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Environment (OCR exam board)


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Environment (OCR exam board)

  1. 1. Environmental Views
  2. 2. Anthropocentrism (human centred) established by Singer. Vardy distinguished 2 types: ‘Strong thesis’ humans at centre of reality and should be to. ‘Weak thesis’ reality can only be interpreted from a human point of view therefore humans have to be centre of reality. Animals should be treated equally. Singer: equal rights for certain species e.g. comparing mental abilities of chimpanzees to that of a humans . Animals respond to pain.
  3. 3. Green Belt: retain areas of largely undeveloped, wild, or agricultural land surrounding or neighboring urban areas. Don’t forget about Environmental Charities and the intrinsic work they do e.g. WWF, Greenpeace, World Land Trust and Rainforest Alliance
  4. 4. HTTPS://ITHINKTHEREFOREITEAC If you would like further information please follow the link below to my blog: