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XmlBlackBox English Presentation


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Published in: Technology
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XmlBlackBox English Presentation

  1. 1. XmlBlackBox The presentation Alexander Crea June the 15st 2010
  2. 2. XmlBlackBox http:// /p/ xmlblackbox / It 's a Java framework for implementing tests in heterogeneous environments What is it
  3. 3. XmlBlackBox http:// /p/ xmlblackbox / What can do <ul><li>Testing web applications (with Selenium) </li></ul><ul><li>Testing Web Services </li></ul><ul><li>Check the contents of XML file and validate </li></ul><ul><li>Check the contents of a database </li></ul><ul><li>Run features not provided using Plugins </li></ul><ul><li>Include the same set of steps in several test cases </li></ul><ul><li>Sharing variables created during the flow test case </li></ul><ul><li>Set conditional waiting for asynchronous processes </li></ul>
  4. 4. XmlBlackBox http:// /p/ xmlblackbox / The development time of a test case decreases increasing the number of cases have already been developed by the possibility of including the same set of steps implemented for other tests. The integration of new operations , not covered in the basic framework, through the ability to develop plugins for that purpose. The Selenium server management is completely guided by the framework. The database check is created simply by the description (in XML) of the columns to be checked and the expected data. Calling a Web Service is based on generating client classes (stubs) with Axis2 and the creation of the XML file that must be contained in the SOAP. Benefits … … during the implementation of the test
  5. 5. XmlBlackBox http:// /p/ xmlblackbox / The immediate understanding of the objectives of the test due to the capacity given by self-describing XML The quick check of the navigation problems through the use of Selenium that ease the identification of the problem emerged The simple check outcome of calls to web services through the log of the input file sent and the output files received The reduced time of verification / correction even for those who have not implemented the test cases being analyzed Benefits … … in case of failed tests
  6. 6. XmlBlackBox http:// /p/ xmlblackbox / Application changes that require action on already developed test cases show the potential of the use of XML, in fact: - The use of INCLUDE allows to intervene in one or at least in a limited number of xml files, the ones that relate to the functionality of the application that is the focus of changes - The use of tags allows you to make changes only on individual parts of the test, through the replacement of only the tags that must change the behavior Benefits … … in case of changes to the application
  7. 7. XmlBlackBox http:// /p/ xmlblackbox / It 's a Java class that implements a specific interface The plugin serves to expand and integrate the basic framework, in order to incorporate new operation in the flow test. Using Plugin What is a Plugin
  8. 8. XmlBlackBox http:// /p/ xmlblackbox / <RUN-PLUGIN version=&quot;1.1&quot; class=&quot;org.xbb.plugin.RunAS400Process&quot; > <PARAMETERS> <PARAMETER name=&quot;nomeCL&quot; value=&quot;getCustomerData&quot; /> <PARAMETER name=&quot;CF&quot; value=&quot;PCTRTF83G54H501R&quot; /> </PARAMETERS> </RUN-PLUGIN> In this example is called a hypothetical procedure on AS400 that returns customer data by the tax code. Using Plugin An example
  9. 9. XmlBlackBox http:// /p/ xmlblackbox / The XML fragment can be copied to all the test cases involved in the operation. Furthermore, the plugin can be developed to behave differently depending on the input parameters defined in the tag. Using Plugin How to use
  10. 10. XmlBlackBox http:// /p/ xmlblackbox / Enables you to include the same set of steps in different test cases. This way you can create a 'library' of operations in xml file. The use of the tag include What is
  11. 11. XmlBlackBox http:// /p/ xmlblackbox / <INCLUDE-FILE version=&quot;1.1&quot; filename=&quot;/org/xbb/test/ConfigConnDerby.xml&quot;/> The example describes the configuration that includes a database connection, it can be insert in all test cases that need it. The use of the tag Include An example
  12. 12. XmlBlackBox http:// /p/ xmlblackbox / Selenium navigation should be contained in a Java class that implements a specific interface It is enough generate selenium in Java code browsing through Selenium IDE, fit in a class and create the xml tag SELENIUM. How is working with Selenium
  13. 13. XmlBlackBox http:// /p/ xmlblackbox / Selenium configurations not provided by the framework can be managed through the development of a plugin. How is working with Selenium Configurations
  14. 14. XmlBlackBox http:// /p/ xmlblackbox / The test is self-explanatory. The description with XML allows you to quickly understand the objectives, even at a distance of time or by those who have not implemented the test cases. The use of XML Why
  15. 15. XmlBlackBox http:// /p/ xmlblackbox / The characteristics of a single test are all contained and described in the XML file and any included files. The use of XML Why
  16. 16. XmlBlackBox http:// /p/ xmlblackbox / XBB does not even require a leap in the dark. It 'can be easily integrated into an architecture of JUnit tests already implemented. The framework may be delegated only some special steps to understand its potential. Start with XmlBlackBox
  17. 17. XmlBlackBox XmlBlackBox http:// /p/ xmlblackbox / Email [email_address]