Assignment 12 – individual planning


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Assignment 12 – individual planning

  1. 1. Assignment 12 –Individual PlanningIngrid De Souza We have chosen ‘DRAMA’ as our genre.
  2. 2. Inspirational filmsTitanicIn Titanic, Rose’s family doesn’t approve of her datingsomeone who isn’t rich. Therefore she has to date himbehind her family’s back, sneaking around with him inorder to be with himMy Sister’s KeeperOne of the characters were basically brought in theworld in order to save her older sister by giving herorgans away. However, this is what her mother wantsher to do, it’s not what she wants to do.
  3. 3. Inspirational filmsCharlie St CloudWhen Charlie has to pick between his brother and thegirl. Basically going through the struggle to choosebetween family and the person you love.Wild ChildBetrayal between the people you least expect from,and help from those who you also least expect from.
  4. 4. Idea exploration
  5. 5. Chosen idea timeline 1- Show a dead body laying around on the floor. 4- Flashbacks to the moments 5- Ending with her family where there was around her crying. conflicts between family2- Showing flashbacks ofhappy momentsbetween her and herfamily. 3- Then showing her family around her dead body crying
  6. 6. Style of Opening Sequence• For this opening sequence it would be a teaser• As a teaser it would build up an enigma towards the audience. Catching the audience’s attention from the start (opening sequence) will make them wanting to watch more and more of the film.• Many films opening sequence are a teaser such as: - Scream
  7. 7. Narrative structure and theoryThis would be a non-linear structure as it has flashbacks and goes back in timeI chosen this because it would be challenging many opening sequences as it’s not like many other ones. E.G. has no beginning, middle and endThe opening sequence would link into Allan Cameron’s theory.
  8. 8. Characters and setting Characters Where is it set and representation why?The character who Someone who is In her room, becausedies envied by everyone, it’s where she can someone caring nice have her own privacy and lovingFamily Sister – someone who In their house, wished she looks like because it’s where the her sister family conflicts take Step mum – an evil place person who just thinks about herself
  9. 9. Conventions Conventions Use/develop/challe nge Gossip Use Family affairs Develop Betrayal Develop Real life situation Use
  10. 10. AudienceThe target audience for this opening sequence would be: Type of Audience Who are they Age PG Gender Female – but it can also be targeted to male Ethniticty To all ethnicity Social Class Middle/Lower Class Sexual Orientation Straight, Bisexual, Gay and Lesbian Profession/Role Students