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Graded assignment # 3


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Graded assignment # 3

  1. 1. 1. Complete one of the three cover letter worksheets (see the class activity or the pdf-file) basedon the job advertisement that you find posted in moodle for this week (see the exemplary jobadvertisement).1. Cover Letter WorksheetConsider you USP.1. What are your unique qualities and strengths?I am a positive personality.I have Java and C skill. I studyed Java and C in the University of Aizu.I have hardware and software knowledge.I have Japanese skill. My native language is Japanese.I have English skill. I think Using English is important for jobs.I like to control a computer.2. What is it about this employer that attracts you and how would you be able to use yourtalents?If Java and C are needed at work, employer can be used to my skill.When English and Japanese are needed at work, I am helpful.Think about your job and internship experiences.1. What skills and abilities have you used to accomplish your work?I have ability of working in a group. I think this skill is important.I have skill of programming.2. What accomplishments did you have? What are you most proud of?I accomplished work with the foreign person.I am proud of not giving up at any time in life.
  2. 2. 3. Identify examples where you exhibited qualities employers are looking for:Communication skills: I can talk looking at a partners eyes.Strong work ethic: I am with a strong sense of responsibility.Teamwork: I am experienced in a team sport.Showing initiative: I have original imagination.Interpersonal skills: I have been concerned with many people.Problem-solving: I have finished many subjects.Computer skills: I have studied Computer skills at the university.Review your coursework and identify what you have learned.1. What class assignments and group projects have resembled “real world” experiences?Research in the group of the university.2. Identify and label the knowledge, skills and leadership qualities you have acquired through yourcoursework.C, Java, English, communication skill, group work skill.Think about your campus and community involvement.1. What campus and community positions have you held?Friends, family and teachers.2. What leadership and organizational skills have you used?I have experienced the manager of a committee.
  3. 3. 2. Why do you think cover letter worksheets are important? What is their purpose?I think that cover letter worksheets are very helpful when writing a covering letter. It can seeoneself in an objective. And it teaches its own strong point. Moreover, an insufficient thing can beseen by writing it. So, I can redeem an insufficient thing. It is not good for Cover Letter to haveinconsistency. It is useful not to make inconsistency of the contents of Cover Letter. Therefore,Cover Letter advantageous to oneself can be written. Thus, I think cover letter worksheets areimportant.3. Write a complete cover letter based on your worksheet referred to in Q1.AizuwakamatsuFukushima, 5, 2012Mr.Martin JetterIBM19- 21 Nihonbashi hakozakityouChuo-kuTokyo 103-8510 03-6667-1111
  4. 4. Dear Mr. JetterI read job advertisement about your esteemed organization in web site I studied programming at the University of Aizu. I can use JAVA and C.And I studied the knowledge of many about software engineering. I studied English forcomputer science. My experience and knowledge are helpful to your esteemedorganization.I am interested in the contents of the company. I studied hardware and software at theUniversity of Aizu. Therefore, I have both of knowledge. And, I learned also about a humaninterface and virtual reality. These experiences will certainly be beneficial toyour esteemed organization.When I study, I was carrying out in the group. There was not only Japanese but also Britishperson in the group. My capability to work together with a foreign person is higher thanother persons thanks to this experience. Therefore, I think that I am fit for working in youresteemed organization.Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information. I am availableto meet you anytime over the next couple of weeks. I can be reachedat 0242-37-2500 or Thank you very much for yourconsideration and looking forward to hearing from you soon.Sincerely,Seiya Hoshi