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Graded assignment # 6


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Graded assignment # 6

  1. 1. Q1.Microsoft is making the software which we often use. Probably, there is seldom a personnot using office of Microsoft. In addition, Windows have the largest market share in theworld in OS software. In fact that software is simple to apply. They consist of hightechnical capabilities or a wonderful idea. Microsoft is always making the wonderfulproduct. For me who aim at the software engineer, it is a company which respect. I amsurprised at the new product with every passing release. And I think that someday I wouldalso like to make such wonderful software. Therefore, I am very much interested in thiscompany. corporate philosophy of Microsoft is written on this web page. In addition, thebusiness activity is also written. Employee information is also written to this webpage. The contents of activity of Microsoft are written on Microsoft Activity onLinkedIn. At the moment, we take it that Microsoft is recruiting any personnel. Carrierinformation and product information are also written to this web page. AbeCompany:General hospital10 questions.1. What kind of skills do you have?
  2. 2. 2. Have you ever worked at other company?3. Why did you choose this job?4. How much is the monthly salary of you?5. Are the working conditions at the company good?6. What is your position in the company?7. What is it that you learned at this job?8. What is the most difficult point of this job?9. What is a delightful thing at this job?10. How do you want to become?10 answers1.I have nurse license. In addition, I have the qualification of lifesaving emergency. I havethe skill about healthcare.2.I have not worked at other hospitals. This hospital is the first.3.I have a longing for the mothers work. So since I wanted to work at the medical front, Ichose this work.4.My monthly salary is about 300,000.
  3. 3. 5.I think that the labor conditions of this company are good.6.My position in this job is a chief.7.I learned at this work how to take skillful communication. Since various persons come to ahospital, this is needful skill.8.I think that it is most difficult to heal an emotional the patients wound.9.I am delighted in my job, which is greatly appreciated by patients.10.I think that he would like to become a nurse who gets a patient to be glad.