Social Media for Start-ups - a Crash Course


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Whether you’re launching the next Instagram or opening the next Dabbous, we’ll take you through a crash course in how to harness social to grow your business, no matter if it’s made of bits or bricks.

In this workshop we'll focus on growth, measurement, and getting beyond the basics.

1. How to harness social to grow your business

2. How to test out your proposition and messaging

3. What to measure, when, and why

4. Common pitfalls, and how to avoid them

Jemima is a Social Media Strategist (and ex-SEO) working with Tech, Luxury, Charity, and Alcohol brands, as well as a few that are still twinkles in their founders' eyes.

Tom is a Data Analyst with experience in Travel, Government, Fashion, and Telecoms; he's an advisor to an early-stage mobile startup.

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Social Media for Start-ups - a Crash Course

  1. 1. A Social Media Crash Coursefrom @_jemima and @tomszekeresMonday, 22 April 13
  2. 2. Tom Szekeres | @tomszekeresData Analyst with experience in Travel, Government,Fashion, and Telcos; advisor to an early-stage mobilephoto-sharing startup.Jemima Garthwaite | @_jemimaSocial Media Strategist working with Tech, Luxury,Charity, and Alcohol brands, plus a few that are stilltwinkles in their founders eyes.Who are we?Monday, 22 April 13
  3. 3. @_jemima | @tomszekeres | we beginWrite down this link: you see a number (e.g [23]) in the presentation, just append it to theabove, and you’ll be taken to the full URL.So for [09], the link is, 22 April 13
  4. 4. A Social Media Crash CourseSocial Media for Start-upsby @_jemima and @tomszekeresMonday, 22 April 13
  5. 5. @_jemima | @tomszekeres | is this all about then?Social Off pisteThis talk2013(not 2010)Start-ups(through their eyes)Monday, 22 April 13
  6. 6. Always trying to drive from sharedspaces to owned spacesRepetitive and unimaginativeengagement techniquesOver-reliance on competitions andincentivised engagementBad habits die hardMonday, 22 April 13
  7. 7. We can give you an OPML listwith only the good stuff(and none of the nonsense).They keep changing!Every week, a torrent of thingsthat may or may not matter toyour business.Things have changed30Monday, 22 April 13
  8. 8. Blogs and RSS are on the wainMonday, 22 April 13
  9. 9. How the average hour of internetuse looks today - April 2013Visits to Social Media and Forums overtookEntertainment sites in 2011For many, social media is the webMonday, 22 April 13
  10. 10. Social media is an addictionSocial Media increases levels ofoxytocin in the blood. After just 10minutes on Twitter, levels can rise up to150% (significantly more than a groomat a wedding).Oxytocin levels are linked tocharacteristics such as empathy,generosity, and trust."A Facebook user who uses the site multipletimes per day is 43% more likely than otherInternet users and more than three times aslikely as non-Internet users to feel that mostpeople can be trusted."01Monday, 22 April 13
  11. 11. Build > Launch > OptimiseMonday, 22 April 13
  12. 12. Who are you?Who are your audience?Monday, 22 April 13
  13. 13. Where are your audience?Monday, 22 April 13
  14. 14. Demonstrate expertise?Own your search page? Set up a landing page or blog?What do you want to do?Monday, 22 April 13
  15. 15. 18Monday, 22 April 13
  16. 16. Choose your networksMonday, 22 April 13
  17. 17. Claim your profiles• Check if your name is available• Sign up to Twitter First• Use Twitter to create otheraccounts where possible• Facebook Page comes later0203Monday, 22 April 13
  18. 18. Design Once• BioKeep it to 140 characters, save it once, roll-outeverywhere.• LinkMake sure you’ve got a landing page, and then linkout to other networks• Profile PhotoMake sure it works as a square(and at a small scale) - should be recognisable.• Cover PhotoTo make it future-proof, design at 2560 by 1440 px04 05 06 07Monday, 22 April 13
  19. 19. Google Plus / YouTubeTwitterFacebook2560px1440pxMonday, 22 April 13
  20. 20. Choose your tools08 29 09Monday, 22 April 13
  21. 21. Plumb Everything Together10Monday, 22 April 13
  22. 22. @_jemima | @tomszekeres | up your phone and tablet• Social = mobile first - keep the mostimportant apps on your home screen,always logged in.• A few key apps:• Facebook Pages• Hootsuite• Tumblr• Instagram• Buffer• Feedly12143115291613Monday, 22 April 13
  23. 23. Look instead at how engagingand shareable your content isSay no to vanity metricsSet your KPIs/Use Social for KPIs17Monday, 22 April 13
  24. 24. Monday, 22 April 13
  25. 25. Dont forget EmailStill the number one social network by usage…and by conversion rate19Monday, 22 April 13
  26. 26. Build > Launch > OptimiseMonday, 22 April 13
  27. 27. These findings are useful, butanalysing your own (unique)community is the best solution.Scheduling is (usually) your friendDan Zarella is a data analyst whotheorises about the best time/day totweet/post etc.Plan in advance2221202929Monday, 22 April 13
  28. 28. NoiseLaunches and releases are tent-polemoments, and should be planned withcreativity and military precision.• Piggy-back on another event• Enlist the support of your friends,family, and wider network (in advance)• Find usual ways to launch or seed outyour productMonday, 22 April 13
  29. 29. The website showed a live visual of the virality of the album as itwas seeded to the world through a single fanNoise - XX CoexistA link to download the album was givento a single fan.Monday, 22 April 13
  30. 30. Mr Cake (Chris Holmes) asked his brother (who at the time had many more followers) to Tweet his“resignation cake” - it’s since been featured by the New York Times, Huffington Post, MTV & CosmoNoise - Mr CakeMonday, 22 April 13
  31. 31. Noise - Global #RichListGood example in the use of #RichList trend hijack tore-launch gobalrichlist.comSearch volume for “times rich list” since 2004Monday, 22 April 13
  32. 32. Noise - Tight Wallet / Kickstarter• TGT Wallet, like many upstarts,realised the launch potential of theKickstarter platform• They took a hit in profit from theirfirst few thousand sales, butbenefited from the visibility theplatform can often create.• They also made a lovely thank youvideoMonday, 22 April 13
  33. 33. Thank those who helped along the wayMake a list of people who mentioned you orhelped in any way, and offer a small thank youMonday, 22 April 13
  34. 34. Build > Launch > OptimiseMonday, 22 April 13
  35. 35. Think Social First• @message instead of email• Twitter Search results instead ofProfile Link• Google+ Local instead of"How to Find Us" 23Monday, 22 April 13
  36. 36. Tools - Time to Go Pro?Monday, 22 April 13
  37. 37. Listen for feedback• Dont ask, dont get• Track your domain name andyour brand name, as well as yourscreenname• Give everyone accessMonday, 22 April 13
  38. 38. Set up domain tracking to see howyour blog or products are sharedLook at spikes to see what you didwellUse click tracking to work out thebest time to post on each networkTrack clicks, spot patternsMonday, 22 April 13
  39. 39. With Twitter, you can even suggestto follow your account afterwardsMost platforms have a wizard likethis one from TwitterTweak the copy - ensure it’ssomething people would actually sayIncrease your shareability2524Monday, 22 April 13
  40. 40. Verification - easiest donevia meta tagsOpen Graph - works on nearly allplatformsTwitter Cards - customised basedon the type of content linked toOn Site: Metadata282726Monday, 22 April 13
  41. 41. Take advantage of Social ProofMonday, 22 April 13
  42. 42. PlanAsk for helpMake NoiseThankListenMeasureTweakAmplifyDefine AudienceGet your ChannelsDesign OncePlumb TogetherOptimiseLaunchBuildIn, 22 April 13
  43. 43. Thanksfrom @_jemima and @tomszekeresMonday, 22 April 13