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What do Jesus, Justin Bieber, and Manchester United have in common? Two things: tattoos on the arms of their most passionate fans, and leadership of the like-economy on Facebook. Can brands learn to elicit similar passion and trust in their customers? And should they be swapping sales funnels for the funnel of love?

Questions Answered:
What are the top passions that drive engaged communities, what can we learn from them?
What is the true value of a like?
What are the main factors that justify a brand's interaction with a passion group, and how can they interact with a passion group?
In an era of data security, how can brands elicit trust in their customers with social media spaces?
How can brands respect the 'like' they receive, and turn it into a passionate 'love'.

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Meaning of like (2011 version)

  1. the meaning of like(and the funnel of love)MediaPro2 November 2011@_jemima garthwaitesocial media lead @pokelondon
  2. I’m @_jemima garthwaite, social media lead @pokelondonA Creative Company.Conception, creation and design. Digital centric.
  3. @pokelondon
  4. @pokelondon
  5. @pokelondon
  6. what’s this all about?we’ll be talking about:• what can we learn from the best• how we measure up (new Facebook insights)• three important principles: social, fun, functional
  7. engaged communitiesIt’s a big part of my job to ensure all our communitiesare compelling and rich.So we focus (first and foremost) on:• Tone of voice• Conversation strategy• Regular community analysis
  8. edgerankOld news, but definitely still relevant.
  9. community analysisAt f8 Facebook introduced 207 page level metrics.Now it’s very easy to optimise your communications(and improve your edgerank) by comparing post-levelreach metrics on:• Time of day / Day of week• Tone of voice• Media type• Frequency• Topic
  10. which metrics to track?207 is a lot to choose from, but here’s a starter:by @tomszekeres, Social Data Analyst @pokelondon
  11. what’s the meaning of like?
  12. what’s the meaning of like?
  13. sales funnels do work A LE S F TI O M T E I N P O
  14. (but this is much more lo fl ove interesting) efun neth S T TI R U M T E
  15. and so, to tattoos
  16. Most engaged Pagesand so, to tattoos
  17. if not tattoos, then...
  18. 91% of top 100 brands have mobile apps (24 apps each on average)if not tattoos, then...
  19. social, fun, functionalSocial - Drives discussionand on a sliding scale...Fun - Taps into a passion or addictionFunctional - Provides a valuable service a social thing Fun FunctionalThe follow are examples of brands using social mediato get into their customers day-to-day life.
  20. nike + functional social fun
  21. the creators project functional
  22. the creators project fun
  23. the creators project social
  24. orange film club social
  25. orange film club functional
  26. orange film club fun
  27. heineken star player fun social functional
  28. Thanks@_jemima from @pokelondon