Communications and Social Media


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How communications and Social Media can help your business growth

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Communications and Social Media

  1. 1. it is all about people employees + customers how communication helps business grow
  2. 2. what we cover today why align people and customers how to do things with and for people and build a tool box what communication can do to help  (y)our business grow! 
  3. 3. align people with customers once known as internal communication
  4. 4. All business are  media businesses,  because whatever else  they do, all  businesses rely on  the managing of  information for two  audiences:  employees and the  world. Clay Shirky Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing  Without Organizations
  5. 5. Consumers don’t vow  revenge on Annie in  customer care, they take  it out on the brand.  Brand is what we do, how  we behave and interact. Our brand and our people  need to be one thing. We need a great consumer  experience, with our  people at the core.
  6. 6. Employees are evangelists  of our brands and can  have a voice to  customers and consumers.  They must be an integral  and prioritized  audience. This requires more than  just communicating the  company vision.  It’s not a program, it’s  how we operate.
  7. 7. Our World Network Me.your homepage Mash ups Share To share docs Blog Internal – Employees External – Sr. Management News We.bimonthly RSS Wiki To collect info Podcast Audio and Video
  8. 8. Do you remember ENGAGE?  It is our online business  community. It was born as a  sales tool but we decided  to launch it internally first. This gave us the opportunity to test and improve the  tool with the help of our people before the official kick‐off. zero budget, great results!
  9. 9. because, in the end … companies with  exponential levels of  employee engagement  outperform those with  low levels in clear financial  terms, delivering operating  margin that is three  times higher. Tower Watson (2009 Survey)
  10. 10. do things with and for people also known as PR
  11. 11. This is how people have dinner.  They consume media in new ways.  Advertising is no longer enough. We need to  find a new way to join them for dinner. 
  12. 12. 4 things we can do  to join dinner and communication can help with
  13. 13. 1.  Impact how people feel about us (brand + products)
  14. 14. things done with and for  people make the  difference. it’s about commitment.
  15. 15. COMMITTING = Building our brand on  core principles that never change. = Creating an evolving collection of coherent brand ideas and  experiences over time.
  16. 16. COCA‐COLA  makes you happy
  17. 17. NIKE  helps you being the winner
  18. 18. COMMITTING  = loyalty = sales
  19. 19. 2. Build direct relations
  20. 20. Since the internet is a  connection machine  anything creating artificial middle men,  preventing companies  from connecting directly with their participants will become problematic. Jeff Jarvis journalist and blogger
  21. 21. We are in the business of connecting with customers. Trevor Edwards VP Global Brand and category management Nike
  22. 22. We believe that creating a rich, loyal  community leads to brand affinity and  results in sales. Robert Candelino Marketing Director, Personal Wash‐US Unilever
  23. 23. Pizza Hut launched a  system to order pizzas  through Facebook. The application is called  Pizza Hut Interface.  To promote the release  gave away a $50 gift card  to one of their Facebook  fans every week. 
  24. 24. 3.  Connect in the real world,  from home to the store.
  25. 25. We have good (old) tools (press release…)
  26. 26. and a bunch of new stuff (twitter, facebook,  youtube, blog…) 
  27. 27. In the end, video didn’t kill the radio  star…
  28. 28. Consumers experience spread now accross communication platforms. People use platforms to   talk, buzz, send messages and  share value with one another in a  coordinated system.
  29. 29. BakerTweet is a  way for busy bakers  to tell the world that  something hot and  fresh has just come  out of the oven.  All of the baker's  followers get a  Twitter alert to tell  them that it's bun‐ time. Or bread  time. Or whatever.
  30. 30. ALICE.COM Scratch Household Shopping off the To‐Do‐List
  31. 31. 4.  It’s about them, not you.  They want value not words.
  32. 32. an application and a new social network that aim  to direct people to those companies that operate  by ensuring a proper balance between their own  profit and the wealth generated for the  community.
  33. 33. PIZZA HUT – Book it !  Reading incentive program
  34. 34. 5.  Being social  is more than a like on Facebook
  35. 35. People want to be part of the flow of information Charles  Leadbeater, innovation guru
  36. 36. Content shared online  becomes the basis of personal communication, the sole reason for an email, a message on a social network  or a post on a blog.
  37. 37. But most of the time they pick up a product because a friend tells them it’s great. A like doesn’t make the difference but you have to  be liked anyway…  Jack Morton – Survey 2011
  38. 38.
  39. 39. build your tools once known as press release, events…
  40. 40. a few thoughts
  41. 41. How do we  get people to do stuff  with us?
  42. 42. start committing
  43. 43. Join people in what they are  already doing Do something worth talking about Listen to rich insights related to your brand and to what people really want and need.
  44. 44. Listen to make your product better
  45. 45. Stop putting the exact same story everywhere. People like stories with depth and complexity.
  46. 46. Define your product or  someonelse will. Forget message. about controlling the
  47. 47. Allow consumers to create  content for your brand. Leave room for  flexibility and  interaction.
  48. 48. Make a commitment, stick to your values
  49. 49. Yes, communication matters
  50. 50. ways to  improve our business 
  51. 51. IT’S A NEWS ‐ Wouldn’t you jump at the chance to have a news in a magazine or to be covered by TV, radio ? FIND YOUR TARGET  ‐ Find out what magazines your costumers do  read, what newscasts they listen to or watch and we’ll help you  get there. NOT EVERY STORY IT’S A NEWS ‐ We create  emotional hook that  will make your product interesting. IT’S SOCIAL – Bloggers and trend‐setter on Twitter ? We can help  you monitor what they do and say and get in touch with them TWO MAKE A CROWD (AND CROWD TALKS) ‐ We can tie your  product to an event. Or better yet, we can stage an unusual event  or charity benefit that can get you lots of positive coverage.
  52. 52. WORD OF MOUTH IS THE KEY ‐ When you do have an article published or a story done on your product make copies and use them in your marketing. Publish them on you blog. At the very least, tell people you were featured in such‐and‐such publication. NOT A CRISIS BUT AN OPPORTUNITY – A client is unhappy ? We can find and distribute positive stories to help you minimize negative comments. THERE IS A COMMUNITY OUT THERE – A charitable contribution is a distinctive feature, we can help our company to stay in touch with the community we live in. YOU’RE THE EXPERT – Write an article on some new developments in our industry we can help you submit it to a trade publications.
  53. 53. THERE IS A (TRADE) WORLD OUT THERE – we can increase our company’s profile in the business community selecting speeches sr. management can give. We can let our opinion be heard and (most important) taken into account. And YES we usually help you prepare speeches and presentations LET’S STAY IN TOUCH – Nurture relationships with our  stakeholders, customers and clients through events and  sponsorships  to maximize loyalty and investments.  YES, This means we can have tickets (and hospitaly packages) for  sport and music events and FORMULA ONE CHANGES COME FOR GOOD – New team, new managers, new  tools, new products ? Communication can help you spread the  word among our people and beyond. (SAP go live and Cafeteria renovation are part of our job)
  54. 54. Media engage and monitor Press releases our company, our products Events CSR celebrate achievements launch new products be part of the community Speech opportunity for our managers Crisis sometimes things go wrong but we’re prepared
  55. 55. last thoughts to bring home
  56. 56. Align people and customers is the key. Every project you develop is a communication tool. We can help you improve your costumers and consumers’  brand experience while involving our people. You can help us with great ideas and tools.
  57. 57. but remember,  it is all about people Credits: Helge Tenno and Paul Isakson | Images: Getty Roberta | Comm Team