Class Assignment 2


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Class Assignment 2

  1. 1. The Proposal vs. 27 Dresses English 2 (ENGL 0205) Class Assignment 2 Sharon Chow Ci Yung (0313387) FNBE JUL 2013 - ENGL 0205 English 2
  2. 2. Pre-writing Setting of movie Stika, Alaska Andrew’s hometown Magaret meets Andrew’s family Magaret confessed her parents died when she was sixteen New York Jane lives in an apartment alone in New York She attended two weddings there She left her planner on a New York cab She keeps her bridesmaid dresses in her New York apartment Plot of movie ’27 Dresses’ has a typical plot The female lead meets her prince charming and all her problem disappeared Jane meets Kevin ‘The Proposal’ has a unique plot The boss proposed to her assistant Magaret, the demanding boss proposed to her underachiever assistant, Andrew Main Characters’ characteristics Jane is kind and loving She never rejects others She helps her sister to plan her wedding Margaret is selfish and demanding She persuades Andrew to marry her though he might get into trouble for that She sets high standards for those who work under her FNBE JUL 2013 - ENGL 0205 English 2
  3. 3. The Proposal vs. 27 Dresses There is more than a hand full of movie genres out there. One of the most popular ones is no doubt, romantic comedy. Although most of the time, romantic comedies do not earn lots of praise from movies critics but these movies sure earn big bucks that are more than enough help the Hollywood movie producers to make their ends meet. So, what exactly is a romantic comedy? A romantic comedy is film with central narrative motor with a quest for love. This quest is portrayed in a light-hearted way and almost always to a successful conclusion. Unlike comedies which are always full of laughter, as romantic comedies are portrayed in a light-hearted way, crying is an essential for this genre as it occupies a crucial space in narratives of a romantic comedy (McDonald, 2007). It is a scandal of culture that there has never been a widely accepted theory of romantic comedy to organize the general sense of subject (Henderson, 1978). To make it simple, a romantic comedy is a unique genre that includes a variety of components such as tears, joys and laughter. I have chosen two romantic comedies which are Sandra Bullock’s ‘The Proposal’ and Katherine Heigl’s ‘27 Dresses’. Both of these movies are leaded by top-notch actress FNBE JUL 2013 - ENGL 0205 English 2
  4. 4. and scored impressive results in terms of box office revenue. ‘The Proposal’ is about Margaret, a successful Canadian career woman who works as an executive editor in chief in a book publishing company. Everything seems to go well for her until she learns that she is about to get deported to Canada due to her expired visa. Then, she comes out with the idea of persuading her assistant, Andrew to marry her so that she could stay in the states. On the other hand, ’27 Dresses’ is the story of Jane, a young woman who lives alone in her apartment in New York. Over the years, she had been a bridesmaid for a whooping twenty-seven weddings. She never rejects when anyone asks her for help when it comes to wedding planning until she found out that her sister, Tess is going to marry the man she loves. With an aching heart, Jane plans Tess’ wedding. Although these two movies are from the same genre but they are very different in terms of setting, main characters’ characteristics and plot. One of the most distinct differences between ‘The Proposal’ and ’27 Dresses’ is the setting of the movie. The majority of the storyline of ‘The Proposal’ took place in Stika, FNBE JUL 2013 - ENGL 0205 English 2
  5. 5. Alaska which is the male lead, Andrew’s hometown. Andrew brought Magaret along to Stika for her to meet his family. Upon their arrival there, Magaret realised almost every single shop there carries the name Paxton, Andrew’s last name. She then realised Andrew’s family is very well-off. After spending some time with the Paxton family, Magaret felt the strong bond between them. She then told Andrew the fact that her parents passed away when she was at a tender age of sixteen made her unable to retrieve the feeling of having a family. It was Andrew’s first time seeing his tough boss’ fragile side. The setting of ’27 Dresses’ is situated at New York City, New York. New York is the place where Jane lives. At the beginning of the movie, she was seen rushing in between two weddings using a signature yellow New York cab. When Kevin visited her apartment he was amazed at the fact that she wasted the space of her apartment by keeping twenty-seven bridesmaid dresses in her closet despite the fact that New York is known for the limited and high-priced living spaces. Moreover, main characters’ personalities is another difference between these two movies. The female lead of ‘The Proposal’, Margaret is known for her selfish and demanding nature by her co-workers. She sets high standards for her workers. Everyone seems to get all tense up when she enters the office. Her selfish side was FNBE JUL 2013 - ENGL 0205 English 2
  6. 6. shown when she persuades Andrew to marry her despite the fact he might get a two hundred and fifty thousand dollars grand fine and sat behind bars for five years if they were caught red-handed. For the male lead, Andrew, he appears to be smart and independent fellow. He made a deal with Margaret that he will marry her if she gives him a promotion in return. He showed his independent side when the fact that he left his family fortune in Alaska alone and flew to New York alone in order to pursue his own dreams. The female lead of ’27 Dresses’, Jane is a kind and loving young lady. She attended two weddings simultaneously on one night to help the brides. Apart from being kind, her loving nature shows when she agreed to help her sister, Tess to plan her weeding although the man Tess going to marry, George, is also her love interest. The male lead of the movie, Kevin is seemingly a talented and honest young man. He has talents when it comes to writing as he works as writer for the local New York paper where he writes weekly article on weddings. He shows his honest side when he told Jane that her inability to refuse others is her weakness instead of strength. Furthermore, the plot is also one of the differences between the two movies. The plot of ‘The Proposal’ is rather unique and fresh. Unlike typical movies where the male lead proposes to the female lead, in ‘The Proposal’, the demanding female boss, Magaret, proposes to her assistant, Andrew. This female lead is portrayed as an individual who had nothing besides success in her career. She lost her parents at the young age of FNBE JUL 2013 - ENGL 0205 English 2
  7. 7. sixteen, making her unable to remember the warmth and happiness brought by family members. Andrew, the male lead, unlike other male leads in most of the movies who are usually successful in their careers, he is just an assistant who has to endures the hardship working under a boss with high standards. Compared to ‘The Proposal’, ’27 Dresses’ has a rather typical plot. In the movie, Jane falls for the wrong man, George, someone who only thinks of her as someone nice and ended up engaging with her sister, Tess. As she suffers from a heart break, her prince charming, Kevin shows up in her life. To conclude, if I had to one movie that I personally enjoy better, no doubt, my choice would be ‘27 Dresses’. Its setting is in my favourite city, New York, the storyline is more romantic and the characters are more likeable. If you’re a girl who enjoy fantasising about having a prince charming to walk into your life, ‘27 Dresses’ is definitely a mustwatch. References Henderson B. (1978). Film Quarterly: Romantic Comedy Today: Semi-Tough or Impossible, 31, (1-2). Langan, J. (2010). College Writing Skills, (8th edition) New York: McGraw Hill. FNBE JUL 2013 - ENGL 0205 English 2
  8. 8. McDonald, T.J. (2007). Romantic Comedy: Boys Meet Girls Genre. London: Wallflower Press. FNBE JUL 2013 - ENGL 0205 English 2