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A Anacan Presentation


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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A Anacan Presentation

  1. 1. 1. The Obesity Factor 2. Work and Play Intertwined 3. Threats versus Opportunities
  2. 2. THE ISSUES….  50% Percent of New Zealanders are overweight  More than quarter of the population are obese  Women tend to be more susceptible than men  The New Zealand government developed SPARC Push Play to encourage fitness
  3. 3. …THE SOLUTIONS  Aim for those who are overweight and obese as part of Fit ‘n’ Well’s target market  Reach out to the government as they are likely to support Fit ‘n’ Well’s strategy to help banish the problem  Fit ‘n’ Well will earn $$$ while fighting off OBESITY
  4. 4. Maybe it’s BOTH As an employee do you feel As an employer, do you feel like lethargic and unenthusiastic your employees are not at work? motivated enough? Fit ‘n’ Well… …can help!
  5. 5. Is that possible?! Yes it is. Fitness Benefits: • Research has shown 70% improvement in employees ‘ complex decision making • Make employers, employees and customers happier with higher efficiency! Fit ‘n’ Well can provide easy access to their facilities during break times and after hours
  6. 6. Les Mills and Contours Gym are Fit ‘n’ Well’s two biggest competition Major Advantage Les Mills: date of establishment (fitness business in New Zealand was booming); earned their reputation as the “Father of Fitness” Contours : Specified target market in New Zealand (Women)
  7. 7. Fit ‘n’ Well versus… Les Mills Contours  Fight reputation with  Men wanting reputation: Les Mills Contours service earned the reputation provided to through its establishment women? Fit ‘n’ Well date. can target both Fit ‘n’ Well can earn its genders with reputation by providing exclusive clubs for fitness to those who are women but offer in NEED. These include the same facilities people battling obesity. and standards to men as well.
  8. 8. A recap... Fit ‘n’ Well…  …has a target market of people struggling with obesity which the government has high probability of supporting  …can create a positive workplace culture through fitness  …can compete with the 2 biggest market players “The odds look good”
  9. 9. Come on, ask for it. You know you want to… A management consulting report is available upon request. It contains detailed information about the issues discussed in the power point.
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