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Graded assignment # 8


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Graded assignment # 8

  1. 1. Q1,Today, I will show you variety function of iPodnano 6th generation.iPod have many useful function! Let’s show the feature of ipod.First, I talk about iPodnano’s design. iPodnano have seven colors. All of them is verybeautiful color. iPodnano is light weight. It have only 21.1g! It is same as a size AAbattery. So we can easy to carry iPodnano one’s hand. In addition to that iPodnanohave a clip to catch anything. We can clip iPod to the edge of one’s cloth orshoulder strap of bag. It is very easy way to carry.. When we have no pocket, we canwalk empty hand listening music. The size of iPod is 37.5 mm length, 40.9 mmlateral. It is small but the screen size is 1.5 inch. It is enough to use. And the graphicis very nice. we can see artwork of songs in beautiful picture.Second, about how to use iPodnao. The way of use is very simple and interesting.The operation by touching the screen. We not have to push many button. iPod naveonly power button and volume control button. We slide or touch finger on the screen,iPod can do many things. So we can more intuitive operation.Third, listening to the music. iPod’s main function is listen to music. iPodnano isusful when we are running. It is small and light weight. So it is not interruptionrunning. We can make plylist that group together favorite songs. And shaking theiPodnano, to play music in random order. We can listen to music feeling free.Forth, about iTunes. We have to download iTunes via internet to put songs toiPodnano. Download is all free, we don’t have to pay money. In iTunes we sort outsongs and connect to iPod to synchronise. We can add songs rom CD. In addition tothat we can buy variety of songs in iTunes store.iPodnano have more application. we can listen the radio using iPodnano. We canuse a fitness application clocking up running time and pace. We can use iPodnano24 hours in succession. It have many storage 16GB. iPodnano is small but verypowerful music player!
  2. 2. Q2When you would like to listen to music.(Insofar as choose from artist.)The first step is sticking earphones in earphone jack of iPodnano.The next step is powering up iPodnano.After this, touching on the music of a home screen.Following this, touching on an artist.Subsequently, touching on an album which one wants to hear.Finally, touching on an music which one wants to hear.They make them listen to music.Q3 iPodnano is beautiful and unique shape. iPodnano can do such usage. iPodnano can be used as you choose to suit all kinds of lifestyles.
  3. 3. User guide of iPodnano canbe seen on a web page.It can see at any time whenyou have a problem.