mkt Pvt Ltd. Growing and Protecting your wealth Alliance Link India one of India’s foremost Private Sector Company Recognized byGovernment Registered Under Indian Contract act 1956, with a strong marketcapitalization, Alliance link India is rated among the India’s BEST GROWING COMPANY,As one of the India’s most valuable and respective corporation, Alliance Link India iswidely perceived to be dedicatedly nation oriented Alliance Link India believes that its aspiration to create enduring value for nationprovides the motive force to sustain growth value. Alliance Link India practices thisphilosophy but not only driving each of its business towards international competivenessbut by also consciously contributing to the competiveness of the larger value chain ofwhich it is a part. Alliance Link India diversified status originates from its corporate strategy aimed atcreating multiple divers of growth anchored on its time tested competencies unmatcheddistribution reach, superior brand building capabilities, effective supply chainmanagement and acknowledge service skills in marketing over time,the strategic foryasinto new business are expected to garner a significant share of these emerging high-growth physical markets in India The Company is managed by young entrepreneurs who are highly qualified in thefield of finance, marketing, and management. Has been established by experiencedentrepreneurs who are already engaged in different enterprises. Company is a part ofgroup which engaged in, InfoTech, event management, global recruitment, scrap trading,derivatives and equity market, company had a stake in 2, 3, & 4 Star Hotels.
  3. 3. Total Inflation of Income Rs Rs 100000 Rs 10000 Rs 1000 100 Rs 10 Rs 1Alliance India Mkt Pvt Ltd.Growing and Protecting your wealth
  4. 4. Alliance India ATLEAST REQ 1 CRORE. FOR SETTLE LIFE Upper Class • Average income -80,000 to 1,50,000 P/M income and saving • Saving – 60,000 to 80,000 • For one crore – Min age Req 10 Years Upper middle class • Average income -40,000to 80,000 income and saving • Saving – 30,000 to 50,000 • For one crore – Min age Req 20 Years • Average income -20,000 to 40,000 Middle class • Saving – 15,000 to 25,000 income and saving • For one crore – Min age Req 40 Years • Average income -10,000 to20,000 Lower class income • Saving – 7,000 to 12,000 and saving • For one crore – Min age Req 80 Years
  5. 5. Benefit of working with Alliance Link India •Daily commission on binary •Incentive be rewarded with luxury travels, prizes, and even extra cash •Through alliance generous incentive programs. •Company Invest the high volume in sectors like hospitality, share market, scrap, Event organization, Global Placement, Leather, Garments, & Real Estate, daily routine consumableThe success key of products.your life •As company has a three exit plan, well qualified and experienced team work on every individual plan whereas company selected a three business for every exit, it gives stability to return the customer amount with committed profit. •Alliance Link India provide the holiday package at lowest rate to every customer, plan are specially made for the common citizen who wants a comfortable life at his budget. •We provide a brand product at lowest prize as an auction where customer can achieve it with his lower bid. A great income just your reference to the new customer •Recognized by Ministry of Corporation affair.
  6. 6. Registration PIN of Rs 500 Reg Pin will book your position Top-Up PIN of Rs 4,000 to activate your incomes. Top Up pin will active your account, from the activation date you may enjoy the company benefits.As soon you your account be activated customer receive the as a Acknowledgment of their amount. Alliance India Mkt Pvt Ltd. Growing and Protecting your wealth
  7. 7. Concept Detail Binary IncomeFirst pair 2:1 or 1:2 permanent and there after 1:1 Rs1000 for first 2:1 or 1:2 pair match and there after Rs 600for each 1:1 pair matchDaily Ceiling on 12 pairsPower legs carry forward, No limit to levelOne business center earning potential 2,16000 Directincomes In a MonthThree business centers earning potential 648000 ICleveraged income.Every Day Closing DayPower legs carry forwardNo limit to levelAverage people are succeeding
  8. 8. Alliance India Mkt Pvt Ltd.Growing and Protecting your wealth YOU WILL GET 1000 COMMISSION
  9. 9. Daily Ceiling on 12 pairs only Alliance India Mkt Pvt Ltd. Growing and Protecting your wealth
  10. 10. 1st MONTH , REF BV FOR 2 I’D 600 Rs 2ND MONTH, REFRENCE BV OF 4 I.D = 1200 3RD MONTH, REFRENCE BV OF 8 I.D = 2400 4TH MONTH, REFRENCE BV OF 16 I.D = 4800 5TH MONTH, REFRENCE BV OF 32 I.D = 9600 6TH MONTH, REFRENCE BV OF 62 I.D = 19200 7TH MONTH, REFRENCE BV OF 128 I.D = 37200 8TH MONTH, REFRENCE BV OF 256 I.D = 76800 9TH MONTH, REFRENCE BV OF 512 I.D = 153600 10 MONTH, REFRENCE BV OF 1024 I.D = 307200 11TH MONTH, REFRENCE BV OF 2048 I.D = 614400 12TH MONTH, REFRENCE BV OF TH 4096 I.D = 122880012 MONTH END, REFRENCE BV OF 8192 I.D = 2457600
  11. 11. 2 Night 3 days travel package Detail  Alliance Club offers you 2/3days stay at more than 75 Domestic Hotels and 45 Destination.  This voucher can be valid at any time during 12 months from the date of issue except Diwali Summer and Christmas vacation and Public Holidays.  A minimum 30days advance notice is required for confirmation.  Utility charges of Rs.800/- per voucher payable at the time of reservation.  This offer’s hold the below said hotels andFree travel package’s destination.  If You Want To Transfer The Package Other Person Then You Should Pay Rs-1000 Amount to the Company With Later. Alliance India Mkt Pvt Ltd. Growing and Protecting your wealth
  12. 12. A trip of 3 days & 2 nighGrowing and Protecting your wealth
  13. 13. Alliance India Mkt Pvt Ltd.Growing and Protecting your wealth
  14. 14. Alliance India Mkt Pvt Ltd. Growing and Protecting your wealth DESTINATIONS & HOTELSSr No Destination List Hotels / Resorts Sr No Destination List Hotels / Resorts 1 Agra Hotel Kant 38 Manali De Vivandi resort 2 Agra Hotel Grand 39 Manali Hotel Jupiter 3 Bangalore Crescent Homes 40 Manali Lakhanpal Resorts 4 Ajmer Hotel Regency 41 Munnar Hill View 5 Calicutt Hotel Malabar Mansion 42 Munnar Atumn Trees 6 Diu Hotel Khushi Int. 43 Munnar Spring Dale 7 Diu Magico Do Mar 44 Mussoorie Honeymoon Inn 8 Dalhousie Sylvan Resort 45 Mussoorie Hotel Vishnu Palace 9 Dalhousie Hotel Chanakya 46 Mysore Hotel Siddharth 10 Dharmshala Spring Valley Resort 47 Mysore Maurya Residency 11 Dharmshala Nishaad Resort 48 Mt.Abu Sunset Inn 12 Goa Flushing Meadows Country Resort 49 Mt.Abu Samrat International 13 Goa Vista Dorio 50 Mt.Abu Hotel Yorkshire Inn 14 Goa Hotel Orion 51 Mt.Abu Hotel H G Grandiouse 15 Goa Atlanta Beach Resort 52 Nainital Hotel Elphistone 16 Gangtok Hotel Tibet 53 Nainital Hotel Evelyn 17 Gangtok Hotel Delamore 54 Nashik Hotel Vaishali 18 Guruvayoor Sopanam Heritage 55 Ooty Hotel Khems 19 Jaisalmer Jaisal Palace 56 Ooty Charring Cross 20 Jaipur Hotel Aashish 57 Ooty The Willow Hill 21 Jaipur Hotel Classic Inn 58 Panchgani Hotel Five Hills 22 Jaipur Hotel Aarya Niwas 59 Panchgani Serviced Apartments 23 Jammu Hotel Vardaan 60 Panchmari (M.P.) Hotel Paradise 24 Kalimpong Hotel Kolumma Haven 61 Panchmari (M.P.) Hotel Kanchanar 25 Kanha Pugmark Resorts 62 Panchmari (M.P.) Misty Meadows 26 Kollam Kadaltheeram Hotels & Resorts 63 Panchkula Hotel Parbhat Inn 27 Kochi Hotel Presidancy 64 Puri Hotel Holiday Resorts 28 Kochi Hotel Bolgatty Palace 65 Shimla Hotel Sukh Sagar 29 Kodaikanal Hotel Rahat Inn 66 Shimla Hotel Surya 30 Kodaikanal Hotel Mount View 67 Shimla Brightland Hotel 31 KanyaKumari Hotel Singaar Internarional 68 Tirupati Hotel Bliss 32 KanyaKumari Hotel Sea View 69 Udaipur Hotel Ashish Palace 33 Kulu Aroma classic 70 Udaipur Oriantal Palace 34 Mahabaleshwar Regal Hotel 71 Udupi Karvali Hotels 35 Mahabaleshwar Hotel Pratap Heritage 72 Varanasi Hotel India 36 Manali Hotel Ibex Created by--Chinmay Chavan. 73 Varanasi Hotel Surya 37 Manali Hotel Vintage 74 Vishakhapatnam Hotel Das Palla
  15. 15. (*customer can view the monthly point as soon as he/ she play the first free bid) SALARY SYSTEM Alliance India Mkt Pvt Ltd. Growing and Protecting your wealth
  16. 16. Unique Bids Alliance India Mkt Pvt Ltd. Growing and Protecting your wealthCreated by—
  17. 17. Alliance India Mkt Pvt Ltd.Growing and Protecting your wealth
  18. 18. Alliance India Mkt Pvt Ltd.Growing and Protecting your wealth
  19. 19. Alliance India Mkt Pvt Ltd. Growing and Protecting your wealth Ready to get started. Interested but need more information Thanks, but no thanks. Try the package As our motto is “growing AnD protECting wEALtH”Created by—
  20. 20. Alliance India Mkt Pvt Ltd.Growing and Protecting your wealth